15 Realistic Ways To Get His Attention

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Have you tried many trips and are still unsure how to get his attention? Well, men can be difficult to understand. But, before we tag them as cryptic beings, the truth is they are as mysterious to women as much as women are to them. One of the biggest challenges for a woman is to learn how to grasp their attention. Would you like to know how to attract the man you like? Would you like to keep the man of your dreams closer while not losing yourself? Then, scroll down as we have listed a few tricks for you.

How To Get His Attention: 15 Simple Ways

Reading a guy and his intentions can be a difficult task, especially in the initial stage of your interaction. However, as long as you learn to understand men, you will never be alone. So here are some ways to get his attention.

1. Dress to kill

Men are visual beings. They keenly notice how you dress and think what you wear reflects your personality and how you perceive yourself and your life. So dressing up nicely is the best way to get a man’s attention. Discover your style and wear it as if it were a second skin. Also, wear clothes that make you appear comfortable, confident, and assertive.

2. Wear a smile when you talk

You’re all dressed up and looking fantastic, but you’re still wondering why the man is not paying attention to you? Nobody likes a grump, so put on a happy face. In many cases, a smile is more powerful than words. A lovely smile draws his attention, and a good chuckle can make him lose his mind. However, don’t smile at him inappropriately.  When you combine a smile with three to five seconds of eye contact, you have the guy’s attention.

3. Make your conversations lively

If the man you like is into sports and you aren’t, you should pay attention just enough to ask questions. Make it appear as if you are pleased to be conversing with him rather than hungry for his attention. Bring something fresh to the conversation by bringing an interesting statistic or something intriguing to discuss in his areas of interest. Try to share a fascinating factoid with him that he may not be aware of.

4. Maintain eye contact

When holding a conversation, always remember to maintain eye contact. This will demonstrate that you are keen on having the conversation. Do not, however, hold his gaze for more than a minute. During the most intense parts of the conversation, you can hold his gaze for a little longer. The trick is to look him in the eyes and then away. When he looks back at you, hold the gaze into his eyes for a few seconds with a broad smile, then look away.

5. Pursue a hobby

Taking up new hobbies will not only make you more appealing to men, but it will also provide you with insight into what interests them. You might discover that you have similar interests. Actively pursuing a hobby can catch his attention and pique his interest in you because it shows that you aren’t primarily concerned about finding a relationship. Finding common interests such as reading books, running, cycling, or outdoor adventures is the best way to get his attention.

6. Don’t chase him

This is not a mind game, but men enjoy the thrill of the chase. A guy will always desire what he can’t have. You shouldn’t chase him or keep an eye on him as a way to get his attention. In other words, he should not be the center of your world. If you show that he isn’t the “be all and end all” of your life, you create a mystery around yourself. When a man meets you, and you seem nonchalant, it becomes a challenge for him to win your affection.

7. Don’t be needy

Men dislike girls who constantly whine or bend over backward to win their attention. You must have a high level of self-esteem and should be aware of your self-worth. If you have to choose between your dignity and your relationship, you must put your dignity above everything else. Don’t show that you’re needy in the relationship and rely on him the least, especially when it comes to his affection and attention.

8. Watch your body language

Your overall body language and positive energy make you appealing. Your posture and demeanor reveal a lot about you. There’s something about a woman who walks upright with her head held high, as if she’s walking to music no one can hear or as if she’s walking to poetry in slow motion. If you bend down low, then you are showing a lack of self-esteem. Standing upright confidently holding your posture will exude confidence.

9. Get flirty

You can wink at him when he says something funny. You can up the flirting game by accidentally touching his hand or his arm. Touch him on the arm if he says anything amusing or interesting. However, don’t linger with your hand – a few seconds should be enough to get his attention. This creates a physical connection between you and him while also communicating that you are interested in more than being buddies.

10. Don’t act insecure

You don’t have to show a lot of skin or compete with another woman to draw a man’s attention. Insecurity is a big turn-off for men. So be comfortable in your skin and be confident and optimistic. If a gorgeous woman is insecure, she might make herself appear unattractive in the eyes of a guy. On the other hand, a modest demeanor,a confident attitude, and an upbeat outlook will convince him that you’re worth his time and efforts.

11. Change your profile picture

It’s a good idea to alter your profile image on social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat now and then. For example, post a photo of yourself on vacation somewhere. It can be an image that reflects your adventurous side. This will keep him interested in you and give an impression that he is missing out on something incredible with you, and he might ask you if he can go with you on some of your exciting adventures.

12. Mirror his actions

Another technique to catch his attention is to mirror his actions. When you imitate his mannerisms or body language, you will make an instant connection with him, and he may think more fondly of you. It has a subconscious effect, essentially telling him that you are interested. Mirror his postures and gestures while talking to him. Take a sip of your drink while he takes one. However, make sure you don’t overdo it and screw things up.

13. Touch yourself

Be flirty and touch yourself when he is around. Men assume that you are interested in him when you run your fingers through your hair or touch yourself. Simply sliding your fingertips along your collarbone or carefully smoothing your dress over your hips catches his attention. You can play with your hair, rest your head on your palm, cup your chin in both cheeks, stroke your cheeks, briefly place your hand on your chest, or tilt your head to the side.

14. Giggle when he cracks jokes

Giggles are a good way to get his attention and keep the conversation going, especially when he’s cracking jokes. Itsignals him that you want to hear more from him. It also shows him that you appreciate his company, which raises his confidence if he is a shy type. Of course, you don’t have to laugh or chuckle at every joke he tells, and remember not to overdo it. To pique his interest, be lighter and engage in fun banter.

15. Follow him on his social media

Follow him on Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram, and leave comments on his posts. However, don’t go overboard, or you’ll be seen as a stalker. Instead, get his attention by making a funny comment on his adventure outings with his buddies or pets. Emojis, like flowers, are popular in the new dating world. You want to be clear about your intentions, but you don’t want to come out as desperate.

Getting a guy’s attention can be a frustrating thing. Everything you do to attract his attention must emanate a confident, feminine persona. But when you get his attention by being real without looking desperate, you feel good about yourself. So do these simple things to draw your man close to you and to have his complete devotion.

Key Pointers

  • An interesting conversation with a genuine smile and constant eye contact can help you grab his attention.
  • Be confident and flirt a little while occasionally touching your hair to distract him.
  • Be careful not to overdo and appear needy. Men are drawn to girls with dignity and aware of their worth.
  • Mirroring his actions and following him on social media are some ways to get the man of your dreams.

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