How To Draw A Monkey: Easy Step-By-Step Guide For Kids

Most children enjoy drawing. And you would want to encourage your child’s artistic spirit by helping them draw using tutorials. We have got you covered if you are wondering how to draw a monkey using such tutorials.

So, you can introduce your child to drawing animals, and one best option, to begin with, is drawing monkeys. However, drawing a monkey can be difficult when you experiment with realistic drawings. In this post, we share easy ways to draw a monkey. For that, you will need a pencil, drawing paper, eraser, sharpener, and non-toxic crayons or color pencils.

For a cute monkey drawing you will need:

  • A drawing paper
  • Pencil
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Non-toxic crayons
  • Color pencils

How To Draw A Monkey Step By Step

Let’s learn how to draw a cute monkey.

Step 1: First draw a small freehand circle on the drawing paper. This will be the head of your monkey.

Step 2: As shown in the picture, draw an oval-shaped figure adjoining the circle; it will be the body.

Step 3: Now it’s time to draw the ears of the monkey. Add two small ears by drawing tiny semicircles on both sides of the head.

Step 4: It’s time to draw the tail of your monkey. Draw a swirly long tail or a tilted 9 aligning with the body. To give the tail an effect of depth, draw another tail parallel to the first one. Refer to the illustration below.

Step 5: In this step, we draw the hands of the monkey, which are also the most used parts of their body. Monkeys rely on their hands to swing and move from one place to another. Carefully draw two slanting lines starting from the body and under the head. Give the outer line a bend to show it as an elbow. To complete the hand, draw the fingers of the monkey.

Step 6: As shown in step 5, draw another hand of the monkey. Start from the middle portion of the body and keep both lines folded from the middle. Now draw the fingers and make sure the fingers are slightly long and slim.

Step 7: As illustrated in the image, add the leg to your monkey drawing. Draw a small C starting from the back portion of the body, which is the leg and draw long fingers of the foot.

Step 8: This is the most important step as we now draw the face. Draw the number 3 facing downwards and connect the openings of the digit with a U. Place two dots as the eyes and draw two small circles in the center for the nose of the monkey. Draw a curvy smile to complete the face.

Step 9: Color the body of the monkey in shades of brown. And highlight the body parts in a darker color.

Here is one more easy way of drawing a cute monkey

We hope your young artist enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw a monkey. Don’t forget to leave a comment sharing your experience.

Monkeys never fail to attract children by their mischievous acts, and your child may often ask you how to draw a monkey. We provide you with a simple solution through our easy step-by-step tutorial. Use it to help your child draw their favorite animal and enjoy seeing their creativity come to the fore.

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