How To Let A Guy Know You Are Interested: 15 Simple Ways To Do

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Many girls are not comfortable asking guys out, so they want them to make the first move. However, this can only be possible if the guy is sure of your feelings. If you are wondering how to let a guy know you are interested, read this post and try out the tips. Sometimes, men are naive and may not catch your hints. Also, you might not want to look desperate. So, you need to be clear in expressing your feelings. However, if you are unsure how to communicate with him and take your relationship to the next step, keep reading for some easy ways to indicate that you like him and appreciate his company.

15 Ways To Let A Guy Know You Are Interested

Do not lose hope if the guy you like does not show any signs of asking you out. He probably doesn’t know you like him or could be scared of rejection. Try any of these ways to let him know you are interested in him and pave the way for him to ask you out.

1. Talk to him

If you are a girl who only moves around with your girlfriends, there is no way he will know that you like him. You can stick to your girl gang, but try to strike a conversation with him. Ask him for his help. Smile at him when he is around. Let him know that you are approachable, and give him opportunities to approach you.

2. Be friendly

If he tries to strike a conversation with you, give him a positive response. You may feel tempted to seem mysterious, but you can drop that idea. Sometimes, guys may not understand your games and may quit chasing after a girl who is hard to get. Instead, be nice to him and show interest in talking to him.

3. Text him

If he doesn’t text you, you can text him first—and that’s fine. A subtle message would not make you look desperate. That could happen when you bombard his inbox with constant messages to seek his attention. On the other hand, if he messages you first, reply as soon as possible. Do not try to play or delay replying as he might lose interest. So, cut the chase game and keep the route to you clear.

4. Use the right body language

When you talk to the guy, maintain eye contact and softly lean towards him. Nodding your head and smiling also gives him a positive vibe and shows you are interested in listening to what he says. It gives him the confidence to talk to you.

5. Touch him lightly

If you have been interacting with him for a while and share a good rapport, you can take things a little further by touching him lightly. A light and quick touch on his arms, shoulder, or knee should be enough.

6. Look your best

Do not meet him just after waking up from your sleep—he may think you are lazy and not interested in him. When you look presentable, he would notice the effort and appreciate that you got ready, especially for him. He will get the green signal that you are interested.

7. Flirt with him

Flirting is a clear sign of liking someone. If the hints mentioned above do not seem to work, try to flirt a little. It shows how confident you are. So, pull your socks up or look up flirtatious jokes and messages and use them. Ensure they are not too cheesy, as your flirting may backfire.

8. Compliment him

Complimenting a guy tells him how much you notice him. But do not try to butter him up with fake compliments. Be sincere and tell him what you like about him. It can be his hairstyle, dress sense, or anything you feel makes him standout. Your compliments will boost his confidence, and he would want to talk to you.

9. Take an interest in his personal life

Asking him about his personal goals and ambitions shows you are interested in knowing more about him. Be a patient listener when he shares his personal life with you. Do not judge him for his choices and preferences. Ask him questions, so he knows you are interested in learning about him.

10. Remember his details

If he says that the 4th of July is his pet’s birthday, note it down and wish his pet. He will be surprised and would know how important he is to you.

11. Laugh at his jokes

Laughing at his jokes signals that you enjoy his company. If he likes you too, he will try to make you laugh more often. But do not fake a laugh. It will make you look desperate for his attention. If his jokes are lame, roll your eyes, but do not shy away from bursting into cackling laughter when he is funny.

12. Give him a nickname

Try calling him by a nickname. The nickname can be related to something funny he has told you about himself or something that you feel fits him the best. Do not share this name with anyone else. Ensure the name is not demeaning or mocking in any way. If he doesn’t like the name, do not use it as he may distance himself from you.

13. Tell him you think about him

Suppose the guy is into MMA, and while driving, you happen to see a billboard of an MMA event, click a picture and send it to him saying that it reminded you of him. Share a song or tell him an actor looks like him. All these gestures show you are thinking about him.

14. Take his recommendations seriously

His liking for something is a reflection of his personality. If he recommends watching his favorite movie or reading his favorite book, do it. When you take his recommendations seriously, he will know you value his opinion, and that would make him feel important to you.

15. Tell him upfront

Even after you have the tricks and tips mentioned above, if the tough nut does not crack, muster up the courage to tell him directly. It might seem scary at first, but you will feel light and relieved once you confess your feelings. He may like you for being bold and confident.

Use any of these tips and try it with all your heart. Attempting anything with hesitation or lack of interest will make your efforts go in vain. He will notice your sincere approach and might start taking an interest in you and may even ask you out. Till then, enjoy the phase of butterflies in your stomach.

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