How To Draw Lotus: Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Lotus is a beautiful aquatic plant. It comes in lovely colors such as pink, white, yellow, red and sometimes in blue or purple as well. The lotus blooms to open in the morning and closes after the sunset. The blooming lotus flower is very easy to draw. Are you searching for an easy illustration on how to draw a lotus step by step?

Your search ends here, as MomJunction brings to you an easy illustrative guide on lotus flower drawing.

For simple lotus flower drawing, you will need:

  • A drawing paper
  • Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Color pencils or watercolors

How To Draw A Lotus Flower Step By Step

Let’s begin the lotus flower drawing tutorial.

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Step 1: The first step to draw lotus flowers is to begin with a teardrop, as shown in the picture. This will be the bud of your lotus flower.

Step 2: Draw the petals of lotus on the right side of the bud. For petals, draw a freehand teardrop egg and keep it slightly pointed at the top. Make sure you draw only half of the teardrop enclosing with the bud.

Step 3: Repeat drawing a similar petal on the left side. Each petal can be marginally different from the other.

Step 4: Now draw an additional layer of the petal to give the lotus drawing a fuller look.

Step 5: Draw another petal on the left side.

Step 6: In this step, we teach you how to draw lotus leaf. Draw the leaves on the bottom of the bud. As shown in the picture, keep the leaf smaller in size from the petals but the shape of leaves remains the same.

Step 7: Draw two more leaves on either side of the first leaf. Start the leaves from the corner of the first leaf and extend to the petals.

Step 8: To finish the lotus drawing, add a stem to the flower. Begin drawing the stem from the bottom of the leaves, as illustrated in the picture.

Step 9: Bring your lotus flower to life by coloring it in beautiful floral shades.

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Lotus drawing for kids can be made more interesting by adding a little pond under the flower, starting from the leaves to the bottom of the canvas. It is easy to draw lotus flower and with a little practice, your kid can master it.

Share your kid’s experience of lotus flowers drawing, in the comments section below.

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