How To Draw Frog For Kids: Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial

How To Draw Frog For Kids: Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial

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Drawing is a fun and engaging activity for children across ages. But drawing an animal can be challenging. An example is the animal frog, which requires a clear understanding of the animal’s features to make an accurate depiction. Thankfully, there are some simple tricks that can make drawing a frog fun and effortless.

In this post, we share two simple techniques to draw a frog

What Will You Need To Draw A Frog?

You will need the following basic art and craft supplies to draw a frog.

  1. A4-sized drawing sheet or a chart paper
  2. A pencil
  3. Sharpener and eraser
  4. Crayons or any other color of your child’s choice

How To Draw A Frog? – Step-By-Step Process

Method-1: 8 Simple Steps To Draw A Frog For Children

This method aims at drawing with accuracy to depict a frog’s unique features, such as their webbed feet and long hind legs.

  1. Place the drawing sheet on a flat surface and draw an oval shape at the center, using a pencil. This shape represents the head of the frog.


  1. Draw another slightly larger oval shape, overlapping the first oval’s base. It will form the frog’s lower body.

Method1 2


  1. To form the frog’s front legs or forelegs, draw two pairs of slightly long, curved lines extending outwards from the left and right side of the lower body. At the bottom of each foreleg, draw a few zig-zag lines from one side of the foreleg to another, forming the frog’s webbed toes.

Method1 3


  1. Next, draw a long U-shaped curved line on each side of the lower oval body to form the frog’s rear or hind legs. At the bottom of each curve, draw zig-zag lines from one side of the curve to another. It will create another set of webbed toes.



  1. To make the frog’s eyes, draw two vertical ovals on the head, extending outwards. Draw two small circles inside the ovals and shade them dark with the pencil.


  1. Draw the frog’s mouth by drawing a C-shaped curved line approximately two to three centimeters below the eyes. Draw another, slightly longer curved line beneath the first curve and join the two curves at the corners to give shape to the mouth. You can extend the upper curve sidewards to widen the frog’s smile.

Method1 6


  1. Add details to features to make the frog look virtually real.
  • Draw an inverted curve inside the mouth to form the frog’s tongue.
  • Behind the forelegs, draw a large, U-shaped curved line to create the frog’s belly.
  • Draw different-sized circles on the body and knees to create the frog’s spots.

Method1 7


  1. Once the drawing is complete, paint the frog in colors that make it look creatively attractive.


You can number each body part to make it easier for your child to remember the drawing steps.

Method-2: 5 Simple Steps To Draw A Frog Cartoon For Children

This method will take you through the steps for drawing a cute cartoonish frog.

  1. Draw a large circle at the top of the drawing sheet and then an oval-shaped figure at its bottom. The two circles together should look like a mushroom, and they will form the frog’s head and body, respectively.



  1. Create the frog’s back or hind legs by drawing two U-shaped curved lines on each side of the body. At the bottom of the curves, draw a few zig-zag lines to make the frog’s webbed toes.



  1. To draw the frog’s front or forelegs, draw two inverted D-shaped figures at the front of the body. You can change the shape and make them oval or circular, as well.



  1. For the frog’s eyes, draw two large circles or ovals inside the head. Then, draw two smaller circles inside these circles, and shade them with the pencil, or use colors.  To create a cute frog smile, make a thin, elongated curve a few centimeters below the eyes.



  1. Make an inverted U-shaped curve on the body from one foreleg to another. It will form the frog’s belly.



  1. You can also make the legs longer than the head, alter the body shape, or make the eyes look wobbly to make the illustration funnier. Color the frog with colors of your child’s choice.



Drawing a frog need not be a complicated process. You can make it easy and fun by following simple steps and tricks to draw each body part separately. Draw with your child first and show them the ways to be creative. You can then let them practice the steps themselves and enjoy drawing and coloring.

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