25 Practical Tips To Forget Someone You Love Deeply

Being in a one-sided love is a painful experience. You love the person unconditionally, and they don’t love you back or reciprocate your efforts. If you are pondering how to forget someone you love, this post can help you. No matter how much you love a person, if they value you enough and treat you like an option, it is imperative to cut them off from your life for the sake of your emotional wellbeing. However, forgetting someone you love is never easy. The more you try not to think about them, the more they occupy your thoughts. However, once you get over the person and move on with your life, you will understand it was the best decision you could have taken. Keep reading as we talk about ways to forget a person you love.

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25 Ways To Forget Someone You Love

1. Accept the situation

Accept the break up

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Often, we carry a torch for someone we love for years because we cannot face the bitter truth that the relationship is over. You continue to be the torchbearer with the hope that your partner will realize their mistakes and come back to you. But that may never happen. So stop being harsh on yourself and blow off this torch of hope so that you can move forward.

2. Forgive yourself

The best way to forget the special someone in your life is to forgive yourself. You have to make a conscious effort to forgive yourself and let go. Though it may seem unbearable now, in the future, you might remember it fondly without bitterness because by then, you must have found the ‘true love’ of your life. Do not give in to self-loathing. Forgive yourself and let time heal all wounds.

3. Make a promise to move on

Once you have accepted the situation, make a promise to yourself that no matter how painful it is, you will detach yourself from the past and move on in life. Be aware that it might be challenging and heartbreaking but be prepared to do everything to leave it all behind and start afresh.

4. Stop chasing them

If you have been justifying someone’s bad behavior or the hard time they gave you, then that person is clearly not right for you. Your partner could be the most gorgeous looking person on earth, but if they have never treated you properly, there’s no point in chasing them . Wipe your rose-colored glasses and see who that person really is, and you might not feel the same again. Therefore, grieve as much as you want, but in the end evolve and be a better version of yourself. You are worthy and deserving of love and respect!

5. Get rid of old reminders

Mourning over memories can sometimes be painful and triggering in the healing process. This is the time to slowly get rid of those old reminders. An example of this is, throwing away DVDs that you may have watched together or gifts you have shared. Dispose of even the smallest object in your house that reminds you of your partner. The faster you erase old memories, the easier it will be to forget your partner.

If it is difficult for you to erase every single reminder but retain a few good memories that may help you get over them. When writer G. Mendelson lost her grandfather, he decided to live with his memories rather than mourn for him excessively. A few years later, he adopted the same approach for a romantic breakup with his girlfriend.

He says, “With my recent breakup, things are a bit tougher because I run into her every day, making it tough to forget her, even if I wanted to. So, I tried applying the same response that I did with my grandpa. I see her and say hi, but I also make it a point to remember her as being this quirky, funny, sarcastic woman, and it makes me smile.

“I even laugh when I think about the arguments we had. If I start thinking about why we broke up, or the emotions that stirred around it, I’d be pissed for sure, but that has no positive outcome in the end, so why bother (i).”

6. Step out

Once your house is clean of physical reminders of old memories, it’s time to make new memories. And what better way than stepping out of your house and meeting family or friends? You can also go for a walk or to the supermarket or simply go shopping in order to survive and cope with this heartbreak. Explore any good place you have never been to. Just do not stay indoors all by yourself.

7. Reach out to friends and family

Share your pain with your close friends or family.

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Keeping emotions to yourself can take a heavy toll on your health. Do not lock yourself away from people. Instead, share and process the pain with your close friends or family. Get it all out and allow them to guide and support you. What you are unable to see may be seen by them, and they might be able to convince you to look at the brighter side of all that happened.

protip_icon Point to consider
While it may seem tempting, avoid being in a rebound relationship. Also, don’t rush into dating someone just because you want to forget your ex as it may make things complicated.

8. Avoid dwelling in the past

The moment your mind starts walking down the ‘what if…’ or ‘maybe if I tried harder…’ path, stop right there. Such a feeling will lead to a vicious circle of regret and sadness. You should avoid dwelling in the past. Release expectations of any kind that the person will change for you. The best way to avoid being in the past is by being in the present, and the quickest way to be in the present moment is to be in your body. Some ways of doing that include doing some jumping jacks, practice yoga, or do anything that will take your mind off these thoughts.

9. Remember that you deserve love

Remember, there is a difference between someone loving you and someone being nice to you. Just because they reply to your texts, it does not mean they love you back. They’re just feeding upon your loneliness. If they love you, they will show it more explicitly, and you will feel it more deeply. If both are missing, then it is time to break the bond and stop waiting for it. Remember, you deserve someone who truly loves you.

10. Disconnect from that person

Almost everyone stalks their ex on Facebook or Instagram, so it’s no big deal, right? Wrong. If you really want to forget that person, it is best to block them on all social media platforms. The more you track them online, the more difficult it will be for you to move on.

11. Avoid accidental encounters

If you and your ex live in close proximity, you may be aware of the places your ex frequents. You could be tempted to visit those places hoping to bump into your ex, but avoid doing so. Stay strong and cut off your ex from your life completely.

12. Write down your feelings

Write down your feelings to forget someone you love

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Grab a journal or open a word document and write down your feelings. This may not make you forget someone completely but will help you unburden the excess emotional baggage. It is necessary to process your feelings rather than burying them to escape.

