How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text: 25 Simple Tips

How to flirt with a girl over a text? That is not so easy as emotions are difficult to understand with texts. However, it is not so tricky as well, as you don’t need bouquets or chocolates to melt your girl’s heart. You need to be smart and sensible at the same time so that you don’t sound desperate, irritating, or obsessed. Our post brings you some effective ideas to flirt through texting and give you a wonderful time with her to spend. Ensure you are not forcing her to get into the texting game and be smooth and subtle with your moves to get an inch closer to her.

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How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text: 25 Tips

Flirting with a girl over text can be challenging. So, if you have just started, make it incredibly romantic and interesting by following these few steps and rules.

  1. Laugh: Laughs, laughing out loud (lol), and smiles are essential in the realm of online dating or texting to add humor to the conversation. Simply adding a laugh will make you appear more likable, increasing your chances of wooing her. Laughing out loud or having fun through texts demonstrates your light and funky side. You never know your text-messaging laughter can make things a little more seductive and sweet. Select the laughing emoji out of those yellow circles and try it out on your girl.
  1. Have a great start: This is the time to approach her and make an impression. Your first text must be clever, romantic, and subtle enough to throw an idea about your feelings and elicit a positive response from her. Find some cool pick-up words or lines to begin a conversation. Send her some mixed signals by starting with a compliment and then stating that you are single. Whatever the case may be, you must be self-assured enough to know how to proceed.
  1. Compliment her: Tell your crush that she looks hot and captivating in her DP. If you are hesitant to be direct, you send the right signals with a heart-eyes emoji. Send her a Whatsapp message complimenting her looks and style and send her ‘winky’ and ‘smiley’ to show that you like her vibes.
  1. Check your vocabulary: Don’t forget, you only have those words to take her heart. Flirting in the digital realm is difficult. Texts with excellent keywords or vocabulary will thus play an essential role in wooing her. Use simple, understandable, yet trendy words to add a dash of romance and interest to your conversation. Plain, boring texts may not pique her interest or keep her engaged in the conversation.
  1. Take it as a slow process: You are not best friends, and you met in a chat room.  Because you’ve only been exchanging numbers for a day or two, you need to establish a level of comfort first. So, slow down, take your time, and keep your texts short so that she will consider taking the next step. Allow her the time and space to figure out what’s going on. Your patience demonstrates your sincerity; otherwise, she will hit the block button if you rush into things.
  1. Virtual hugs: Don’t worry; the hugging emoji is perfectly acceptable and safe for conveying your intentions. She will appreciate the gesture and look forward to hearing from you. An overabundance of hugs is always a sure-fire way to win over your crush. You should avoid the bold emojis for the time being to maintain the level of excitement between you.
  1. Good morning texts: Send her a text message first thing in the morning. The good morning texts will release some “feel good” hormones that can help you pull it off efficiently. Further, the good morning messages indicate that she is the first thing you think about when you wake up.
  1. Limit it: One of the rules of flirting is to keep it to a minimum. You can respect the fine line between being playful and horny if you are only mildly attracted to the person. When it comes to the digital world, the lines tend to blur. A naughty text can be interpreted sexually, especially someone you have a passing crush.
  1. Show that you care: Sending thoughtful texts about her well-being is an opportunity to demonstrate that you love her and care about her. A brief text asking if she arrived home safely after the date can only mean one thing, and she knows what it is. She will be more willing to respond and accept you are flirting to make way into her heart.
  1. Be bold and upfront: You’ve already exchanged numbers or IDs, which is why you’re both chatting. Isn’t it? Nobody is a child any longer, and the girl must be mature enough to comprehend these dating facts. Make a clear and bold statement about your intentions, and then take the first step towards achieving your goals. The goal is to initiate the chat and meet your goals as soon as possible. Trust your intuition and be genuine in the flirting game.
  1. Show your naughty side: Forget the sweet messages and texts for a while and up your flirting game by dropping a few lines with sexual undertones. Try not to come across as creepy because the goal is to see if she is as involved and interested as you are. You can start slowly and see if your crush or potential date is okay with it. Amp it up only when you see her showing likeness and willingness.
  1. Some mystery chat: It’s great to strike up a conversation with honesty and clarity, but don’t spill all the beans all at once. Be genuine, but at the same time, the mystery arouses interest, curiosity, and, in some cases, love. So, hide a few facts about yourself to add the right amount of excitement and curiosity. You will become an object of her affection if you do not reveal everything. You could try mentioning your single status or your weekend plans to leave some room for imagination.
  1. Keep it light and pleasant: Your flirting should be a little sexy, reckless, and romantic. We don’t mean that you should be completely careless with your texts, but a pandemic-related text will not do any good either. So, be thoughtful and let cupid strike with some warm texts. It will make the recipient feel special, which will lead to a good flirt.
  1. Ask her out: Asking her out on a date is surprisingly easy and the most natural way to proceed. The fact that you are willing to meet her will demonstrates your intentions and piques her interest. Ask her favorite restaurant, mall, or theatre where she would like to see you.
  1. Apt emojis: The most critical aspect of flirting is that you have fun doing it. So, only use the appropriate emojis to convey your emotions to her. Don’t go overboard and select only those that describe the nature and purpose of your flirting. The goal is to make her feel valuable and desirable.  You may send her a few romantic and dreamy emojis to entice her. But, avoid corny and weird emojis to keep the vibes going.
  1. Take care while texting at night: If she does not respond to your late-night messages, it is a clear indication that she prefers not to engage in any late-night chatting or texting. If there are no responses late at night, you have an indicator at your disposal. Don’t allow her to misinterpret you, and if your flirting is going well during the day, stick to it.
  1. Talk about physical characteristics: You can rely on this to flatter your crush with texts. Discuss her profile picture or use it as a display photo on Whatsapp or other social media platforms. Compliment her on her eyes, hairstyle, outfit, or anything that you think can pique her interest. Knowing that you admire her features and characteristics will make her smile and fall for you. There are chances she will open the door for you.
  1. Exchange photos: If you think you’re going to take it further, you can up your seduction game by showing her your attractive photographs. It’s an excellent way for her to meet you in this digital age. In addition, the pictures will make it encapsulate some flirty vibes. Choosing the best photos will undoubtedly make her feel she is dating a hunk.
  1. No long pauses: Pausing is beneficial for generating that level of excitement, but it can appear complex if you pause for an extended period while texting her. Though there should be no constant texting, a long break can spoil the flirting game. In addition, your absence from the chat may be interpreted as a non-verbal signal that you are no longer interested or too preoccupied to continue.
  1. Keep your texts short: A flirty text is simply letting your darling know how you feel. Send her heartfelt and unique love texts and messages. You don’t need to dawdle over it; otherwise, she’ll get bored. You must craft free and easy texts rather than time-consuming lengthy lines to keep your conversation exciting and fresh.
  1. Jokes and banters: If you feel the conversation is dragging on, you can keep it going by cracking a joke that will make her laugh and cringe. A good joke can help to break the ice and ease the tension. Further, coming across as a funny man reduces the likelihood of rejection from your girl.
  1. Use nicknames: While texting her, use some cute, romantic, and naughty names. Write some wacky and cheesy ones when she is least expecting it. Words such as honey, and ‘sweetheart’ establish a romantic bond between a boy and a girl. You can personalize the names or choose one that best describes her physical characteristics.
  1. Ask questions: Your questions must be based on the level of your relationship. If you’re starting, you can ask some innocent or tricky questions like,” Do you believe in soulmates?” or ”What do you think about true love?” If you’re on a second or a third level, you can take it a step further by being more intense and sexy. You’re bound to elicit some amusing and romantic responses as you learn more about each other.
  1. Ease off the pressure: Reduce the pressure by keeping your conversation as light as possible. When it comes to texting and flirting, there are no rules to follow. Try to have fun without putting any pressure on her. Make her feel at ease, and it is entirely normal if she wishes to cut off. Further, the excitement of flirting with each other will diminish by nervousness. When you’re flirting over texts and trying to charm your crush, don’t forget that having fun is the most crucial factor.
  1. Find some connection: You are reaching out to someone you have never met before. So, there’s no harm in asking each other some straightforward questions that don’t imply any sexual undertones. Aside from pure flirty texts, some funny, light, and engaging talks can keep things flowing and look appropriate. Flirting over messages or texts does not always have to be creepy. The best way to elicit a response at the initial phase is to show a non-aggressive side. Inquire about her family, friends, school days, and favorite things. You never know, her ultimate goal could be to meet you in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you know if a girl is flirting with you over text?

