How To Flirt With A Guy: 27 Interesting Tips To Do It

Flirting is a useful skill to attract anyone. If you wonder how to flirt with guys, reading our post can help you. Flirting makes you appear confident and desirable. The good thing about flirting is that you can act cool but confident by learning and mastering it by practicing some tricks and tips. So if you want the attention of the guy you like, flirting is the best way to make him fall for you. It builds up sexual tension and drags the guy into a mental game. However, you should ensure that you are not overdoing it and making the person uncomfortable. Read on as we talk about ways to flirt with a guy over text and in person.

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How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text?

Flirting with a guy in person can be quite scary for someone who has hardly any experience. So, why not try flirting through texts first? Texting gives you more time to plan and think so you can avoid making mistakes.

1. Use a nickname

To grab the attention of your crush, message him using a nickname. It could be of a famous personality he admires or how others know him. You could also come up with a creative name that he can relate to. The nickname will draw his attention, and he might feel more comfortable talking to you.

2. Throw a question

When you ask a guy a question, it implies you want to keep the conversation going, and his opinion matters to you. Start with general questions before moving on to flirty ones. Ensure you ask open-ended questions. For instance, start with ‘What do you think about last night’s episode?’ before moving on to ‘Which character do you think is like me?’

3. Mention something that happened

If you study or work together, you can mention something that happened during the day. For instance, if there was a fun session in which he was asked to sing in front of everyone, text him, ‘When I shut my eyes, I felt like I was listening to John Legend. You sang that well.’ It’s okay to flatter him a little.

4. Say something funny

Be lighthearted as men love women with a sense of humor. Be playful and use your humor to get his attention. If he finds you funny, he will be engaged in the conversation. Comment on common interests. For instance, tell him, ‘I think the Lannisters must hate turtles.’ He may ask ‘why?’ and you can reply, ‘Because they cannot stab them in the back.’ If he laughs, it shows he had a good time with you, and he may want to talk more to you.

5. Create some suspense

Get him a little excited. Tell him you have something to share but will do so only when he meets you. Send him a text, saying, ‘You will not believe what happened in the hallway today. Will give you the deets in class tomorrow. Ciao.’ This way, he will think about you and will want to meet you. However, the trick can work once or twice. Do not overuse it, as he might end up losing interest in any news you want to share.

6. Text when you share the same room

Text even when you share the same room, how to flirt with guys

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Texting when in the company of other people can be exciting. Suppose you two are in a boring training session, send him a funny text. He might look up from his phone and smile at you. If he finds the session boring too, he would be thinking about you.

7. Flirt innocently

Subtle flirting has a unique charm to it, especially when he is not aware of it. For instance, you can text him, ‘If this book is ever adapted into a movie, you must play Noah. You have dark hair, sexy eyes, and a manly voice.’ Do not delve more into this message and quickly change the topic or go offline. Your compliment will surprise him, and he may want to know more about what you think of him.

8. Give him a hint to ask you out on a date

If you think your crush likes you and needs a push to make him ask you out, give him that push through your text. Send him a message asking for help. For instance, ‘I just had chicken pasta at the new Italian joint near the bookstore, and I’m craving for more. I think you should try it. I’m sure you will love it.’ With your ‘craving’ hint, he gets the message that you are asking him to visit the place with you.

9. Leave when still engaged in a conversation

You might run out of topics when chatting, but don’t extend any topic as it could make him bored. Leave the conversation with an excuse and continue the next time. For instance, ‘I have an early class, so I gotta go but will let you know where you can find those classic movies to watch DVD tomorrow. See you.’ It is a hook that can make him come back to you.

10. Send him some emojis

Emojis can sometimes speak a lot more than your texts. On a regular evening, send him a heart or lips emoji. If he asks what it is for, tell him it is up to his interpretation, and then, send him hearty eyes. Next, you can go offline or go to sleep and let him wonder what is with the hearts and kisses you are sending out of the blue.

11. Text him at night

Night is the best time to send intimate and flirty texts. The guy might be done with his work and would be relaxed to give you his full attention. You can send him, ‘On a cold evening like this, it gets difficult to sleep alone.’ Or something less intimate, such as, ‘the climate is so warm and cozy tonight, isn’t it?’

