25 Cute And Clever Tips to Make Her Miss You

Relationships often get monotonous. When you are too available and spend most of the time with your partner, you become less desirable and more predictable. If you want to take the attraction to a new level and give your relationship a new lease of life, you might also want to know how to make her miss you. When you are always with her, there is no scope for her to miss you. So don’t throw yourself at her and try to keep an element of mystery around you. Treat her nicely, and don’t overdo it. In this post, we talk about some ways to make your partner miss you. Read on.

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How To Make Her Miss You: 25 Tips

Use these tips as a great tool to make her miss you and make your relationship stronger and more vibrant.

1. Maintain physical distance: To be emotionally close to your sweetheart, you must first maintain physical distance. Don’t sit next to her or attend every group meeting, event, or function. Instead, allow her some time to reflect on you or your absence from the scene. Only if you are not there, she would love to see your participation and miss you like crazy. Under the right conditions, this strategy becomes useful. Distance also helps your partner decide if they want to prioritize you. Betsy Barnum Morris, a writer, shares how being in a long-distance relationship made her miss her partner and gave her time to sort out her priorities. She says, “It has helped me learn what it looks and feels like to make someone a priority without him becoming (or needing to be) the priority. Having more time alone has taught me to be responsible for my happiness, finding ways to have fun, feel joy, and make memories on my own, and that spills over to more happiness with him, as well (i).” So, if you are her priority, she will surely miss you and want to be near you whenever there is some physical distance.

2. Control your emotions: We don’t mean you shouldn’t respect her or value her gestures. It’s just a matter of keeping it low and being patient. Your investment of emotions, time, and energy will make her relaxed and comfortable. And that is where the missing piece will be found. Don’t give her the impression that you appreciate everything she does for you. The gestures and compliments can wait, whether it’s for a gift, an online emoji she has sent, or the new outfit she’s wearing.

3. Try a few things without her: Whether she’s your girlfriend or wife, you’ll want her to be there with you. But, hanging out with friends and giving her some space will make her think of you from time to time. Explore solo trips or getaways with your boy gang to bring you to the point of missing each other.

4. Build up the romance: If she misses you and is yearning for those hugs, cuddles, and kisses, it will rekindle the spark between you. You must cultivate the desire to have some physical contact with each other. And if you’re a little reserved, that intimacy will only grow. Try not to sit too close to her and refrain from leaning and hugging her. You will surely raise doubts in her mind by avoiding these physical touches, causing her to miss you greatly. So, if she’s your wife, you can decide how you want to keep going.

5. Make her envious: This is an old-school strategy that almost always works. It’s a lot of fun to leave her desiring and pleading for your attention. If you and your partner are in a long-distance relationship, you can post your pictures on social media with girls or female colleagues to show you are having a fantastic time. This will undoubtedly make her feel forgotten and envious.

Making your girlfriend jealous to make her miss you
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6. Reduce the amount of time you spend together: Give her the impression that you are busy, and it will drive her crazy to have you in her life. Even if you are with her, you can take the day off to attend to your personal or professional matters. Allow her to savor the time you spent together. The trick is to keep the amount of time you spend together to a minimum. Instead of seeing her every day, restrict your dates to once or twice a week. When she is the only thing on your social calendar, she will believe that she can have you whenever she feels like it. Don’t let that thought sink in.

protip_icon Quick tip
Reduce the amount of time you spend with her on calls or texts. Very long talks give her little time to miss you.

7. Respect her family: This is a sure-fire winner because family is something that everyone values. Respecting and appreciating her family entails valuing her people. Positive comments to her close friends and family will demonstrate your thoughtful and compassionate side. Further, it will imply that you are attempting to get to know her family better in preparation for future endeavors. The result will be that she will miss the ‘man of her dreams’ when he is not present.

