17 Simple Ways To Make Her Chase You

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So you’ve met this gorgeous woman or have been introduced to her by a mutual friend. You try to do all it takes to grab her attention and want her to reciprocate as well. However, are you doing things the right way to make yourself irresistible to her and make her chase you, or rather, pursue you?

At first thought, you might feel that it is the sole responsibility of a man to chase a woman and not the other way around. Well, we have all been conditioned to think this way. Society often puts the onus of beginning a relationship on men. However, with people becoming more open-minded and challenging traditional perceptions, this is rapidly changing now. So, a woman pursuing you or making the first move in a relationship shouldn’t come as a surprise.

If you have fallen for her, read this post as we tell you a few practical ways to make her chase you.

17 Ways To Make Her Chase You

While modern women are independent and pursue romance however they want, you can do certain things to make yourself more desirable to them. We’ve listed some handy tips that you can try to make her pursue you.

1. Make a unique first impression

A good first impression can be the difference when trying to impress someone. While impressing someone may come naturally to you, to make her want to chase you, you would like to make not just a good first impression but one that’s unique. The chances are that many people have tried flirting or offering compliments to her, so try something special that will make you stand out from the crowd and make her remember you.

2. Mind your appearance when you are around her

Make sure you’re well-groomed and well-dressed around her. However, do not go overboard and resort to “peacocking.” Make it seem like it is the norm with you. A woman loves a man who takes care of his body and appearance.

3. Show her your mysterious side

Make yourself a mystery for her to unravel and further stand out from other potential partners in her life. We’re not saying start acting shady or be evasive and vague during your conversations. Instead, make yourself some sort of an enigma – someone who isn’t easily figured out – to pique her curiosity and keep her wanting to know more. This will drive her to want to get to know you, and hopefully, pursue a romantic relationship with you.

4. Exude confidence

Confidence is key, especially when you are in a position where you want to be wooed or chased. When you meet her, project confidence and be friendly. If you act nervous or insecure, she may not only find it unattractive, but also assume that you are not someone who can be taken seriously.

5. Hold back a little

If things have progressed to the point of a relationship, it might be a good idea to hold back a little once in a while to pique her interest. Ask her out occasionally, but don’t go overboard with it. This also holds true for when gifting, texting, or making general contact with her.

6. Don’t be clingy

It’s good to make yourself dependable to someone you know is fond of you, but there can be a saturation point. If you constantly hover around her, trying to help her at every opportunity, it can come off as clingy. Try to strike a perfect balance by being dependable but not clingy. To demonstrate this, show her that if she needs you, you’re there for her, but for anything else, she needs to reach out to you.

7. Keep any romantic feelings for her a secret

It’s unnecessary to keep your emotions a secret from the woman you’re fond of, but if you want her to be the one who chases you, it becomes almost a requirement. Be a good friend to her, spend time with her, and help her out if she needs, but do not let her know you are interested in her romantically. Avoid obvious flirting and cheesy lines. If she learns you’re obsessed with her, she will think you are always available and may not feel the need to chase or pursue you.

8. Be the one who knows her best

A good way to grab her attention is by getting to know her well. This will improve the quality of your interactions and overall relationship and make her feel comfortable confiding in you. Start by getting to know her likes and dislikes and her dreams. It is a surefire way to make her the person who initiates contact and make her come to you often.

9. Be playful with her, but within limits

If you want her to chase you, you cannot completely be detached from her. You need to be emotionally available when she needs you and be fun to be around. Be someone she enjoys spending time with without giving away just how much those moments mean to you. Be playful with her, make her laugh, and tease her, but make sure you don’t cross any lines or act rude or impolite.

10. Try to make your hangouts a group affair

Interacting with her one-on-one is a good way to get close to her and get to know her better. But it can also give away your intent and your feelings for her if you do it too often. To make it seem like you’re not too interested in her or to at least show her you don’t want to make the first move, try to hang out with mutual friends more often. It will mask your intentions and make her try to grab your attention.

11. Get close to her friends

Without making it too obvious, you can attempt to get closer to her friends as well. This will increase the chances and instances in which you would meet in a group setting. Gain her friends’ trust and admiration. You never know, they might say good things about you to her, thereby helping your case.

12. Be a good listener

People are immediately attracted to good listeners – someone they can talk with or confide in. Be this person for her without making the conversations about yourself or risking oversharing anything. This will further motivate her to want to talk to you and get to know you better since she will also want to be there for you when or if you ever want to share something.

13. Try to be the one who ends a hangout

At the end of every meeting or hangout, someone is inevitably the first to say that they need to go or have something else to do. Ideally, you should always be that person. You need not feel guilty lying about having other things to do as long as you make it clear you had a good time hanging out with her. Leave for the moment, let her know you would like to meet again. This will leave her wanting for more.

14. Make her a little jealous

A little jealousy is healthy. There are plenty of attractive women who may try to grab your attention or flirt with you, considering you are not officially in a relationship. Try to make her a little jealous or show her that you have people’s attention by indulging in healthy flirting without overdoing it. This might make her prove to you that she’s the best person for you.

15. Challenge her subtly

People love rising to the occasion and impressing someone, particularly somebody they have feelings for. To achieve this, you need to challenge her indirectly and subtly. You could mention that you would love to date a person who shares common hobbies or interests. She will take it as a challenge, so you see her as more than a friend.

16. Make it clear that you’re open to a relationship

No, you need not confess your undying love for her. Hint that you would be open to a relationship if the “right person” comes along. This will show her that you’re on the same wavelength when it comes to relationships at the moment, that is, you are both ready to date the right person. She might wonder further if she fits into this “right person” criteria and if you’ve thought of her as a potential partner. Keep her guessing, and her curiosity will only grow. She may be further inclined to make the first move.

17. Don’t forget to live your own life

Playing games or hiding things from someone you like can seem all-consuming at times. It is very easy to lose yourself or forget about your other priorities when playing mind games. Stay focussed and keep living your life as usual while trying to get her to chase you. That means stick to your fitness regime, focus on your work, and meet your friends as usual, so she thinks you are an active, involved, and busy person who does not constantly brood over her. If she sees you as a composed and ambitious person, she will find you irresistible.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be chased by someone you like. Similarly, there is nothing wrong with chasing someone you like. As long as you are respectful and don’t outright lie or deceive the person you’re trying to get to chase you, it’s a perfectly normal thing to do. These tips will help you get the woman you like to show an active interest in you and pursue you.