12. Text him at different times

Text him often, how to flirt with guys

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Keep texting him all through the day. But don’t make it a routine and try to act flirty. Sometimes, take a break for a day or two and let him text you first. For a change, text him early in the morning or during lunch. Do not let him predict your messages. Instead, make him wait for your messages.

13. Speak with pictures

When he asks you about your day or your project, reply with a cute picture of you smiling widely to show you are doing well or a sad pouty face to indicate you are bored. Whatever you plan to send, make sure it doesn’t go overboard. You never know whose hands those pictures might land into, so take care not to make a mistake you cannot correct.

14. Tell him you dreamt about him

If you are sending him the first message of the day, tell him you had a dream about him. This will make him curious about what you saw in that dream. Pretend not to remember much of it and wait for him to show signs of impatience. Use your creativity to craft a sweet yet flirty dream and send it across. It will surely make his day if he likes you back.

15. Fun challenges

You may use text messages to throw fun challenges at the guy. This may include games such as “What If”, “Never Have I Ever”, or “20 Questions.” It is a great way to slip in questions hinting at your liking for him.

How To Flirt With A Guy Face to Face?

Flirting face to face is a whole new ballgame as you need to pay more attention to body language. Here are some ways to flirt healthy with a guy face to face.

16. Smile often

Smile to look more appealing and approachable when you are flirting with a guy. Flash him a gentle smile when he looks in your direction to let him notice you. Even while talking, wear a warm smile and look him in the eyes.

17. Touch him gently

A slight physical contact is okay when you are comfortable with him. While talking to him, gently touch his shoulder or arm and let your hand linger for a few seconds before moving it away. Your flirtatious touch can encourage him to be more open with you. If he likes you too, he will flirt back.

18. Maintain eye contact

Maintain eye contact while flirting

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Making intense eye contact with the guy you like is one of the essential elements of flirting. Look at him while he talks, and gaze a little longer than usual before looking away. You can smile if you wish to. It will give him a clear signal that you like him, and he might even reciprocate the intense look. Sometimes, giving a soft glance longer than usual will do the trick.

19. Play with your hair

Have you ever felt your heart skip a beat seeing a man roll up his shirt sleeves? If yes, you will understand what a guy would feel when he sees a girl gently playing with her hair. It may be an innocent gesture, but for a guy, it is a visual treat. Don’t ruffle it but slowly twirl the ends around your finger or pull it up in a ponytail and see him getting excited.

protip_icon Quick tip
Playing with your jewelry, such as your necklace, may draw attention to your neckline. Guys usually find this attractive in a woman.

20. Tease him

Teasing is also a form of flirting. Tease him playfully about something you find funny or weird about him. For instance, if he tells you he liked watching SpongeBob SquarePants growing up, you can banter and playfully call him Mr. SquarePants or even SpongeBob. However, if he seems uncomfortable with the teasing, stop it immediately.

21. Mirror him

If he smiles, looking down at his palms, copy that

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Mirror his posture and gestures. For instance, if he smiles, looking down at his palms, copy that. If he rubs his neck while talking to you, rub your neck too. Mimicking his actions imply that you two are in sync. In case he likes you too and notices you mirroring him, he would smile at your efforts.

protip_icon Point to consider
Avoid crossing your arms when conversing with him. The closed body language may make you seem unapproachable.

22. Take an interest in his life:

When you chat with him, ask questions related to his interests, passions, and hobbies. Keep the topics focused on him, and appear interested and let him know that you want to know more about him. Remember specifics of details he shares with you to reference in later conversations.

23. Listen to him and repeat important details:

Whenever he speaks, show your interest and give him your undivided attention. This could work well when you are in a group setting and everyone is talking. Let him know your whole focus is on him. You could also repeat certain words that he says to show that you are indeed listening to him. For instance, if he tells you that he watches Netflix only when he feels stressed, you could say, ‘So you mean Netflix is your stress buster?’.

