6 Easy Steps To Fly A Kite With Your Kids

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So, your child’s summer vacations are just around the corner, and you don’t have a clue how to spend the holidays with him. Well, why don’t you help him fly a kite? There are hardly any better things to do than flying a kite in a wide, open field with the warm breeze.

While kite flying is fun, getting it off the ground isn’t as easy as it seems. Yes, the wind conditions and shape of the kite play a big role, but the most important factor is the right technique. So if you or your kid needs directions on how to get that kite off the ground, you’ve landed on the right page. Here, we offer step-by-step instructions on how to fly a kite for kids. Just keep reading!

Before You Fly The Kite:

Before we begin, you have to keep some things in mind, which are as follows:

1. The Perfect Kite:

Kids have many varieties to choose from when it comes to kites. Your kid can even make a kite at home. While the standard kites are great for beginners, kids looking for something challenging can go for bigger and fancier kites. But remember, each kite offers a different flying experience.

If the wind is light, around 6 to 15 miles per hour, then diamond, delta, and dragon kites would be perfect.

If the wind is strong, say, 15 to 25, then the box or Parafoil kite is the best kids flying kites.

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2. The Ideal Weather Conditions:

The weather condition can make or break your plan of flying kites with children. If the weather is breezy, but not enough to bowl you over, then it’s the perfect time for flying kites. With a nice breeze, your children can make the kite soar and dance. You can even take the windsock or flag test to avert the possibility of a disappointed afternoon. Also, ensure that you fly in safe conditions. By safe conditions, we mean no lightning or rains.

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3. The Right Place:

As important, it is to pick the right kite and ideal weather condition, it is equally important to select the right place for setting the kite soaring in the sky. When it comes to flying kites, more room equals to more fun. Parks, beaches, terrace and fields are the best bet. Trees are harmless, but they ‘eat’ kites. So the fewer, the better. Make sure that your kid does not fly the kites near power lines or roads.

How To Fly A Kite? – Step-by-step Instructions

Now that we have all the basics in place let’s look at how to fly a kite instructions for kids.

  1. The person holding the kite is called the ‘launcher’, and the person flying the kite is the ‘flier.’ The launcher’s back should be towards the wind, with the kite facing him. If the wind is behind the kite, it will crash. And do not launch the kite while running as the kite can crash due to uncontrolled tugging.
  1. Move around 20 meters away from the kite. There should not be any obstacle from where you set off the kite. Release the kite. We’d suggest you to wait for the gust of wind before taking off.
  1. It’s all up to your kid now. As you release the kite, your child should pull the string to provide some friction.
  1. Your kid has to pay attention to the direction of the wind. If the direction of the wind changes, he’ll have to adapt to it. You both just have to arrange yourselves so that the wind blows from the Flier to the Launcher. This way, the wind will go in a straight line from the Flier to the Launcher. Even your little one will be able to fly for a longer time.
  1. Now tell your little one to release the length of the flying line. And carefully monitor the end of the string. If the kite is weak, the line will come off the bridle, resulting in losing the kite.
  1. Now ask him to pull the string to lower the kite and wrap the line around the coil, just how it started.

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Make Things Interesting:

Now that your kite is soaring up in the air, spice it up a bit by adopting these steps:

  1. Challenge your kid to see how quickly he can get the string or flying line to a 45 degree from his hand.
  1. Tell him to keep track how fast he can get 150 meters of the line from the hand launch.
  1. You can even challenge your kid to bring the kite in his hand, but without letting it touch the ground. He has to pull it quickly to keep it airborne. It will be interesting to see kids flying kite.

So keep aside the gaming console, get off the couch and follow these simple instructions to have your kid get on his way to flying kites. How did your child learn to fly the kite? Share his experience with us by commenting below!

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