22 Best Ways To Flirt With Your Boyfriend Over Text

Trying to spice up your relationship? Then you may want to know how to flirt with your boyfriend over text. Flirting is an effective way to build intimacy. When you flirt with your boyfriend, he will think about you all the time, and you will become more desirable to him. It will help love bloom, and your boyfriend will get all excited about your next meet-up. However, flirting is a subtle art, and learning to master it is not easy. Read this post to know how to rizz up a guy.

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How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text

1. Build mystery

Building mystery around you is one of the ways to flirt with a guy. It is good to make him think you are busy doing fun things. For example, if he texts you, “What plans for this weekend?” You might reply, “Salsa on Saturday night, wine tasting with friends. I’m super busy. I’ll inform you on Sunday.” This adds a sense of mystery to you.

2. Tease him

When flirting with a guy over text, your goal is to challenge him. Give him something to respond to. Tease him, bring up something he enjoys, or make small comments to get him going, and keep the communication interesting. You can flirt with a guy over text, for example, by saying, “Last night was a blast meeting your family. Your father is a handsome man! No wonder you inherited the hotness and charm from him!”

protip_icon Be watchful
Ensure your teasing is limited to general topics and not a personal comment that can offend him. So, refrain from broaching a topic that can touch his raw nerve.

3. Let him chase you

Men are wired for the chase, and part of that chase occurs when you play the “catch me if you can” game. However, you need to play this game skillfully. While men love the thrill of the chase, don’t play the “hard-to-get game,” or the guy will lose interest. Instead, you should respond to his texts at the right intervals if you want him.

4. Use a nickname when texting

Using his nickname in text messages is one way to subtly flirt with a guy over text because it creates a sense of intimacy and draws you closer to him. When you text a guy and use his nickname, he may feel your love and affection, and you may be able to build a rapport with him quickly. However, it implies that you treat the guy more than an acquaintance.

protip_icon Quick tip
If your boyfriend mentioned his favorite sportsperson, then you can call him that as a nickname. For instance, if he likes Floyd Mayweather, you can address him as ‘Mayweather.’

5. Use emojis, animated GIFs

One way to flirt with a guy over text is to use Emoji, animated GIFs, and stickers. When texting a guy, you can use the classic winky face emoji, the eyes emoji, purple, devil smiley face, or winking face with the tongue to express your mood. Furthermore, GIFs allow you to express yourself better when flirting with a guy.

6. Be naughty

You can crack some jokes or try to be a little naughty if you haven’t seen him in a few days or if you’re trying to brighten both yours and his day. Send him naughty texts like “I think our lips should meet up.” It’s a great way to light up his imagination and make you desirable.

7. Send good night text messages

A sweet and flirty ‘goodnight’ message can melt his heart. A good night message can be a subtle way to let a guy know you are thinking about him during one of the most private and intimate times of the day. For example, you can express a little by saying, “I hope you have delicious dreams.” Remember that a few words of love shared as a goodnight message can go a long way in expressing your adoration and desire to be with him.

8. Send selfies

Sending him a selfie will turn him on and make him want to be with you.

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Cute and flirtatious selfies can be seductive and playful, as men tend to be visually inclined. So, to keep up with the dynamics of seduction, send him a selfie to turn him on and make him want to be with you.

9. Ask questions

Start the conversation with sexy, witty, and flirty questions to get his attention. For example, “I’m at the mall, experimenting with various colognes. Smell this. Do you prefer the one on my right wrist or my left? Or you can text him, “You haven’t seen Tick, Tick… Boom!?” If a guy doesn’t warm up to you after texting him a few sexy or alluring questions, you can make it seem like a joke.

10. Pique his curiosity

Inciting curiosity is another way to flirt with a guy over text. You could, for example, act as if you have some information that he needs to know. For example, send him: “I’m surprised you put that in your profile. How did you manage to come up with that?” When your man reads this, his curiosity will get the best of him. He’ll be perplexed, and he might text you back to ask what you’re talking about.

11. Be extraordinary

Texting a guy “hello” or “hey” won’t make him pay attention to you. You must demonstrate your uniqueness if you want to be a good flirt. It can be boring to send the same text every day around the same time. Instead, one of the ways to flirt with a guy over text is by sending texts at different times of the day to keep him guessing.

protip_icon Point to consider
When a guy knows what to expect from you, the relationship becomes banal for him. Instead, if he cannot read your mind or predict your next move, he will constantly think of you and wonder what you may be up to.

12. Send flirty compliments

When you send a flirty text message, throw in a flirty compliment.

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Compliments are a great way to flirt because everyone loves hearing positive things about themselves. So when you send a flirty text message, throw in a flirty compliment. For example, you could say, “Stop looking so hot in the pictures you post.” Flirty compliments will raise a man’s pulse and keep him thinking about you.

13. Tell a story

Using stories or scenarios can be handy while flirting with a guy. For example, you could text him a story about how you’re having one of your best days ever. You could text about your skydiving adventure or a funny incident that happened while on a hiking trip.

