22 Simple Ways To Make Him Realize He's Losing You

Maintaining a relationship is a two-way road where you give and receive. However, if you are the one who is constantly giving, and you feel your man isn’t putting in any effort, it’s time you think about how to make a guy realize he lost you. Doing so isn’t threatening or playing an emotional card. Instead, it’s a way to nudge your partner to make him realize that he also has an equal role to play in the relationship.

A method to convey that being taken advantage of in a relationship can dampen emotions, leaving a person feeling unloved and alone. So, get the message across subtly to your partner that it’s time he pays heed to the relationship or risks losing you.

Continue reading to learn about some subtle yet effective ways to make your guy realize that he’s losing you.

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22 Ways To Make Him Realize He Is Losing You

1. Stop pampering him

Men sometimes might get too comfortable in a setup and start taking you for granted. Make your partner realize your importance. Stop doing things that you usually do for him. If you cook his favorite dishes, iron his shirts, or brew coffee for him—stop it for a while. What’s the point in working on something when you are not appreciated. Be prepared with witty answers for his ‘why’ and enjoy the triggering reactions. For starters, how about, “I haven’t signed up to babysit in our relationship, have I?

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Think back to when you two first met and how he treated you. He may have gone the extra mile to make you feel special, complimented you, and taken you out often. If he has stopped doing these things, he has become too comfortable with you and is taking you for granted.

2. Trim the physical intimacy

Reducing intimacy with him can help

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Withhold physical intimacy. Sex is important, and withholding ‘physical treats’ can get his mind into the attention mode. Saying “no” to those intimate moments and showing less interest can build an invisible barrier, which he would want to break.

3. Up your flirty side

Indulge in harmless flirting with other men in your friend circle. Such an act can get him worried if he likes you.At first he may not be able to comprehend what has happened to you. But if he truly cares for you and loves you, it will be his wake-up call. He will realize and accept his mistake and start putting more effort into fortifying the relationship. However, do not go overboard.

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Do not respond to his sexual advances if you think he is only interested in getting physical with you. This will make him realize your worth and he will mend his ways.

4. Do the unexpected

If he expects you to be there for everything that he plans or does, give him the slip. Show him that your presence cannot be assumed and that you have a life of your own. Avoid verbal confrontations surrounding such lapses.

5. Chase that hobby

Take up that hobby that you have always wanted to pursue, even if it means traveling long distances or shutting yourself out to him for hours. The pleasure you get will reflect in your persona, and that would make him want you more.

6. Be indifferent

Many women end up hurting themselves when they go overboard with their communication. Give yourself a break. Turn on your silent mode. You need not respond to his texts instantly with a rally of emoticons. Delay answering his phone calls, and overlook video calls. Make him understand you aren’t available all the time. Assuming he is sensible enough, he’ll wonder what’s wrong.

7. Exclude him from your plans

If you always plan things together, throw him a bouncer by planning something that does not include him. It could be a night out with your gang of girls or other male friends. Spring him a surprise by announcing your plan as you step out of the door. Dress up and enjoy the outing or take up that trip you have always dreamed of. Make sure he understands what he is missing.

8. Become who you were

Think about the reason why he fell in love with you. It wasn’t because you cooked for him or pampered him. He chased you as a prize and won your feelings. Unfortunately, this aspect takes a backseat if you mold yourself according to what ‘you think’ he likes. So, if it’s your confidence, your personality, or the Bohemian trait that he fell for, nurture it. Retain that quality of yours he was drawn to, and he will strive to preserve it.

9. Be care ‘free’

Not being too available will make him realize your value

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Stop giving him importance. Don’t show him that you care. If you routinely ask him about his experiences through the day or about his feelings, hold yourself. Do not ask him for reasons when he feels low. Pretend you are least worried. If you wait for him to have dinner together, give it a skip. Tell him you have already eaten.

10. Make small changes to your personality

Changes in your behavior or personality are something he is bound to notice. Your improved traits will give a thrust to your confidence. He would realize that everybody is noticing you, and his fear of losing you will heighten.

11. Try being secretive

Some couples have the habit of sharing each other’s passwords and codes. Changing the password will make him want to know why. In case you do not wish to do so, be secretive in subtle ways. Don’t discuss your plans with him. Move to a different location while talking on the phone. Text your friends late in the night (even if it is sharing jokes with your girl gang). Work up his mind and curiosity.

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Change the access codes and passwords of your mobile phone and computer. It will make him think if something is wrong, and he will start working towards regaining your trust.

12. Break the routine

No matter how much you enjoy a routine with him—be it playing silly games over the weekend, going for a trek, art rendezvous, or short trips—break the norm to make him notice your interests. Trigger your creative side. You never know, he might come up with unique plans to spend more time together.

13. Call the shots

How often do you make the decisions in your house? Who plans your holiday? Who calls the shots? If it is your partner who does it all the time, reverse the roles. He needs to understand that you play an equal role, and your opinion counts. You needn’t scream out the words. Be firm about your opinions and make your choices. He is bound to notice the change and may also enjoy floating with your preferences.

