How To Flirt With Your Wife: 18 Tips To Spice Up The Marriage

You are waiting for your wife near the door and got amazed by her beauty again and feel like flirting with her, but don’t know how? Even after many years of marriage, there might be men who don’t have a specific answer to the question “How to flirt with your wife.” It’s important to be flirty and expressive throughout your married life to keep the relationship vibrant and youthful. It’s never too late to add some flavor to your marriage, and healthy and courteous flirting with your wife can do just that. This post contains some unique and out-of-the-box flirting ideas for charming your wife and keeping the flame of romance in your marriage burning. Scroll down.

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1. Check her out

At times, your eyes speak louder than words. As your wife walks in all dressed up, check her out in a way that she notices. When your eyes meet, wink, or give a naughty smile and tell her that she looks good. Try this at a party and let her know that she is the only woman worth your attention. This is a great way to show your affection and courtship towards your wife.

2. Call her by flirty names

Do not call her by her first name in your day-to-day conversations. Use playful adjectives or cute nicknames to address her. A new nickname every day will keep her attention and make her smile every single time!

protip_icon Point to consider
Look for a nickname that aligns with your wife’s personality. While doing so, consider how she would feel about that name.

3. Hold her hand or waist while walking on the street or in the mall

Man holding his wife's hand

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Your wife is indeed your most precious possession. Flaunt the love of your life in public in a variety of ways. Walk hand-in-hand like teenagers. Holding hands will give you both a sense of companionship, trust, belonging, and warmth. You may gently rub her palms or squeeze her fingers to make her flash that million-dollar smile.

An anonymous blogger shares what he sometimes does to make the romantic walks with his wife even more magical. He says, “It was so hokey, but one day, as my wife and I were walking on the beach at Morro Bay, I stopped my wife and spontaneously started singing “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis. That is SO not my style of music (nor even my generation of music), but my wife LOVED it (i).”

4. Leave notes for her

Leave cute messages or romantic lines on sticky notes for her. You can even get more creative and design a treasure hunt for her using these notes, which will require both trust and patience. The hunt should end with a meaningful gift for her. A dress, a pair of earrings, a pretty necklace, or even a beautiful flower at the end of the romantic treasure hunt will charm her and make her feel like the queen of your world.

5. Compliment her

Let your wife know why you think she’s special and express your appreciation for her with thoughtfulness, generosity, and kindness. Compliment her in public as well as in private. Make her feel she’s the most important person in your life by telling her what you adore and appreciate about her. A wife gauges her beauty through her husband’s eyes. Say words that will boost her self-confidence and help her fight those insecurities that might have crept in over the years of married life. It will rekindle the love and attraction between the two of you.

protip_icon Do remember
Compliments that focus on the positive attributes of your wife’s character are more meaningful to her than those based on her appearance, clothes, or hair. These include telling her she’s kind, a great mother, or a talented person.

6. Send her flirty texts

Woman reading a love text

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Text messages are the modern-day love letters. A flirty or sexy text can light up your wife’s pretty face amidst a busy day at work. Find an appropriate time when she will be able to read, appreciate, and respond to your messages.

Sending texts when not together is an effective and cute way to flirt with your wife and keep the excitement rolling, but when you are with her, put the phone away and focus on her.

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Catch your wife off guard with a flirty text when you both are at home or a party. It will let you witness her reaction in real-time and determine if texting is feasible for you to communicate as partners.

7. Be interested in her

One of the most important things about flirting with your wife is making it more about her and less about yourself as it allows you to maintain an amazing connection with her. Listen to her, talk to her, maintain eye contact, ask questions, smile, and let her talk without getting distracted or without interrupting her. Pay attention to what she says and does. It will make her feel loved and show her that you care.

8. Call her randomly

Find some time and escape from the monotony of life. Call her from work and tell her she looked beautiful this morning, or that she makes the best pancakes in the world or just a simple “I love you” or “I miss you.” Similarly, showing empathy towards your partner’s concerns and actively listening to their thoughts is crucial for maintaining a passionate and loving relationship. These small acts of attention can keep the flame of passion alive and help your love continue to blossom.

9. Touch her often

Physical intimacy is the base of a long and steady relationship. Touch your wife often in a way she finds it comfortable and romantic. Give her a peck on the cheek or on her forehead to make her feel loved. Put your arms around her, cuddle, or give her a playful pat. All this will make her blush like a teenager in love and add some fun and playfulness to your relationship.

