Kids Modeling: Can Your Kid Be A Model And How?

If you are interested in kids modeling careers, consider gathering information about the field to determine if it is the right one for your child.

If your child is confident posing before the camera and you believe they have the talent and could take up some consignments to get started in a modeling and acting career, it’s a good idea to begin early. However, you may be confused about the journey and what it would take to make your child achieve fame by becoming a great model.

Read this article to answer your queries about modeling careers for children, including how to prepare your child for modeling assignments, the chances of landing a job, and what to expect after signing up with an agency.

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Can Your Child Be A Model?

Your kid can do modeling as long as they enjoy it.

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You can initiate your child into modeling only if they like it and are comfortable with it. Ask yourself if being a model is your child’s aspiration or yours.

  • It is okay for your kid to do modeling as long as he or she is enjoying it and having fun. But if they are uncomfortable, call it quits.
  • Remember that modeling for children is not a money-making venture, and it should not be a source of income to you or your family.
  • As a parent, understand that modeling is not all about glamour and a pretty face. It takes hard work, confidence and patience for getting the first gig and then sustaining there. Therefore, analyze if your child is willing to take this additional burden along with their education.
  • The most important thing is you should not compromise on your child’s needs and rights such as their education, playtime, and relaxation.

Let’s suppose that you and your child have ticked positive on all the above considerations, would that be enough? No, because you need to consider your convenience and availability as well.

Are You Ready For Your Child’s Modeling Assignments?

Parents will have to undergo a lot of stress and workload.

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Consider these points before you make a decision:

  • You will have to undergo a lot of stress and workload, which will be in addition to your career workload.
  • Sometimes you will need to keep yourself free for an entire day to take them for auditions, wait there for your turn and then drive back home.
  • If your kid gets selected, it means more breaks from your job. You should be available whenever you get a call and not just during the weekends or in the evenings.
  • You need to see if your work schedule is flexible enough to accommodate all these demands.

If you have planned all this and your child is interested too, then you can take a step towards modeling. The first step is to know the traits of a child model.

What Makes A Good Child Model?

Agencies look for children with features like healthy skin and shiny hair.

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Children do not need to have that so-called ‘perfect beauty’ to become a model. But here are some usual requirements:

  1.  Agencies look for children with good features such as healthy skin, big and bright eyes, shiny hair and a smiling face.
  1. Conventionally good-looking kids are in high demand. Children are selected depending on the type of cover or advertisement.
  1. A “different” or unusual look might make your child unique. For example, young boys having long hair or an Asian child with green eyes or any other unconventional features could have an edge over others.
  1. A child’s overall personality also matters. A fearless, happy and smiling kid is preferred to a kid who always needs their parents around.
  1. The child needs to be friendly, outgoing and comfortable interacting with strangers as they have to meet photographers and baby wrangles. They should be okay with a crowd of other kids.
protip_icon Point to consider
Building a strong social media presence can help kickstart your child’s modeling career. Massive engagement, following, and influence can give brands an idea about your child’s creative potential.
  1. The aspiring model should be good at taking advice and instructions from new people during shoots. A shy child will not be able to enjoy all the attention and thrills that come with modeling, while a carefree child will not like to listen to others.

Child modeling demands the same level of professionalism as the adult modeling industry, but securing work is not an insurmountable challenge.

What Are The Chances Of Your Kid Getting A Modeling Job?

Out of a 100 submissions, agency directors meet about seven to eight children and work at most with three of them.

Agencies that represent child models from birth to teenage receive several stacks of pictures and letters from parents and out of every day’s pile they generally meet two to three kids.

Your child’s chances of getting selected are high in the below cases:

  • The kid fits into popular fashion clothing sizes.
  • You live in proximity to the agency’s office.
  • You are a capable parent – not pushy, good in handling rejections, can reschedule your day within a short notice, etc.

Your chance of success could be high if you personally know somebody in the industry. They can guide you and maybe connect you with the right people. Ultimately, it depends on your perseverance and preparation.

How To Get Your Child Into Modeling?

Click some good quality photos of your little one.

