How To Get Pregnant Even With Irregular Periods

How To Get Pregnant Even With Irregular Periods

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Every woman wants to become a mother at some point in her life. One of the important aspects of conceiving and getting pregnant is the regularity of periods. But the reality is that most women actually start giving attention to the frequency of their periods only when they face some health issues or just when they decide to get pregnant. While a 28-day cycle is considered to be ideal, not every woman falls under this category. There is a reason why an irregular menstrual cycle might create problems when you are trying to conceive. It is because the time of ovulation, which is critical to getting pregnant, becomes difficult to predict in such cases.

Having an irregular menstrual cycle, however, does not necessarily mean that the woman can never conceive. But, she may be required to put in some extra effort and show a lot more patience to achieve her goal.

To begin with, it is better to try and find out the reason for the irregularity in the first place. A lot of factors like thyroid dysfunctions, endocrinal disorders, certain medications, or even excessive exercising can cause irregular menstrual periods (1). So, it is better to check with your doctor and take the necessary treatment for the same. However, if none of the above-mentioned factors are a cause of your irregular menses, then you can make certain lifestyle changes to help you regulate your periods. Some of them are suggested here:

1. A Well Balanced Diet

A Well Balanced Diet

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With fad diets becoming the order of the day, it is really difficult to ascertain what is healthy and what is not. Instead of falling for such fads, try to keep your diet as close to your natural habitat as possible. It’ll be easier for your body to adapt to stuff that you’ve been eating since childhood. A variation in the portions of your regular meals, cutting down on trans-fat and carbohydrates, and an addition of fresh fruits or vegetable salads might prove to be beneficial. Do not forget to consume lots of water to keep your body well-hydrated.

2. Maintain An Ideal Body Weight

Sometimes obesity can also cause irregular periods. If you are overweight, try to lose a few kilos. However, do not assume that you are overweight. Make sure you check with your doctor if your weight is really the reason behind your condition. Because, just like high body fat, even low body fat can contribute to reduced estrogen levels which, in turn, affect your periods (2).

3. Regular Exercise

Regular Exercise

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Most women believe that being physically active with household chores is enough. But no amount of irregular physical activity can compensate for regular exercise. Besides helping you reduce your weight, regular exercise routines help you de-stress and calm your mind, unlike household work which is generally stressful! But make sure you do not over exert yourself.

4. Fertility Support Supplements

Sometimes, your doctor may prescribe supplements to encourage fertility. These supplements provide a woman with all the necessary nutrients required to nurture a fetus in her womb.

5. Tracking Your Ovulation

Tracking Your Ovulation

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This is probably one calculation that isn’t really going to be easy, but not impossible as well. You’ll need to track your ovulation time over many months until you become perfect at it. You may try a fertility app, but we would still suggest you go manual if you can. Try charting your fertility window on the good old calendar. Involve your spouse as well to make it a team effort. So, when the time comes, your partner is as excited about trying as you are.

We hope these simple tips help you in your journey towards getting pregnant. It may take more time than you would have initially prepared yourself for. Or, you may hit the jackpot on the very first attempt, who knows! But whatever happens, do not get discouraged or become impatient. Because no matter when you conceive, we know that you’ll make a wonderful mother!

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