25+ Sincere Ways To Make A Girl Want You More

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Are you searching for tips on ‘how to make a girl want you?’ Well, it is both easy and difficult to understand. It may be easy when you do not have to put in a lot of effort to impress a girl and play your cards right. But, at times, it can be difficult and take many attempts for you to impress and get her to like you.

When you are in love with this wonderful woman, you want her to like you back, but the longer it takes to impress her, the more frustrated you become. Not to worry, we have listed some tips and tricks that may help you understand what a woman wants and how you can win her heart. If you are curious about how to make a girl like you, here are a few practical approaches you can consider.

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25+ Ways To Make A Girl Want You More

Before you get to the tips and tricks, remember that while these suggestions are neither guaranteed nor foolproof, they can certainly be quite effective. If you show patience and sincerity, they will eventually yield positive results.

1. Work on your physical health

The first rule in the game of attraction is to look and feel good. So, if sitting in front of the computer all day has given you a pot belly, it is time you hit the gym and start working out to bid it goodbye. When you feel healthy from within, you look attractive on the outside too. So, make physical health your priority.

2. Make yourself presentable

Put in the effort to look your best each time you are likely to meet her. Wear good clothes and trim that unruly beard. It tells her that you care about how she sees you and that you are serious about your relationship. Just like men, women also like it when their friends or others around them find their man attractive and presentable.

3. Exude self-confidence

Women like confident men

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You may be a nervous wreck each time you meet her, but do not let her see it. Instead, try to be more confident in yourself. Women love men who are not afraid to take the lead and are clear about what they want. Implementing the previous two points and working on your self-esteem might help you feel more confident.

4. Ensure personal hygiene

If you want any woman to like you, you can’t let your nostril hair stick out of your nose or your breath smell of garlic and bacon. Women are very particular about personal hygiene and hate it when men ignore such a basic need. So, spend some more time in front of the mirror. Ensure you look good and have some mint to keep your breath smelling fresh when you meet her the next time.

protip_icon Point to consider
Not every girl is the same. If you want somebody to like you, understand her inside out.

5. Invest in a good cologne

The ads showing women going crazy after a man who wears a certain deodorant may be exaggerated but is not entirely false. Her sense of smell can get her attracted to you. However, do not go overboard and buy a strong headache-inducing cologne. Look for a cologne with a subtle and pleasant note so your girl feels drawn to you.

6. Improve your verbal skills

The ability to speak well is one of the most crucial yet ignored qualities in the game of attraction. Women drool over men who speak well. If you want your woman to be in awe of you, you need to hone your speaking skills. It does not matter how your voice is; if you can avoid speaking in a monotone and adjust the intensity and pace, you’ve got this one.

7. Be within her sight

At times, the more we see someone, the more familiar we get with them, and this familiarity can even lead to a liking. So, if your girl sees you regularly, she might develop a certain level of comfort with you, and her familiarity can even turn into a liking for you. Ensure that she sees you often so that she can feel comfortable with you. If you are wondering how to make a girl think about you, use this tip to see the magic.

8. Discover similarities

Discover your similarities

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We all are guilty of stalking people we like online. Now, put your online research skills to good use and find out stuff she likes. If you share a common interest with her, let her know about it because we all like it when someone we know likes similar things. For instance, if she knows you too like anime, not only will you both have something interesting to talk about, but she will also start feeling closer to you than before. However, avoid faking interest because she will be able to spot it.

protip_icon Point to consider
You can connect with a girl even when your personalities are apart.

9. Be a gentleman

Chivalry and attentiveness never go out of fashion or demand. Women love men who know how to treat them with respect and understanding. When you hold the door for her, pull the chair for her to sit, or offer your jacket when it is cold, it shows how much you care for her. And women love to be cared for and treated with love.

10. Improve your sense of humor

Women love men who can make them laugh. If humor does not come inherently to you, try to work on it. You can read books or watch good movies or YouTube tutorials to get an idea of how to develop your sense of humor. Making her laugh will help her feel light, and she may even look to you for some relief from stress and tension.

11. Pursue an interesting hobby

Women like passionate and charismatic men. Having a hobby and seriously pursuing it can make you a lot more attractive in her eyes. Let’s suppose you enjoy gardening. Show her how you work to maintain your garden. Seeing you in the mud, literally down and dirty, ups your hotness quotient in her eyes.

12. Flirt with her

Flirting is cool when it is genuine and healthy. Do not smother her with fake compliments to get into her good books; it will not work. Instead, keep it light but full of romance. Look into her eyes when talking to her, tease her with a nickname, and so on. Flirt with her even if you have been dating for a while. She will love it when you pay attention to her and praise her genuinely.

13. Touch her the right way

Touch her the right way

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Physical contact can convey several messages to a girl. When you touch her lightly in a non-sexual way, it tells her you are comfortable with her. You can start by gently tapping her shoulder or holding her hand. If she looks uncomfortable, back off immediately.

14. Share your secrets

If you wish her to open up to you, you can open up to her first. Tell her your secrets, dreams, fears, and insecurities. Give her a peek into your personal life and let her see the real you. A woman likes it when a man feels comfortable being vulnerable with her. It tells her that you trust her, and she might confide in you.

15. Treat her differently

A woman can never miss the difference in your behavior while with her and when with others. If she notices you treating her differently and more special than your friends, she will know how much you adore her. She might even reciprocate the love and attention and might not let go of you.

16. Listen to her

Sometimes, a woman can feel overwhelmed by her own feelings and might want someone to talk to. If she approaches you, listen to her. Do not give your opinion or advice; just listen. Tell her that she is not alone and you are there for her. Become her support system, and she will love you for being there for her during her low phase.