8. Make it special for her: Keep some things a surprise for her. Don’t tell her everything you have planned for her. Discussing everything can ruin the romance and thrill you were looking for. Instead, allow the surprises or events to happen on their own. Doubts and uncertainty will cause her to pause and reflect. Whether you’re confessing your feelings, throwing her a surprise birthday party, or taking her shopping, make it memorable by withholding details. A girl can’t help but miss a man who keeps it a secret and makes her days special.

9. Keep the mystery mode on: If you pull away from time to time and then suddenly become available, she will panic. This is an effective technique to make your sweetheart miss you. If you play hot and cold with her, she will guess and imagine what you might be like. You can become mysterious in the ways to attract her, let her know about you, control your emotions, throw surprises, and not respond to your social media posts.

10. Respect your goals and projects: Trust us, she will admire you more and miss you if you are not available because of work. An ambitious man and a balanced person will always attract a woman, and she will like you for chasing your goals with grit and dogged perseverance. She will notice your efforts, respect your aspirations, and wait for you to be together.

Work towards your goals, how to make her miss you
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11. Don’t break the ice: This can be tricky, but it can guarantee that your girlfriend will miss you more. You can express your interest to her, but you must convey your feelings naturally. Don’t break the ice by saying how you feel about her. If this is your first date, you need to be more careful to impress her. When you desperately try to get close to your love interest, it is important not to let the person see you completely. This will keep the excitement going and make her miss you while the rest follows or happens.

12. Guessing game: If you want the girl you like to miss you, then you can’t let her know what you are thinking and what you have been doing. If she knows only half of your story, she will work harder to know the missing details. Your family, college life, friends, and daily life are some of the aspects she would try to know. Let her guess your plans, feelings, and your schedule. You can also leave it up to her to figure out how you feel about her. Don’t be hasty and impulsive in spilling the beans. For example, you don’t always have to tell her where you’re going.

13. Stay on in her mind: Be the last thing she thinks about at night if you wish to keep your girl interested. One trick to make her miss you is to make sure you send a sweet text late at night. Or you can plan a phone call for a late evening so that she thinks about you when she goes to bed. If you are the special she in her dreams, she will miss you all day long. Choose some great conversations or compliment her so that she has you in your mind and can’t help but miss you.

14. Don’t agree with her on everything: If you want to make her miss you, the key is to respect yourself. That comfort factor between you is fine, but agreeing with her to make her happy or win her over is not worth it. Instead, maintain your patience, remain calm, and let her know if something is wrong. Doing certain things ‘out of love’ or prioritizing her views every time will make her take you for granted. Allow her to believe you have an opinion, but don’t give up your self-respect at any cost. The goal is to speak up and provide a balanced response to the issues. Don’t let her think that she can change you whenever she wants.

15. Perfect gift: Gifts are the ideal way to express your feelings. So, if you give her something that she can’t avoid accepting, she will reciprocate your emotions and have you in her mind. The gift must remind your girlfriend or your wife even if you are away from each other. You can give her some thoughtful gifts such as earrings, headphones, mementos, fragrances, a book, or a stuffed toy. These tangible items will make her feel special and will make her miss your presence in her life. She is more likely to remember you when your gifts are in use or on display.

protip_icon Point to consider
Give her things that remind her of you. For example, you could give her your favorite book or T-shirt. It will make her think of you even when you are not around.
Make her miss you by giving lovely gifts
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16. Sweet notes or a compliment: Typically, girls like to hear compliments from their boyfriends. A love note or some lovely words can brighten up her day and make her take note of how much you like her,leaving her craving for more. It doesn’t have to be detailed love letters, but you can be prepared to shower some compliments at the right time. You can hand it to her on some special occasions or your date nights, and it would be difficult for her to part with you. She will read it over and over again and may text you that she misses you.

protip_icon Quick tip
Try doing something special for her. For example, if you play an instrument, create a tune for her, or write a short poem if you love writing.

17. Be stylish: Make her fall for you with stylish shirts, relaxed jeans, or fashionable sneakers. If your relationship has just started, you must do it perfectly to create a deep impression. Whether it is casual or formal, leave a profound first impression and let her appreciate your taste and personality. Present yourself in the best possible way, and she will not be able to stop thinking about you.

