How To Impress Your Husband: 12 Tricks To Attract Him All Again

You may be newly married, or it might have been a few years or even a few decades since your marriage. But, no matter how long it has been, you may find it difficult to grab their attention. But, don’t worry since we’re here to answer your throbbing question on “how to impress your husband.” That’s the thing about marriage; the charm and romance tend to fade out once life takes over. However, a few tiny romantic gestures here and there would keep the romance bubbling. So read on to find our tips to attract your husband. These gestures would convert them back from a roommate to the very person with whom you fell in love the first time.

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Types Of Intimacy

Before we go into the details, let us explain the kind of chemistry every couple may want to achieve. There are four types of chemistry, and to impress your husband and get the spark back in your life, you need to have them all:

  1. Physical chemistry: it generates physical desire and arousal
  2. Emotional chemistry: this creates care, affection and trust
  3. Mental chemistry: generates interest, compatibility and receptivity
  4. Spiritual chemistry: brings respect, appreciation, happiness

Now let’s reveal the secret.

12 Simple Ways To Impress Your Husband

Most men rate kindness, supportiveness, intelligence, education, and ambition as very important. A 2018 ‘Ideal Partner Survey’ by Clue in collaboration with researcher Tanja Gerlach at the University of Göttingen has revealed that the percentages of men who ranked each trait as very important were 85.5% for kindness, 84.4% for supportiveness, 72.2% for intelligence, 58.0% for education, and 55.6% for ambition.

Traits that U.S men seek in long term partners

Source: Ideal Partner Survey

Surely marriages are made in heaven but you have to put some extra effort here on earth to keep it going.

1. Show the gorgeous side of you:

Woman in a lovely gown dazzles her man

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Maintain basic hygiene, comb your hair, smell nice and wear fitted clothes. Dressing well will always have a positive impact. Wear a dress that your husband likes, and brush up your appearance. Wearing clothes that compliment your figure not only make you attractive but also boost your self-confidence.

Get regular haircuts, go for pedicure and manicure, get your arms and legs waxed and have a facial done. Spend some money on good perfume.

2. Update your knowledge:

Men like women who are well-read. They prefer women who know what is happening in the world. An intellectual wife, who can hold a discussion and have her view point on various topics, will keep her husband engaged in a healthy conversation. Read the newspaper and novels for starters.

3. Be independent:

Do not depend on him, be it financially or otherwise. A strong independent woman is surely attractive. When it comes to money, men really do not care how much you earn, but they do not want you to be a financial drain on them (well most men).

For your daily tasks as well, avoid seeking help for him. While it is good to share responsibilities, not asking for help might tempt him to help you.

4. Take care of your health:

Follow a fitness regime. Exercise strengthens your immune system, improves stamina and your concentration. It has an added advantage too: it will keep your man attentive and attracted towards you. Seems worth it!

5. Wear your apron for your man:

Woman cooking a special meal for her husband

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The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Cooking is an admirable quality. Your husband will feel special when you cook him his favorite meal. You need not be a great cook, but the fact that you made an effort to cook something, especially for him, matters. Also, cooking together is an awesome way to rekindle your bond. It is an affair with food.

6. Take interest in his interest:

Be it sports, cars, bikes or movies, show interest in what your man likes. He will definitely appreciate the effort you are putting. It will make him feel close to you and this is a great way to spend some quality time together.

protip_icon Experts say
According to Andrew Christensen, professor of psychology, University of California, Los Angeles, not expecting or demanding your spouse to change will help ensure a happy and successful marriage (1).

7. Express your love:

Show your love, every single day. Let him know how much you value him. Express your love through open communication. Do something sweet or different for him, for example write ‘I love you’ on the bathroom mirror for him or slip a small note with his lunch, bake his favorite cake. Care for him in sickness and health.

8. Plan a date night:

Book a table for two in a fancy restaurant or plan it at home. Make your children sleep early. Spend time together, just the two of you.

If you thought that we are giving you just some platonic ideas, no, we are, actually, preparing you for the more physical (read: bolder) ones:

9. Take the initiative:

You need not wait for your man to make the first moves in the bedroom. Let him know you need him, show him you are waiting for these private moments to come. Move your fingers over him seductively, while you keep open your dress just enough to tantalize him. You will surely love what follows next.

10. Give him a surprise:

Surprise him with a naughty encounter whenever you get a chance. Do something mischievous when he is in the bathroom, in the kitchen, or when he is engrossed in his phone.

When the kids are asleep or are not around, wear an enchanting dress you bought without his knowledge and arouse him with your acts. This will leave him asking for more.