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  • Click some good quality photos of your little one. The photos need not have to be professionally shot. One headshot and two full body photographs should be enough to start with.
  • Approach some genuine modeling agencies after proper research, and share your child’s photographs and details such as age, weight, and height.
  • Share the profiles with multiple agencies. Then you have to wait for casting calls, also known as go-sees.
protip_icon Point to consider
While the glitz and glam appears to be very charming, sometimes the modeling world can get overwhelming and emotionally taxing. So stand by your kid and prioritize their well-being more than anything.
  • They will get back to you if they like the profile, and you will have to take your child for auditions.
  • If your child gets selected in the audition, your agency will intimate you. After your kid is done with the work, the agency will cut 10 to 20% of the model’s pay.
  • Remember that legitimate agencies never ask for money upfront. They only take their cut once your kid gets work. Be wary of such cheats who feed on the excitement of parents.
  • Do not confuse between a model scout and an agency. A scout charges for the photoshoot of your child, which they eventually send to agencies. You can do this on your own.
  • Your child may not be earning much from runway modeling. The rates are higher on television and movies. Sometimes, very prestigious magazines or companies pay less but provide a good exposure to your kid.
  • Do not relocate to a new city or country for kick-starting your child’s modeling career as no agency can promise assignments. Alternatively, you can continue sending photos to modeling contests and competitions online.
  • For modeling assignments, children often require to take leaves from school. Whenever your child takes a day off from school, keep the permission letter ready as most agencies will ask for it.

Your child may not get an assignment immediately after being selected by an agency. There is a process for that.

What To Expect After Signing Up With An Agency?

Your child may have to attend auditions.

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Here is what happens after signing up:

  1. Go for auditions and go-sees: Your child may have to attend many cast calls before getting selected for their first assignment. These go-sees are usually tiring, and sometimes you may have to stand in a queue with more than 200 children waiting for their turn to strut their best catwalk.
  2. Additional photos: You may have to expand your child’s portfolio depending on the client’s requirements.
  3. Quick process: Once you get your turn, the process gets over in a couple of minutes. Often your kid will be asked to try out the outfits.
  4. The scope of work: Child models mostly work for in-store advertisements, magazines, catalogs, and store circulars.
  5. Commitment: The work opportunities of your child will greatly depend on your patience and commitment. You may have to attend multiple go-sees in a day or none for several weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the youngest age to start modeling?

You can start modeling your child as young as a few weeks to a few months old. There is no specific age limit because different campaigns necessitate different ages.

2. Should you pay for a child modeling agency?

Most legitimate modeling agencies do not charge application or membership fees to aspiring baby models. Other legitimate fees, however, may exist. So, if your child’s modeling agency demands registration fees, double-check their authenticity.

3. How can modeling help boost a child’s self-esteem?

When opting for a modeling career, children work with professionals around them, giving them a chance to be treated like adults and making them feel responsible. Moreover, when they do a good job, words of appreciation and encouragement will help boost their self-esteem.

4. What are the potential drawbacks or risks associated with child modeling?

Children can often be judged for their looks, skin color, height, and weight when entering a modeling career. These judgments can affect their confidence. Rejections are normal in any career, but children may take them negatively, making them self-conscious and anxious. However, parents can always guide their children and support them in making proper decisions, ensuring their children’s well-being.

5. Can children modeling help them develop discipline and professionalism?

Yes, since children are likely to work around adults who are professionals and work with utmost seriousness, they are likely to pick up habits from them, which will help develop discipline and professionalism.

Kids modeling may be an attractive career choice, but you need to give it a good thought before walking this path. Opt for modeling only if your child enjoys the process and is comfortable before the camera. You should also analyze how your child will manage the modeling assignments and their education, playtime, and other engagements. If you are ready for the effort, you may apply for a modeling career in ad agencies. Agency directors are often attracted to good-looking children or those with unique features. Remember that all children may not get modeling assignments. It should not discourage you. Also, encourage your children to identify their passion and support them in their journey.

Infographic: Characteristics That Agencies Look For In A Child Model

If you plan for your child to walk down the path of modeling and would like to start early, the following infographic can be helpful. Here, we have included a list of characteristics most child model recruiters look for while selecting children. Scroll through!

what makes a good child model (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Takeaways

  • Support your child’s interest in modeling if they are comfortable in front of the camera.
  • Be flexible with your schedule to accommodate modeling demands.
  • A child with good features, unique looks, a striking personality, and outgoing nature is a good fit for modeling.
  • Chances of selection are high if the child fits popular clothing styles, lives near the agency, has a capable parent, or knows someone in the industry.
  • Submit your child’s pictures to reputable agencies that only charge fees upon securing work.

Modeling is not a cup of tea for everyone. However, with these five unique poses, your child can display a killer masquerade for every photo session.

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