24. Let him notice you notice him

Usually, when someone catches you looking at them, you might feel awkward and quickly look away. But when flirting, you can be a little more obvious. If you are in a room full of people, gaze in his direction. Do not look away when he catches your glance. That would make him feel drawn and connected to you, even in a crowded place. Use your gaze as a flirty, not eerie gaze.

25. Give him compliments

Give him compliments occasionally

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Give him genuine compliments occasionally. By complimenting him, you are telling him you notice him. Never overdo it, though, as it could backfire on you and make him take you less seriously.

26. Act mysterious

Add an element of mystery in your flirting. You may send a text over WhatsApp and delete it in a second. Hide a package from him or giggle at him. Keep some stuff exclusive, so he feels the need to come back and figure out more about you.

27. Be a little bold

If your crush and you are on good terms and are comfortable with each other, you can take things a notch higher. You can respond to his advances, break the touch barrier, wink, and flirt openly. It is best when you catch him off guard. For instance, if he asks you about some event you attended, be coy and tell him you missed him.

What Not To Do While Flirting With a Guy?

Flirting can go awry if not approached thoughtfully. Steer clear of these common mistakes when flirting with a guy to enhance your chances of romantic success.

  • Do not go overboard on social media. Opt for quality over quantity on social media. Avoid excessive posting, as it can label you as overly intense.
  • Do not get too personal. Neither invade personal space nor stand far away. Finding this balance is vital to avoid discomfort and ensure a pleasant interaction.
  • Do not pretend to be something you are not. Embrace authenticity and avoid portraying a false image. Confidence in yourself is more appealing than attempting to be someone you’re not.
protip_icon Quick tip
Try to cross paths with him without coming across as too desperate. For example, go for walks in the same park where he goes for jogging or the office café at the time he usually goes. However, do not overdo it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make a guy feel special while flirting with him?

When flirting with a guy, you can make him feel special by paying attention to his words and complimenting his looks, personality, attitude, intelligence, and other attributes.

2. Is it okay to be direct when flirting with a guy?

Yes. Being direct when flirting with a guy will reflect your confidence that might impress the guy. But while doing so, be respectful and try to be gentler with your attitude.

3. How can I tell if a guy is interested in me while I’m flirting with him?

If the guy is reciprocating your actions, looking for ways to be with you, smiling around you more, and getting angry or jealous when you get close to other men, it could indicate that he’s interested in you as well.

4. How can I ensure I come across as confident while flirting with a guy?

Relax and be yourself. Carry yourself with confidence and always appear happy. Use body language to its best, make eye contact, dress nicely, ask and say clear statements, and avoid stuttering or slouching.

5. Is it necessary to be physically attractive to flirt with a guy effectively?

While physical attractiveness may sound important while flirting, it is not. Being confident, having a good attitude, humor, and an engaging approach are keys to flirting with a guy.

6. What topics should I avoid discussing when flirting with a guy?

It is best to avoid sensitive topics, including their past relationships, their religious and political views, or any topics that can make him or you uncomfortable.

7. How can I use social media to flirt with a guy?

You can start by following him on his various social media profiles, liking and commenting on his posts, and sending or posting some relatable content that can help you flirt. However, do not go overboard, or it might come across as creepy stalking.

If you have been struggling with understanding how to flirt with guys, we’ve got you covered! Healthy flirting does not harm anyone. In fact, it is necessary to create a spark and spice up a relationship. So, if you like a guy and do not know how to proceed, try these flirting techniques to make him interested in you. Be bubbly, cute, funny, and romantic, and observe his reactions to your behavior. However, don’t be too hard on yourself if he does not reciprocate. The right guy will reciprocate your flirty advances if they like you too.

Infographics: A Checklist For Flirting With Guys

Flirting is the most effective way to win over any guy. However, you need to exercise caution to avoid putting yourself in an awkward situation. Check out the infographic as we share points to remember while flirting with a guy.

points to remember before flirting with a guy (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Flirting is a skill that can be very attractive if one is smooth with it.
  • As times have changed and online platforms are the new way of meeting new people, knowing the trick of flirting with a guy over text is a great move.
  • When you’re with him, you may use tricks like touching your hair, keeping eye contact and flashing him a beautiful smile.
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