14. Play truth or dare

If you’re want to flirt with a guy over text, make it twice as exciting by playing truth or dare. Truth or dare is a fun texting game to get a guy pumped up over text. Truth or dare will give you a reason to carpet-bomb a guy with bold and daring questions and get to know him better. You could, for example, ask, “When was the last time you hugged someone?” or “What is your wildest fantasy?”

15. Use humor

Use subtle humor in your texts.

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Nobody wants to read a text that is a real downer. So keep your flirting texts light, fun, and spontaneous when texting a guy. One of the best ways to flirt with a guy over text is to use light, subtle humor in your texts. You can send something like, “Can you please stop making me think about you? I am busy.”

16. Use facts to flirt

Guys love mystery, and you can share with him odd little facts about yourself to pique his interest. For example, “Did you know that I’m a huge fan of vintage guitars? I’m looking for someone to help me buy one” is both a fun fact and a casual invitation. It is also a great flirty topic to bring up on your next date, especially if it’s something he’s interested in.

17. Keep it short

As a rule of thumb, keep your text messages simple when flirting with a guy. So, next time you flirt with a guy over text, avoid typing out a long text message. A short text not only makes it easier to read, but it also encourages friendly banter from the guy, and the conversation will be smooth.

18. Stay positive

Discuss what he is doing at the moment.

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When flirting with a guy over text, avoid discussing anything too serious or intense while maintaining a positive attitude. For example, you can discuss random gossip but avoid triggering topics, leading to an unpleasant conversation. Instead, you can discuss what he is doing at the moment.

19. Talk about his interests

Express interest in his hobbies or passions that he enjoys doing when he has free time. Learn about them and be genuinely interested in knowing more about them. If you express interest in his hobbies, your guy will be more excited to spend time with you.

20. Reply slow

When flirting with a guy over text, don’t respond to every text he sends you within seconds unless you’ve already established a strong relationship with him. You don’t want to reveal that you’re waiting for his message, but you also don’t want to let him think that you’re playing mind games. Slowing down does not imply that you will keep him waiting forever.

21. Use memes

If you find a cute or a lovey-dovey meme or an innocently silly one, send it across to you guy and tell him it made you think of him. He will either blush, be flattered, or simply have a good laugh. In any case, he will be glad that he’s on your mind and will feel an instant closeness.

22. Show genuine interest

Showing genuine interest can go a long way while flirting with a guy. So, ask open-ended questions through texts, which will make him open up about himself and create a deep bond. Make sure the conversation is not unidirectional, and that you both are equally involved in it. Additionally, ensure that you put in genuine efforts and show enthusiasm when replying to his messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I flirt with my boyfriend physically?

Healthy flirting can make your bond stronger. So the next time you meet your boyfriend, you can start with a slight graze of your hands or legs while sitting. Then, you can try holding his hand or resting your head on his shoulders. Progress slowly and tease a little to achieve maximum effect.

2. What is flirty body language?

Different cultures have their approach when it comes to flirting. However, some of the most commonly observed signs of flirting include nodding attentively, hand-clasping movements and palm-rubbing, synchronized gestures like drinking, female hair-flipping, touching, smiling often, and verbal flirting.

3. How often should I text my boyfriend to flirt with him without seeming too clingy?

There is a fine line between showing interest and being clingy. Texting your partner non-stop can make it seem like you are needy and insecure in the relationship and can overwhelm the person on the receiving end. Remember not to flood his chats if he takes a little longer to reply.

4. How can I make my boyfriend blush over text?

Making your boyfriend blush through text can be as simple as teasing him playfully. Make sure you don’t say something too mean that might hurt his feelings. You can also send him flirty or naughty messages to make him blush.

5. How do I talk to my boyfriend about flirting?

Having an open and honest conversation with your boyfriend about flirting can help you maintain a healthy relationship. Choose the right time and place so that you can discuss the topic comfortably, be open about your thoughts and feelings on flirting, and let him share his opinions and actively listen to him. You can use examples if needed and set firm boundaries.

Texting has become almost inevitable in new-age dating. It assumes more significance if you are in a long-distance relationship. Learning how to flirt with your boyfriend over text can help create a deeper bond and add spice to your relationship. Learning some tricks mentioned in this article and getting creative with your messages can help you master the art of flirting with your man over text. Remember to take the flirting slow, keep it healthy, do not be too predictable, and keep the romance alive.

Infographic: Points To Remember While Flirting Over Text

Flirting can be healthy for a relationship when done the right way with the help of the correct tips and tricks. Take a screenshot of the following infographic either on your phone or in your mind to make sure that you play your moves right.

how to flirt with your boyfriend over text (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • Being mysterious, naughty, or humorous are effective ways to flirt with a guy.
  • Add some thrill by allowing him to chase you or raise his heartbeat by sending playful compliments.
  • Strengthen your bond by being confident, positive, and unique.

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