How To Draw An Elephant For Kids: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Learning about animals is an integral part of childhood and a huge part of growing up. When your child receives useful tips that simplify how to draw an elephant for kids, it can enhance your child’s drawing skills and make them want to try out more sketches.

An elephant can be a little complex to draw. Drawing the trunk, big ears, tusks, and big body can be challenging, but your children can master it with some practice. Here are some ways to teach your children how to draw an elephant step by step.

Here’s The Four Beautiful Ways To Teach How To Draw An Elephant For Kids:

1. Cartoon Elephant:

How To:

  1. Tell your child to draw a medium sized circle and attack a large sized oblong to it.
  1. Now he has to make the elephant’s truck from the bottom of the circle. Have him make the ears by making a broad, inverted C shape from the right side of the circle.
  1. Now tell him to draw the limbs by making a set of parallel lines at the bottom of the oblong.
  1. Now he has to make eyes by drawing a small circle and the brows using small strokes of pencils. For the protruding tooth, tell him to draw a curved line and make a few strokes on the upper part of the trunk.
  1. Now ask him to draw the whole head and ears by using the outline.
  1. Now comes the sketching part. Tell your child to sketch the outlines and limbs that he has drawn.
  1. Just the tail is left now. For the tail, ask your child to draw two curved lines and make a few hairs at its ends. Tell him to draw the elephant’s nails by making three inverted U’s
  2. Erase the unnecessary lines and your elephant is ready! This elephant drawing for kids is simple to teach using the images.

2. A Simple Elephant:

How To:

  1. Tell your child to begin by drawing the forehead of the elephant.
  1. Ask him to draw the outline for the tusk.
  1. Now he has to make the lower chest and back.
  1. For the legs, ask him to make a thick outline of the legs from the center of the body.
  1. Have him make the tail, underbelly, and the trunk.
  1. Finish the feet of the first two legs.
  1. Now draw the remaining two legs.
  2. Lastly, draw the ears, eyes and the feet to complete the drawing of the elephant.

3. Square Cartoon Elephant:

How To:

  1. First, ask your child to draw a part of the round square. Do not make the bottom line. And the right line should be about half the size. It will be the elephant’s body.
  1. Now from the right line, have your child draw a backward S. It will be the elephant’s snout.
  1. Make another backward S 3 cm from the first S to complete the nose. From the bottom of the first ‘S’ draw the tusk and the elephant’s mouth.
  1. Now ask your child to draw the elephant’s ears and eye.
  1. Tell your child to draw the first front leg from the ears of the elephant. The leg should not be straight. It should be slightly slanted, to give an illusion that the elephant is walking.
  1. Next, have him draw the first back leg and the second front leg.
  1. Now tell him to make the belly by joining the legs from first to the second back leg.
  1. Lastly, draw the tail and the toenails of the elephant.
  2. Finally Color It.

4. Front Facing Elephant-Head:

How To:

  1. Tell your child to draw a medium sized circle and a bigger oval shape for the head.
  1. Ask him to make two arcs from the intersection of the circle and oval. He even has to make a wavy line from the bottom of the circle for the trunk.
  1. Now your kid has to make the tusk and trunk of the elephant. Tell him to make just the outline. It can be filled later on.
  1. Have him draw the ears of the elephant from the top intersection of the circle and oval.
  1. Now have your child add the details of the elephant and erase the excess lines.


  • These tutorials are just for guiding how to draw a cartoon elephant for kids purpose. The drawing cannot be exactly identical.
  • Tell your child to begin with light pencil strokes so that he can work into the shapes that the wants. After completing the drawing, he can give some dark strokes to it.
  • Kids can even add color or shading to complete the picture.

Drawing is a skill that can help channel your child’s imagination towards a productive path and give life to it. This guide on drawing an elephant for kids can help your children learn about the animal, different body parts, their functions, and some facts in a fun and creative way. You may download some above pictures and give them to your child to practice and spend fun indoor time. So go ahead and help them get started with the help of the simple steps.


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