How To Draw A Tiger Step By Step For Kids?

Are you searching for a guide on how to sketch or draw a tiger step by step for kids? Then, you’re at the right place. Drawing a tiger is easy if they understand shapes and lines. We have all drawn and painted when we were young. We could spend hours and days drawing objects, scenery, and so much more as kids. Our imagination knew no bounds when we took to scribbling on paper and walls. Crayons visually communicate and teach kids to learn color differences and ways to express themselves through art. It is a great way to inspire their creativity. Kids can use paints, colors, and pencils to express their feelings too. When your kid draws a tiger, they could be fascinated by the animal, creating whatever they know of it. And when they spend more time drawing the animal, they concentrate on it and try to bring to life what is in their mind. So, plunge into this post as we tell you how to teach your child to draw a tiger.

Remember that each kid’s art is unique, but it follows a universal pattern of development. All kids go through this pattern, but the age at which this happens may differ. The first few years are all about experimenting. You see your kid making all kinds of marks on the paper. Gradually he gets better control over the pencil, and you see him drawing circular patterns. It is now that your child is ready to draw objects like animals, people, and things.

Research says that coloring books might restrict how a child thinks. If the book shows this predator in a particular way, the child would want the Tiger to look the same. This is why we show them pictures of A for Apple and B for a ball when they see the Apple they recollect what it is called. When your kid begins to draw, do not restrict him to coloring books or particular objects. Give him a plain white paper or a canvas and let them put their drawing skills to the test of creating the masterpiece. After all, art is about expressing, discovering, and imagining.

As parents when you try to draw for your kid, make sure he is 100% involved. If you draw the shape, let them color the tiger to understand the drawing better.

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How To Draw A Tiger For Kids – Stepwise Tutorial

  1. Make an outline of a circle for the head and an oval just below the circle for the body. Refer to the picture below to get a better idea.
  1. Now draw a curved line from the circle for the mouth and two small ears as seen in the picture.
  1. Time to draw the legs, our tiger is sitting and so follow the picture to draw the legs.
  1. After the legs, it is time for paws, claws, and tail, along with detailing to the ears and mouth.
  1. Time for more detailing, after which the black and white tiger is almost ready. Draw the stripes on the tail, the leg, and the body. Draw some hair from the mouth, finish the mouth, and we are done.
  1. Go ahead and color the tiger. Time to let him show it off to his friends.

An anonymous blogger shares how they helped their students to draw and color a tiger. They say, “We did a directed sketch, first we outlined (pencil) a simple oval shape for the head using a stencil and added two lines for the tiger body as well as two ears in the sides of the head. Once the outline was done, we painted with warm colors the tiger shape, let it dry and then we painted the leaves using cool colors. Once all was dry, we outlined the Tiger shape with a black marker, and I directed them step by step on how to make a simple yet cute face, and then they added the stripes. To add a more finished touch, we used green crayons to outline and add detail to the leaves we painted previously. They look adorable (i)!”

Interesting Facts About Tigers

  • While your little one draws the predator, you can tell them interesting facts about the world’s biggest cat.
  • The tiger is a member of the feline family.
  • It is the largest wild cat in the wildlife or jungle.
  • Tigers stretch to 6 feet long and can weigh about 340 kg.
  • The roar of a tiger is loud and can be heard even 8 km away.
  • Tigers are good swimmers and enjoy their time in water.
Tigers are good swimmers

Image: IStock

  • A single tiger when very hungry can eat 30kg of meat at a time.
  • Tigers can also be white in color and have black stripes. Popularly known as white or albino tigers.
White or albino tiger

Image: IStock

  • Tiger’s favorite food is deer and pigs; they even eat rhinos and elephants.
  • A baby tiger is called a cub; a cub weighs about two pounds.
  • A mother tiger typically gives birth to twins or triplets.
A mother tiger typically gives birth to twins or triplets.

Image: IStock

Give your kid a variety of items to draw with and to draw on. Give him pens, crayons, watercolors, and brushes. Items like paper, cardboard, boxes, are good places, it would increase their focus, as all these things have different texture and alignment. Use his artwork and display them on the walls of their room. The best paper to work on is the one with no lines.

Let them broaden his horizon. You could also take your kid on a drawing trip. Take them to a park or a zoo safari and ask to draw in the sunny weather. Get to know what they think about when drawing. Ask them to tell you about the picture and you would be pleasantly surprised to hear where their imagination goes.

Tiger Craft Idea

Tiger-themed craft

Image: IStock

To keep your little one’s interesting tiger-day going, you can also consider making some tiger-themed crafts. Follow the steps below for a cute and easy tiger craft idea. Here, we will be making a Bengal tiger out of a paper bag.

You Will Need:

  • A brown grocery bag
  • Scissors
  • Orange marker (crayon)
  • Black marker (crayon)
  1. Measure and cut 5 inches from the bottom of the bag.
  1. Now, cut the letter “U” from the bottom front and back of the bag.
  1. Use a marker to draw the paws. Three ovals make the paws
  1. Use orange to color the bag and draw black stripes.
  1. As you did above, draw the tiger’s face
  1. Use this face and stick it on top of the paper bag.
  1. Now, your long-standing tiger is ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some common mistakes children make when drawing tigers?

Getting the shape of the face wrong, forgetting to add stripes and whiskers, getting the proportions wrong, and using the wrong colors are some mistakes that children may make while drawing a tiger.

2. What are some other fun animals children can learn to draw?

Besides a tiger, drawing an elephant, lion, sheep, cat, and cow can be a fun learning activity for these young learners.

3. How long does it usually take to complete a tiger drawing for kids?

The time taken to complete the drawing may vary from child to child and depends upon factors such as age, skill level, and the amount of detail they include in the drawing.

4. How can children add details to a tiger drawing to make it look more realistic?

Children can add shading to create depth and shadows, pay attention to the direction of the fur, and include details such as the texture of the nose, eyes, and ears. Including other images in the background depicting their habitat or activity can make the painting more realistic.

5. How can drawing a tiger benefit a child’s development and creativity?

Drawing can be a highly beneficial activity for children, improving their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and concentration. Drawing can boost their creative side and imagination skills. It also helps build self-confidence and self-esteem and also helps tone their social skills and bond with peers (1). Additionally, learning to draw animals such as tigers can help children develop an appreciation and understanding of the natural world.

If your children are into drawing and love experimenting with different patterns and figures, you may teach them precise yet attractive designs that could enhance their interest in the skill. You may use these tips on how to draw a tiger easily for kids to follow and learn. Although they may not do it perfectly for the first time, save those papers for tracking their progress. Also, you may preserve these drawings for years to show your children later or keep them as a memory.

Learn how to draw a cute little tiger step by step! This beginner-friendly drawing tutorial will assist you in honing your skills. Follow along and you’ll be drawing your own tiger in no time!

Personal Experience: Source

i. Chinese new year tiger art projects galore!

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