17. Get to know her better

Try to get to know her better. When alone, ask her about her life, childhood, or past experiences that shaped her personality. Show a keen interest in knowing her. It tells how serious you are about her. When she knows she can share anything with you, she will feel more comfortable with you and might even enjoy your company more than before.

18. Show her you care

Show her you care

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Women like men who are not afraid of showing their sensitive side. When she is ill, remember to check on her and pamper her. You don’t need to know what is wrong, but you can show concern for her well-being. She will appreciate you more if she knows you are concerned about her.

19. Make her feel special

She has told you in passing how much she enjoyed playing UNO as a kid. For your next weekend together, plan a game of UNO for the day. Let her know you listen to her and note the smallest of things about her. You do not have to spend a fortune to make her feel special. Small surprises and a little generosity will work wonders and make you look more appealing to her.

20. Talk to her

If you are serious about this girl, give her a buzz and talk to her. Avoid playing “games” with her. To make her like you back, you need to be genuine and honest in your approach. When you miss her calls, tell her why and make it a point to call her back once you are free to talk to her. Your sincerity toward her will earn you brownie points.

21. Do something exciting together

Take her out for river rafting or bungee jumping. Indulge in an activity that will give you both an adrenaline rush. And if she feels scared, you can be there to comfort her and give her the confidence she needs. Be her brave savior on a scary day. Hold her hand or hug her, assuring her that she is safe when you are around.

22. Gaze at her

While she talks, just gaze at her, and let her know you like what you see. Maintain a slight smile on your face. This is the typical “in love” expression you can give her. Women like to be admired, and if she sees that admiration in your eyes for her, she will want to go the extra mile to make you want to keep loving her the way you do.

23. Express your love

Do not hesitate to show your love to her. Send her a love text on a regular afternoon when she is at work, or send her flowers for no reason, just to surprise her. Do little things that will remind her of you and make her feel lucky to have you in her life.

24. Share your opinion

It is good to have things in common with her, but do not refrain from sharing an opinion that could differ from hers. Women appreciate men who confidently express their views, even if they don’t align with hers. Your partner will admire your unique perspective and value your unwavering sense of self. Remember to stay true to yourself and never compromise your individuality.

25. Offer your friendship

Offer your friendship

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Be a friend to her. Be someone she can talk to openly without the fear of being judged. Be someone who she knows will come to her rescue even at 2 AM. Be someone who she knows will happily walk into fire only to be with her. If you become that someone, know that she will love you for being there for her.

26. Take initiative

When a guy takes charge and does things, it impresses the girl. It shows that you are confident and paying attention to her. Also, being responsible and taking the lead makes the guy look reliable. When you put an effort into planning, it shows that you care for little to big moments. Plus, taking the first step reflects a genuine interest in the girl and the relationship, which might make her want more of you. Making decisions and being in charge can also be reassuring. When a guy is creative with ideas, it makes hanging out more exciting. Overall, taking initiative is a way to show that you’re interested and ready for cool adventures together.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are some guys more attractive than others?

Like the saying “Beauty in the eyes of the beholder,” the concept of beauty can be subjective and vary from person to person. What one person finds attractive can be unappealing to another. But some general qualities make men more desirable. Various studies and surveys have shown that women tend to choose altruistic, physically attractive guys with socially desirable traits over others (1) (2).

2. Do girls like shy guys?

Even though most women tend to like confident and outgoing guys, some women may like shy men. Shyness is often associated with kindness, generosity, and compassion, which some women adore.

3. What kind of compliments can I give to make a girl feel more wanted?

Offer sincere and genuine compliments to make her feel valued. Express appreciation and adoration for her beauty, both inside and out. Admire her intelligence, kindness, and sense of humor. Make her feel special and valued by acknowledging her unique qualities and her positive impact on your life. Be authentic and specific in your compliments to show genuine feelings for her.

4. How can I show a girl I care without being too overbearing?

Respect her boundaries and give her space to be herself. Listen to her attentively and show genuine interest in her thoughts. Be reliable, respect her decisions, and give her the freedom to pursue her passions and interests. Above all, openly and honestly convey your feelings to help her know that you care for her dearly.

5. What techniques can I use to build trust and create a bond with a girl?

Building trust and creating a bond with someone requires genuine effort, patience, and sincerity. Practice active listening and foster open and honest communication. Give her undivided attention and respect her boundaries. Be consistent and reliable with your words and actions, and show emotional support whenever needed. Appreciate her qualities, give authentic compliments, and engage in shared experiences to foster trustworthiness and bonding.

Befriending her while progressing with love and sincerity is how to make a girl want you. Honesty and affection are what women look for in relationships. Make sure she sees you often, and when she does, you should be presentable and confident. Ensure you speak well, try to know more about her, indulge in exciting activities with her, and flirt using genuine compliments to make a way to her heart. If she doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, avoid being desperate and accept that she is not the one for you.

Infographic: Honest Ways To Get Your Girl To Like You More

Now that you’ve found the love of your life, you should always strive to keep the romance alive in your relationship. In the infographic below, we’ve provided useful tips to make your girl want more of you. However, whatever tips you try, be sincere and honest about your feelings.

how to make your girl like you more (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • To impress a girl, enhance your personality, develop your sense of humor, and build self-confidence.
  • Focusing on common interests and doing exciting things together will help you know her better.
  • To make her want you, offer to be her friend, share your feelings, and express your love for her in different ways.
how to make a girl want you_illustration

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  2. Geoffrey C. Urbaniak & Peter R. Kilmann; Physical Attractiveness and the “Nice Guy Paradox”: Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?; (2003)
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