How To Keep A Conversation Going: 20 Clever Tips For Texting

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Good conversations are the key to healthy relationships. If you wonder how to keep a conversation going over text, this post will help. Not everyone is a great conversationalist. Some struggle to come up with new ideas and keep the conversation going.

However, everyone can improve their communication skills with deliberate efforts. If you want to talk your way to a person’s heart through text, this post is for you. Read on.

20 Tips To Keep A Conversation Going Over Text

1. Keep the conversation two sided

If you are constantly talking about yourself or topics of your interest, you might be considered selfish. Instead, figure out their likes and dislikes to keep the conversation flowing. For instance, if they like the sitcom Friends, you may ask, “what is their favorite episode in Friends?”

2. Have a unique style of texting

Developing your creative style of texting is the key. Try not to be too formal, at the same time, respect them. You may use emoticons, but don’t overuse them. You can text them, “Good morning, hope you have a wonderful day!” to make them feel elated.

3. Make them feel special

Show interest with the partner when chatting. You may ask them about their day or things they find interesting to do rather than talking about yourself. “How did you sleep? I’m sorry that you had to be awake, but I enjoyed our conversation last night.” This would make the conversation special for them, and they would continue talking to you.

4. Pay attention to details

Before sending the text, proofread that message to ensure it is correct so that you don’t embarrass yourself with grammatical mistakes or spelling.

5. Stay relaxed

When nervous, you might make mistakes while texting. Do not pretend to be extra cool or act like someone else. Don’t be in a rush, take time to type, and don’t get tensed. Relax and go with the flow.

6. Be yourself

If your texting style is being sarcastic, go with it. They will get used to it. Also, do not use too many short forms that they misunderstand you. For instance, instead of texting ‘brb,’ say ‘Will be back in a few minutes.’

7. Know when to close the chat

If you feel that the conversation is going to end, give clarity. Don’t abruptly leave the conversation, instead inform them. It would be a good way to keep the conversation going later.

8. Use past conversations

If they have spoken about their pet being ill last week, ask them how it is now. They will know you are paying attention to the small details, which keeps them interested and the conversation alive.

9. Be light over text

People only stick to things that make them happy. So keep the conversation light and fun and make them feel positive throughout.

10. Stop multi-texting

Sending a dozen messages in a row isn’t a good idea. It can make them feel you are needy. At the same time, if they send you too many texts, be open and clear instead of coming to conclusions.

11. Be patient

People work and have their life with friends and family, so do not expect quick responses. Give them time and don’t come up with wrong assumptions.

12. Use memes

Memes are a great connection-building way to keep the conversation going. If you want your conversation to be fun, this is a great way to do it. Send them a meme that is funny and repeatable, and wait for their reply. It is the best style to keep the conversation from dying out.

13. Surprise them with a call

Some may think phone calls are old-fashioned, but it is easier to keep the conversation going. Rather than typing an essay to them, surprise them with a call and make them feel special.

14. Don’t answer with one-word

If you are interested in someone, why reply in one word? Instead, drop that habit and send them proper text messages with open-ended questions and make it engaging.

15. Talk about life

It doesn’t mean you need to be philosophical, instead talking about each other’s lives would help you get to know about each other’s lives. This can be a good way to keep the text conversation going.

16. Use more open-ended questions

Give your conversation partner a chance to answer open-ended questions rather than answering straight yes or no. This is one way to show curiosity, for example, ask open-ended questions such as “What happened today at work that excited you?”

17. Get curious when needed

Displaying genuine curiosity in your partner’s conversation would interest them. Building curiosity can make the conversation more interesting. You may go with “I’m curious to know about…” and make the chat intriguing.

18. Find common ground

The most common way to start bonding with someone new is to find common grounds. For instance, if you both love traveling, you can share each other’s bucket lists. And if you are animal lovers, you may talk about their uniqueness or pets.

19. Know the right time to talk

Always is not the best time to have a conversation. Ask them if it is a good time to talk. Sometimes, it could be a bad day, and they could prefer to be calm.

20. Listen intently

Express to the other person that you are engaged and interested in talking to them. This can make them feel good and try to listen to them actively, which can help strengthen the relationship. The rule of thumb for being a better listener is to not worry too much about what to say next. Pay attention to what the other person is saying. This can keep the text conversation going. People usually open up when they have been heard, seen, noticed, and listened to, even small details of who they are and how they express themselves is important.

Maintaining the other person’s interest and keeping the conversation going can be tricky. However, following a unique texting style and keeping the conversation two-sided can break the monotony and let the other person participate equally. So use more open-ended questions and pay attention to details to ensure no miscommunication. Be patient and avoid multi-texting so that you may not look anxious to get a response. Remember, the key to continuing chatting over the text is finding common ground so you both can take turns to express yourselves.

Key Pointers

  • With the advent of technologies, communication has largely become virtual.
  • To master the trick of texting, learning the art of carrying on a conversation is essential.
  • Stand apart by sticking to your own style of texting.

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