You may even try a sexy photoshoot like a blogger with the username Kat Transformed did for her husband. She tried to do something that would make her look hot. She says, “I’ve been frantically wanting to feel sexy again, to see that glint in my husband’s eye, and I thought maybe I could MAKE him see me that way again, through the lens of a photographer’s camera (i).”

You may try such unconventional, surprising ideas to please your husband if you are up for it.

11. A warm bath can do wonders:

Get into a shower with him. Seek his help to undress you, and turn on the shower. Make the bath playful by rubbing his back, while he caresses you. You can make it more seductive by putting some aromatic room freshener or flowers in the bathroom.

12. Get a bit oily:

What can be a better way to relax your husband after a tiring day? Pour aromatic oil on his back, and begin massaging him. Press his shoulders, so that he forgets everything about work and starts thinking about the task ahead.

Being touchy makes things interesting between you and your husband. You need not have to wait for a time and place. Simply steal a moment. And if you do it the right way, a simple gesture like a kiss on his ear can be followed by a long story.

A Right Touch To Turn Him On

Couple cuddling in bed

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Know how to touch him. There are many places where men would like to be touched to get into the mood:

  • Ear: Kiss him behind his ear or whisper sweet nothings into his ear while also using your tongue a little. Biting the top of the ear lobe lightly or breathing deep behind his ear will drive him crazy.
  • Neck: Give pecks on your man’s neck, or nibble on the nape of his neck. The neck is a very sensitive area, it has several nerve endings, and that does the trick.
  • Back: Massage his shoulders and back tenderly. His blood circulation will be improved, and he will become more relaxed. In between massage sessions, kiss his back.
  • Back of his head: Caress the back of his head while kissing him softly.
  • Chest: Stoke his chest gently. Play with his chest hair.
  • Bottom: Arouse him with a light smack on it. Or massage his bottom after you are done with his shoulders and back.
  • Foot: A foot massage will relax him, and kissing the foot or biting the toe will arouse him.
  • Inner thigh: While your husband’s genital organ is obviously the most erogenous place of his body, explore the area around it to maximize pleasure.

You need to be confident and bold enough to make the first move and impress him sensually. And for that, you have to take care of your attractiveness.

How To Be Attractive For Your Husband

Here’s how to attract husband:

  1. Get your beauty sleep: No matter how much make-up you wear, you cannot look attractive unless you have enough sleep. A tired face or red eyes do not look appealing. Therefore, sleep for eight hours every day.
Woman enjoying her beauty sleep

Image: IStock

  1. Smile: A slight humor and adorable smile can send signals that you are friendly, approachable and are in a good mood. Smiling is appealing and attractive.
  1. Be polite: Show kindness, talk to him softly, and answer him politely. This will make sure the mood at home is calm. Do not pounce on him if he forgets to switch off the light in the bathroom or leaves his wet towel on the bed.
  1. Stand tall: By standing or walking tall, you begin to feel confident and comfortable. This will show on your face and confident woman attracts her partner closer. So, keep your head up, and body straight.
  1. Maintain eye contact: Look into your husband’s eyes when you are talking with him. Give him time to understand that you are listening to him and are interested in the conversation.
  1. Be feminine: Men like taking care of their girls. They want to feel needed. Show them your delicate side from time to time or let your partner assist you. Men want to be with women, who look up to them for advice and support.
  1. Chill out: Give your man some space. Do not pester your husband about where he is or with whom. Do not nag him if he is on the phone or watching his favorite match on the TV.

Again all platonic? Here is something juicy, then.

Ways To Be Alluring In Bed

If you expect to have great sex, then you need to work hard for your ‘sexpectations’.

  1. Splurge a bit on fancy lingerie: Wearing a bright red lacy bra or sensual corset may make your husband fancy you. Wear things that suit and accentuate your body.
  1. Wear his clothes: Nothing is more enticing to a man than seeing his beautiful wife wearing his clothes. Wear stunning lingerie with a loose, oversized shirt from your husband, and leave the buttons open. Casually do your chores without making them look too obvious.
Woman wearing her man's shirt