10. Surprise her with a romantic date

Couple on a date

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Certain date ideas never go out of style. Ask her out, just the way you asked her out the very first time. Take her out for a romantic candle-lit dinner, play footsies under the table, and keep steady eye contact to make her feel desired and loved. By infusing your date night with creativity and a sense of adventure, you’ll be sure to create new memories that will last a lifetime.

11. Make edible word messages

Get up early on the weekend and surprise your wife with breakfast in bed to show your admiration. You can carve out words from pancakes and present them on a plate. It will set a romantic mood and start your wife’s day with a wonderful smile.

12. Show the techie love

Change the auto correct setting on your wife’s phone or laptop. Choose any common words like “Okay” or “The” and change the settings so that it would replace these words with “I love you” or “You look sexy.” It will baffle your wife and, at the same time, make her laugh and blush.

13. Plan a date night at home

See her expression when she comes home from a tiring day at work to a house decorated in fairy lights, with soft music playing in the background. This romantic gesture will sweep her off her feet. It will be one of the most memorable date nights. If you can’t go that elaborate, just have an extempore dance party in the kitchen. Play your favorite song and dance to the sweet tunes of music and let the magic of spontaneity and anticipation take over.

14. Take her for long drives

A couple on a long drive

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Now, who doesn’t love long drives! Take her out on a long drive and play her favorite songs. Visit a place with a beautiful view, like a vista or a hilltop where you can see as far as the horizon. Hold her hand, soak in the view, and tell her how much you love her. The sense of exploration and admiration as you both enjoy the scenery and each other’s company will create a beautiful memory to cherish forever.

protip_icon Point to consider
You can visit those places you both used to go before marriage and reminisce. This will help reinforce your bond and union.

15. Go for social media PDA

Post some happy pictures of the two of you on social media with some cheesy captions. She will be moved when she sees it and will fall in love with you all over again.

16. Planning a coffee date surprise

Plan to meet for a cup of coffee at a cafe. Let her reach there before you.  Ask for help from a friend or a child you know well and send her flowers, chocolates, letters, etc. She will be flattered and eagerly looking for you. Ask her to be yours once again and forever at that moment. It will make her feel very special.

17. Buy some lingerie for her

This will surely surprise and intrigue your wife with a touch of novelty and seduction. Buy some sexy lingerie and arrange it on the bed just as she steps into the shower after a long day at work. She will be taken aback by this surprise and will get your intentions right.

18. Have food sent to her workplace

Woman enjoying food sent by partner

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Few things make a woman as happy as her favorite food. Surprise her by sending her a delicious treat to her workplace. Don’t forget to add that cute, printable special note in there to give it a personal touch. This subtle understanding gesture will surely win you “brownie” points when she comes back from work. Remember flirting is a communication skill to show that you love and care about your better half.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of flirting with my wife?

The advantages of flirting with your wife include a happy mood, a confidence boost, both partners can have fun, a fantastic way to connect, and it keeps the marriage’s spark alive.

2. What are some signs that my wife is enjoying your flirting?

Your wife’s positive attitude, blushing at your touch, and perhaps even flirting with you back are signs that she enjoys your flirting.

3. What common mistakes to avoid when flirting with my wife?

When flirting with your wife, it is important to be mindful of her vulnerability and avoid making common mistakes such as using offensive jokes as humor, invading her personal space, and teasing her so much that it turns into roasting and might hurt her feelings.

While flirting with your wife, make sure you don’t push yourself to do anything you don’t want to do. However, simple actions like noticing and complimenting her, calling her sweet nicknames and adjectives, holding her hand in public, planning a long drive, and more might give her butterflies. You may also leave her a note, call her at random, send romantic and flirtatious texts, or express your affection on social media. Remember that these romantic gestures will not only make your wife happy but will also strengthen your relationship.

Infographic: Why Is Flirting Good For Your Marriage?

No matter how long you have been together, one should never leave flirting with their spouse. Indulging in innocent flirting can strengthen your relationship further. Our infographic highlights the less-known benefits of flirting with your wife.

benefits of flirting with your wife (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Flirting isn’t exclusive to singles; even married couples can flirt with each other to keep their romance lively and young.
  • Wink or pass a naughty smile to your wife while complementing her good looks to make her feel noticed.
  • Call her by flirty names, send her flirty texts, take her on long drives, and touch her often to keep the romantic flame burning.

Discover the art of flirting with your wife in this engaging video. Explore tips and tricks to infuse excitement and fun into your relationship, keeping the spark alive and thriving.

Personal Experience: Source

i. How I started courting my wife after 25 years of marriage — Part 2.

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