How To Make A Pea Pod Costume For Your Baby At Home?

Pea Pod Costume For Your Baby

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Does your baby have a costume party at the daycare? Are you looking for some cute costume ideas for your baby? Or are you taking your baby to a theme party and need a pea pod costume for your little one?

Instead of going out and buying your baby a costume, we tell you how you can create the perfect pea pod outfit at home. Want to know more? Read on!

Why Create A Costume At Home?

Of course with so many options available, you can always go and get that costume for your kid. But making it at home does have its benefits. If you can manage a little time and add some effort, here are a few reasons to create a baby costume at home:

You can always ensure you use the best of materials for making the costume.

In case you feel there are certain elements that need to be changed or redone, you can always improvise at the last moment.

You can make the costume in such a way that it leaves space for expanding so that your child can use it when he is older too.

Of course, it earns you oodles of brownie points and makes for some interesting click-worthy moments!

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Step By Step Instructions To Create A Baby Pea Pod Costume:

Follow the steps below to make your infant pea pod costume:

You Will Need:

  • Green trousers
  • Green t-shirt with long sleeves and a green hood
  • Green felt, approximately two feet by six inches
  • Green felt, approximately six inches by three inches
  • Green pipe cleaners approximately three inches
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Three softballs in the color green
  • Baby shoes in the color green
  • Non-toxic face paint in the color green (safe for babies)

How To:

1. Take the green felt that is two feet by six inches and cut it as per the length of the green t-shirt.

2. Glue the felt in the middle of the green t-shirt.

3. Next, glue one of the green balls in the middle of the felt strip. Take the second green ball and glue it between the first green ball and the top of the t-shirt. Take the third green ball and glue it in between the first green ball and the bottom of the t-shirt.

4. Take the six inches by three inches green felt and cut out the shape of a leaf. Glue it on the bottom part of the green pipe cleaner to make the stalk. Now glue the stalk on the top of the hood of the green t-shirt.

5. If you are comfortable to use the baby face paint, paint your baby’s face to make it green.

Help your baby wear the green pants and the green shoes. Help him wear the green t-shirt and make sure the balls face the front. Help your baby wear the hood so that the stalk shows up at the top of his head.

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Few Tips To Keep In Mind:

A few points that can help your pea pod costume look more real:

  • Make sure that the t-shirt and the trousers you are using for your baby are of the same shade of green. It will help to give the costume a consistent look.
  • It is possible that you cannot find a matching green pair of t-shirt and trousers that you feel will look like a pea pod. In that case, buy a white t-shirt and white pants and dye them in the shade of green you need.
  • For the soft green balls that you will use, make sure they have a three inch diameter.

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The steps mentioned here are some of the easiest to help make a baby pea pod costume. Try them out and do tell us how your baby enjoyed all the attention after wearing it.

Have you made a pea pod baby costume yet? If yes, do share the steps here.

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