If your girl is the one who always initiates a conversation, sends funny texts, adds a lot of GIFs or emojis, gets flustered on seeing your message, responds to your messages immediately, or texts you late at night, chances are she is flirting with you. If she sends her pictures to you, shows deep interest in knowing more about you, and asks you open-ended questions, it might also indicate that she is into you and getting flirty with you.

2. How often should I text a girl I’m interested in?

There is no fixed frequency to text a girl you like. While sending too many messages might turn her off, sending fewer messages may make her think you are not interested in her. So, be thoughtful, take it slow, and analyze her responses while texting her. Once you get a positive response from her side, you may increase the frequency of your messages.

If done right, flirting can be a great way to strike a conversation with someone you are interested in pursuing romantically. However, figuring out how to flirt with a girl over text can be tricky and may take some time. Portraying a positive attitude and sending thoughtful messages are a sure way to hit the right chord with most girls. However, ensure she is enjoying the conversation and avoid using boring and predictable lines to grab her attention. Finally, if you do not know the girl well, take it slow and give yourselves time to know each other better.

Key Pointers

  • You can use unique texts to show your humorous or romantic side and flirt with your love interest.
  • Start with some cool pick-up lines that are romantic yet subtle.
  • Use texts and emojis to shower compliments, send sweet good morning wishes and show how much you care.
  • Ask her questions about her beliefs in love but try to have fun without pressuring her while texting and flirting.
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