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  1. Talk dirty (if your husband likes that): Tell him what you want him to do to you in bed. Use your finger to write imaginary words on him. Drive him crazy by whispering sweet nothings into his ear. But before doing this, make sure that is what he likes.
  1. Lather on oil: Essential oil makes your skin look smoother and shiny and makes you smell good. And that’s alluring for a man.
protip_icon Experts say
Chris Kraft, Director of Clinical Services, Sex and Gender Clinic, Department of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, says, “What’s most important to couples, especially to many women, is to connect and be intimate. Being intimate can be as simple as talking and cuddling or affectionately touching.”
  1. Set the stage: Bring on the mood by creating an intimate setting with nice music, dim lights, or scented candles. You can also fill the bathtub with warm water and sensuous bath salts, a few rose petals, and two glasses of wine. Waiting for him in the tub will be all the more enticing.
  1. Add flirtation and sensuality to your romance: Men like it. They find it mysterious and exciting, even if you have been married to your man for years.
  1. Have some foreplay: Sometimes, a prelude before getting intimate is more enjoyable. The anticipation of what will happen next will make your husband want you more.
  1. Take the initiative: Want to know how to attract your husband? Then, get a little bossy in bed. Tell him what you want and what turns you on. You control the moment; men crave it.
  1. Tie him up: If you want to know how to attract husband in bed, here’s an idea. Take control! Some men get excited by the idea of their woman taking control of the situation. Use some comfortable and soft scarf or his tie and tie him to the bed or sofa. Put a comfortable cushion or pillow below his head.
  1. Go slow: Being physically intimate with your lover is not like having fast food. There is no way you can feel satisfied with a quickie. You need to enjoy what you are doing.
  1. Tie him up: And if you want to know how to attract husband in bed, here’s an idea. Take control! Some men get excited by the idea of a sexy woman taking control of the situation. Use some comfortable and soft scarf or his tie and tie him to the bed or sofa. Put a comfortable cushion or pillow below his head.
  1. Watch porn together (only if you both like it and are comfortable watching): Some couples like watching porn together in the bed. If you are one such couple, giving your husband a visual treat will drive him crazy, and the added advantage is you can mimic those moves.
  1. Go slow: Sex is not a fast food. There is no way you can feel satisfied with a quickie. You need to enjoy what you are doing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I impress my husband in daily life?

Simple things such as cooking his favorite dish, planning a surprise date, watching his favorite movie, going together for a walk, and lending ears to him could impress your husband daily and eliminate the rough turns you might come across in marriage.

2. How to impress my husband in a long-distance relationship?

Planning a surprise visit, sending his favorite chocolates, ordering his favorite food once in a while, booking a travel package, and playing games are a few exciting ways to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship.

3. How often should a wife please her husband?

Impressing your husband keeps the connection between you strong. Moreover, he starts feeling valued and satisfies your need for validation, too, thus, leading to a happy relationship. However, there is no fixed frequency to please your husband. As long as he is in a good mood and both are ready for fun and intimacy, you can impress your husband whenever you want.

4. Can I impress my husband after years of marriage?

To impress your husband even after several years of marriage, keep communication channels open and spend as much quality time as possible with him. Physical intimacy also plays an important role. Take care of yourself and be self-confident. He will be impressed by you.

5. What are some common mistakes wives make when trying to impress their husbands?

Wives generally start neglecting self-care and looking only after their husbands and homes. This may lead to a loss of interest from the husband’s side, while the wife may start feeling resentful, and the relationship may deteriorate.

6. Is it possible to go overboard when trying to impress your husband? If so, how can I avoid this?

Yes, it is quite possible to go overboard while impressing your husband. Remember to stay true to yourself while impressing him. Also, recognize that you and your husband are unique individuals, so you need to find common ground to bring him closer and have a happy marriage.

A relationship needs effort and time from both partners. So if you are wondering about ‘how to impress your husband,’ this list of tips and tricks might just work for you. At times you can go that extra mile for him to show him that you care and are glad to have him in your life. These little things can strengthen your relationship and make it work in the long run. So take a few tips, plan things, and give him a memorable experience to impress him.

Infographic: Simple Ways To Impress Your Husband

It doesn’t matter how long you have been married; it is important to keep the romantic flame burning with the same intensity as it was in your honeymoon phase. So, to help make your man fall for you again, we offer some exciting tips. Read on!

how to grab your husbands attention (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Takeaways

  • Achieving all four types of chemistry – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – can impress your husband.
  • To impress your husband, show a good appearance, be well-read, be independent, and take care of your health.
  • Cooking for him, taking interest in his interests, expressing love, and planning date nights can make him attracted all again.
  • You can also impress your husband by surprising him with intimate moments and enticing him with your actions.
  • Rekindle your bond with your husband by cooking together and spending quality time together.

Discover 17 proven ways to attract your husband emotionally and rekindle the spark in your marriage! Explore some proven techniques on how to make your husband feel loved and appreciated through this video.

Personal Experience: Source

i. I did a sexy photo shoot to impress my husband.


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