14. Make him jealous

Show that you can be happy without him too

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When you go out with friends, make sure he notices. Click pictures of you having a great time and share them on social media. Post selfies with your girlfriends, with cheeky captions. Talk to him about a new male colleague and tell him how friendly he is. He will regret missing out on the fun. It will also make him jealous and want you more. These are healthy actions that you may try, but make sure you do not go overboard.

15. Keep the options open

Women often make the mistake of committing too soon. Don’t give him the feeling that you are obsessed with him. If you are still testing the relationship and have not committed, make him realize that he may likely lose you unless he steps up his act.

16. Refuse his help

Give him a cold shoulder sometimes

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A relationship thrives when both partners consult each other about important decisions. But if you want your man to stop taking you for granted, start taking your own decisions. Work on your emotional strength and stop consulting him. He will understand something is off and would make amends not to lose you.

17. Restrain from reacting

What happens is not as important as how you react to it. In a relationship, each one behaves in specific ways that trigger a reaction from the other. If you want to get his attention, stop reacting to things he does, like you used to earlier. He might test your change in behavior by doing things to provoke you. But do not give in. Your inert behavior will get him worried, and he’ll try to seek answers.

18. Be vague

At times, you need to don a wicked girl’s cape to smoothen things out. Be cryptic and vague. Do not give convincing or easy answers to any of his queries. Make him feel uneasy and insecure. It is bound to challenge his reasoning and provoke a reaction from him.

19. Talk it out

Have an open communication to clear things out

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While dropping subtle hints, if you feel a serious talk can drive the point home—do it. Sit with him and open up about things that bother you. Try to make him see where and what he needs to change. Remind him what makes the two of you click. Tell him that you are an independent, strong-willed, and free-minded woman who cannot be taken for granted.

20. Make that genuine connection

Often, your partner is looking for that deep connection and may have convinced himself that he is not appreciated for what he is. Such men put on a mask. They may exhibit themselves as strong individuals but are very sensitive deep down. Touch base with the man beneath the mask. Understand and connect with what he truly is in there. He will appreciate you more and would never want to lose you.

21. Ask for a relationship recess

Interestingly, a relationship needs a little upheaval of sorts to bring it back on track. If, despite your best efforts, he does not understand the situation, talk to him. Tell him you need some ‘time out’ from the relationship. Your absence perhaps will be the wake-up call for him, and he will realize how much he loves and misses you.

22. Focus on self improvement

Focusing on self-improvement can signal to a guy that he might lose you. Investing in yourself, whether through new hobbies, education, fitness, or social connections, shifts the dynamic of your relationship. This shift often prompts a realization of your increasing independence and value. As you grow and become more confident, your partner may recognize the contrast between your self-development and the stagnation in the relationship. Your newfound interests and achievements can highlight what he might take for granted. This can be a wake-up call, making him aware of the need to invest more in the relationship or risk losing an evolving and flourishing partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if he is afraid of losing me?

When he loves you truly and is afraid of losing you, you may notice some of these signs- he doesn’t miss any opportunity of spending time with you, and he is overprotective of you. Also, he feels insecure about other men in your life, might be obsessed with gifting, or even admit his fears upfront.

2. How long does it take for a guy to realize he made a mistake?

The timeframe for realization varies from person to person, and the sensitivity and gravity of the situation. But the shortest time a man needs to recognize his mistake could be a few weeks to one month if there is no contact during that phase.

3. Is there a correlation between intelligence and the amount of time it takes for a man to realize he’s made a mistake?

Emotional Intelligence can affect how quickly someone realizes they’ve made a mistake. Still, it’s important to note that intelligence is a complex and multifaceted trait encompassing various cognitive abilities. It’s also worth noting that the time it takes for someone to realize they’ve made a mistake can vary depending on the context, the severity of the mistake, and individual differences.

4. What should I do if he’s not responding to my efforts to make him realize he’s losing me?

It can be frustrating and disheartening when someone you care about is not responding to your efforts to communicate your feelings to make them realize they are losing you. Ensure that you have clearly expressed your feelings, concerns, and expectations to the person. Nevertheless, even after all you do, if they do not seem to understand your worth, it may be time to focus on self-care, understand your self-worth, and prepare yourself for the possibility of moving on.

If you come across signs indicating that he is losing interest in you, it might be time to make him realize that he is losing you for good. We have put together this list describing various ways to help you make him acknowledge the same. For example, making plans without him, quirking up your flirty side, breaking from the routine, and bringing a few changes to your appearance are some tips that can make him notice the changes. However, it is advised not to be adamant about giving up on the relationship altogether. Instead, give your relationship another chance to work and him a chance to mend his mistakes.

Infographic: How To Make Him Realize He Is Losing You?

If your man starts disregarding or disrespecting you, it could pave the way for a problematic and unhealthy relationship. Take charge and show your worth to regain the lost spark in your relationship. The following infographic provides some ways and tips to help you succeed with it.

practical ways to show him your worth (infographic)

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Is your man becoming less interested in you? These 7 helpful tips will help you keep their interest and make them never want to lose you.

Key Pointers

  • If you want to let your partner know that he’s losing you, being secretive or excluding him from your plans may convey the message.
  • Withholding physical intimacy and making him jealous indicates you are unsatisfied in the relationship.
  • If other tips don’t work, taking a time-out from the relationship could help.
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