How To Make A Bracelet For Kids?

How To Make Bracelets For Kids

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Jewellery crafting is fun, and especially when you have a kid at home. And bracelet crafts, in particular, are brilliant for kids who are learning knitting and crocheting. But, how do you get started? Well, don’t worry! Here is MomJunction’s tutorial on how to make bracelets for kids at home. Keep reading.

Step By Step Instructions To Make Bracelets For Kids:

1. Friendship Bracelet:

How To Make Bracelets For Kids - Friendship Bracelet

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You Will Need:

  • Embroidery floss/thin yarn
  • Scissors
  • Tape or pins/safety pins

How To:

  1. The first step in making the friendship bracelet is measuring and cutting the floss. 30-inches is the ideal measurement for a 6-inch wrist. You can adjust the thickness accordingly. If your child wants to make it more than six strands, add another 6-inches to it.
  1. Tell your child to tie an overhand knot at one end. Adhere the strands to a table top and tell him to braid three inches down from this knot.
  1. Once she has finished weaving, tell her to make another knot at the bottom of the braid.
  1. Now begin the knotting. First, you both need to decide which order you want the bracelet strands to be in. It will determine the order of the color.
  1. Once the order is decided, grab the first two strands. The strand that is furthest to the left will create the first row. Your child has to knot this strand around the other strands of the yarn.
  1. Tell her to take the first strand and move it over the second strand and then behind. Ensure that your child knots over the second strand.
  1. Ask her to hold the second strand tightly and pull the first strand towards the large knot. Tell her to pull the strand until she encounters resistance. It will create a knot on the second strand.
  1. Now tell her to make another knot by tying the first strand around the second. She has to continue moving across to the right while using the first strand to create two knots on the second strand of the yarn.
  1. Once she has fastened all the way to the right and has reached the last strand of the yard, she has to begin again using the first strand on the left. This time, you have to ensure that she makes two knots on each strand.
  1. Tell her to keep doing the same until he has done 3 to 4 inches of knotting. Give her a needle to pick out the knots that she has messed up.
  1. Once your child has done 3 to 4 inches of knotting, she can finish off the bracelet
  1. Tell her to make an overhand knot at the end of the main part of the bracelet, braid three inches down and then knot again.
  1. Trim the excess yarn and you are done. Now make this easy friendship bracelets for kids at home.

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2. Shamballa:

How To Make Bracelets For Kids - Shamballa

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You Will Need:

  • Cord
  • Beads
  • Hot glue
  • Jewelry snip
  • Tape, optional

How To:

  1. Tell your child to cut the wire or cord into three equal lengths using the jewelry snips (you’ll get an even cut using the jewelry snips).
  1. Tie the pieces of the wire or cord together. Now tell your kid to take a free loop and put it 10 inches from the top.
  1. Place the tied wires, flat in the workplace. Your child can even tape the cords at the workplace to keep it from moving.
  1. Tell your child to detach each wire so that they look like a tiny teepee. Your child can think of the left cord as 1, the middle cord as 2 and the right one as 3.
  1. Tell your child to pick up the 1st wire 1 and place it over the 2nd and 3rd wire. Now she has to move the 3rdcord above the 1st cord.
  1. Instruct her to pick the edge of the 3rd cord, place it below and through the loop made by the 1st and 2ndcords.
  1. Pull the 1st and 3rd cord to form the knot. Your child has to hold the 2nd cord tightly as she is making the knit.
  1. To finish the knot, pick up the 1st knot and put it underneath the 2nd and 3rd knot.
  1. Now place the 3rd cord under the first cord. Put the end of the 3rd cord across the loop made in the middle the 1st and 2nd cord.
  1. Now your child has to make several small squares. The best bet would be to make 4 to 6 knots before adding the first bead.

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  1. Your child now has to string the bead to the 2nd cord. She has to pierce the bead beside the last square knot.
  1. Now make her tie the square below the bead to trap it inside the knot.
  1. Ask her to continue making the knots until she has to add the second bead. 1 to 2 knots between each bead would be perfect. She can keep some gaps between the lengths and the beads at the symmetrical end for the best result.
  1. First, she has to add each bead, just like before by entrapping the beads inside a knot.
  1. She can add five to six beads. It depends entirely on the size of the bracelet or the wrist size of your child.
  1. Tell her to finish the other part of the Shamballa by making the same amount of knots as she did in the beginning.
  1. After your child has finished the last, ask her to turn over the bracelet and tie a knot with the two small wires. Shee can put hot glue to secure the knot. After it has dried, repeat the same method on the other side.
  1. Leaving the middle wire, trim the outer wires to the bottom of the loop
  1. To make the clasp, ask your child to cut a 19-inches long wire.
  1. Place the wire through the remaining cords. The middle cords will now be at the center cord.

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  1. Now your child has to make five square knots. Cut off the ends and leave one cord on the each side of the square knots.
  1. Now ask her to add a final bead to ends of the cord and finish it off.

It won’t take more than an hour for your child to make these bracelets. She will get quicker with time. If you have any queries regarding this article, leave us a comment below!

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