13. Organize your life

Update your current planner or make a new one. Set new goals or list new points to get closer to your current goal. Focus on your career growth, work hard to get that promotion you were aiming for, or try to achieve more than the original target you have set for yourself.

14. Indulge in physical activity

Sweating it out is a great way to move on in life. Physical exercises keep not only your body, but also your mind fit. Physical activity can help elevate your mood and boost your self-esteem. This is the right time to hit the gym or go for walks.

15. Pamper yourself

Stop wasting your time grieving and stop thinking about the person who doesn’t reciprocate the same way. This is the right time to love and pamper yourself to recover from this situation. Go for a hair color you wanted to have for a long time or visit a spa. Indulge in something that will make you feel special because you know, you’re worth it!.

16. Join a new class

Learn new things

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When your mind is occupied with different activities, it leaves you no time to think of anyone else. Join a music class or a painting club. Involve yourself in any activity that you are passionate about.

17. Meet friends

Always try to be in the company of good friends, but avoid common friends. Meet your old school friends and relive childhood memories.

18. Love yourself

It doesn’t matter who rejects you. What matters is your love for yourself. The loss of a potential partner should not weigh on what you feel about yourself. There is only one you in the world and remember that you are awesome. Eventually, the right person will come along and never let you go. Till then, continue loving yourself.

19. Change your approach

You might feel low and negative about things not working out. Instead, try to look at the brighter side of it. There may be some flaws in that person that annoyed you. Be happy that you are free from it. Reflect on all that you can be grateful for.

20. Avoid the blame game

Many things can go wrong between two people, and the blame should not fall on only one person. There is no point in trying to hate the person you once loved. Instead, think of it as an old movie that met its predetermined end. You enjoyed it while it lasted and now it’s time to watch something new.

21. Welcome new people in your life

You may or may not be a social person, but you can always try talking to new people. If you are not comfortable talking to strangers, try to explore social groups, such as a book club or movie club, where you could meet like-minded people. It does not have to be a romantic liaison. Just strike a harmless conversation with someone you think you might connect with as a friend.

22. Start traveling

Go on a solo vacation to forget someone you love

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Take a break from your routine and go on holiday. Go on a vacation with a friend or try solo travel. You can plan a short trip to a different state to refresh or just explore your city or countryside.

23. Be grateful

Instead of brooding over what you lost in life,look at what you have with you. Be grateful for the life you have, and be happy and thankful for the good people in your life who are always there for you. Try to be there for someone who needs you.

24. Have faith in the universe’s plan for you

Remember, it is the universe’s way of pushing you away from something that is not suitable for you. Today, this might not make sense, but in the future, when you are settled and happy, you will be grateful that it did not work out with that person. Try on the mantra: “ this or something even better!”

25. Look for love

When you think you are finally over the past, the best thing to do next is to look for love. Life is too short to lament a failed relationship. Instead, look in a different direction and set out on a new path of love. You never know, this path might offer the kind of love and affection you needed but never received before.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to stop loving?

The time required to forget a loved one might vary from person to person. If the connection was deep, it might take a person years to forget their loved ones. The feelings may not recede in a single moment either. They might resurface from time to time, but eventually, you may come to terms with the situation and move on.

2. Why is forgetting a loved one so hard?

Memories shared with the person you loved once make it difficult to forget them. Struggles to get over them could also be because you still have feelings for them, and you think you might not find someone better than them.

3. How can I accept that someone I love doesn’t love me anymore?

Coming to terms with unrequited loved ones isn’t easy, but you can endure this journey with practical strategies. Begin by acknowledging your emotions and feelings. Accept the situation and give yourself ample time and space to heal. Avoid constant reminders of the relationship and create some distance from anything that ties you to old memories. Most importantly, surround yourself with supportive friends and focus on self-care. Finally, establish healthy boundaries and embark on your healing journey. Although it may seem arduous, redirecting your attention toward the future and its myriad possibilities can be transformative.

4. How can one use mindfulness techniques to help cope with forgetting a loved one?

Mindfulness helps in the non-judgemental acceptance of the situation. Acknowledging the present enables you to stay in the moment and practice self-compassion. Indulging in mindfulness activities, such as meditation, can help achieve inner peace, clarity, and self-awareness. In addition, they can help you cultivate non-attachment and focus on blessings with gratitude and appreciation. The sum of all these efforts facilitates the gradual healing of your heart and soul.

Falling in love may seem a lot more difficult than falling out of love. But holding on to false hope and a person who may never love you the way you deserve will do you more harm than good. So now that we brought you these tips and ideas, you don’t have to continue to struggle with how to forget a person you love. Instead, keep yourself occupied, spend more time with friends and family, and do things you love. It may take time, but eventually, you will find loving and spending time with yourself is also fun and peaceful.

Infographic: Movies To Watch While You Are Trying To Forget Someone

Getting over and moving on from someone is a feat easier said than done. Thus, giving yourself ample time to deal with the situation would be best. While you are on it, you might as well indulge in a movie marathon consisting of movies that belong to the same genre. So, to help make the search process easier for you, we have prepared this infographic containing a list of movies that we are sure you will be able to relate to and be motivated to move on and focus on yourself.

movies to help you move on (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • Moving on from someone you love requires you to make a promise to yourself to get over it.
  • Stop yourself from chasing after them, accept the situation and don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Try separating yourself from things that remind you of them such as a gift or a specific song, and learn to love yourself.

Feeling stuck in the past? This video can help you learn how to forget someone you love and move on with your life

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