18. Be attentive: The art of listening creates wonders in the love game. Once she realizes that you are listening and care about her, she will be yours. Unfortunately, your girlfriend will start to miss your care and kindness for her. Giving her a patient hearing can demonstrate that you are mentally present. Therefore, if you want her to miss you and think about you, you need to improve your listening skills.

19. Make her laugh: The best way to make her miss you is to make her laugh. If the girl is laughing, it means she is comfortable with you. If you are not there during her funny moments, she will always talk to you and miss you.

20. Don’t take it too far: We agree that, aside from joy, excitement, and love, sex and romance develop naturally, but you must control your romantic and sexual feelings around the girl you like. Though your feelings are strong, you must exercise greater control; otherwise, she may misinterpret them as mere infatuation or lust. So, don’t be romantic all the time. Instead, make your way to her heart with ease. If the relationship is at an early stage, it is even critical that it develops naturally.

Don't take it too far while trying to make her miss you
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21. Be a gentleman: Some people believe that being a gentleman is a lost tradition. However, a generous, caring, and honorable man can make a woman weak at the knees. In addition, men who exhibit qualities such as punctuality, kindness, a ‘ladies first’ attitude, and fitness are a huge turn-on. She misses you and thinks about you if you are nice to her, open the door for her, speak politely, and listen to her attentively. So, even if you are a new age man, these basics will make you appear sweet and desirable.

22. Seek her opinion: Seek her advice on health, job, or family, and she will be totally into you. Your responses to specific issues will demonstrate that you regard her as an equal. Make your girlfriend or spouse feel that you respect and appreciate her views, even if she is not comfortable responding. Inquire about her outfits, what you should eat for breakfast, and other topics. Making her the queen of your life will rekindle the love factor, qualify you as an impressive man, and work in your favor if she misses you.

23. Respect her individuality: Respect your girlfriend’s individuality by not pressuring her to do things that she dislikes doing. Grabbing her if she is uncomfortable, forcing her to meet your friends, laughing at her, and cracking jokes d not demonstrate respect in a relationship. Try to understand that she could be a different person or an individual, rather than a piece of property you own. Being aware of her emotions is critical to gaining her trust. Love her, protect her, and care for her, and she will return your feelings. If you are concerned about her thoughts and feelings, she will miss you for who you are.

24. Admire her qualities: Show admiration for her qualities such as bravery, kindness, purity, devotion, punctuality, and cleanliness. Praise her for her accomplishments, and she will receive a strong message about your feelings. She will be hoping to be praised and appreciated every time she meets you. Looking forward to hearing from you indicates that she values you, and lovebirds begin to miss each other in such a case.

25. Give space to each other: New love can be exciting, and you may want her to be with you all the time. However, you must not be with her all the time to make her miss you. On the other hand, it’s perfectly normal to maintain that spark and interest after some time apart. You can effectively give each other space by planning separate outings or watching a movie with your boys. Space in your relationship does not always indicate boredom. It is sometimes necessary for her to miss you while you are having fun with others.

Give space to each other and hang out with friends
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26. Be honest: Being honest about your feelings can make a woman miss you. When you’re honest, you create a bond of trust. It makes her feel safe and comfortable around you and she knows that she can depend on you. It shows you respect her, and this respect makes her value your presence more. She remembers how good it feels to be with someone genuine and truthful when you’re not around. She misses the comfort and security your honesty brings. It’s not just about your words but the realness you bring to the relationship. This realness is hard to find, so she naturally looks up to the unique connection you share. Your honesty leaves a lasting impression, making her miss you more when you’re away.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if a girl misses me?

Some subtle signs a girl misses you include:

  • She asks your friends about you.
  • She tries to contact you for random reasons.
  • She tries to make you jealous to get your attention.

2. Will she miss me if I give her space?

Whether or not a girl misses you after giving space may depend on why she wanted to take space in the first place and if you provided her enough breathing room without bothering her during this time. Either way, the outcome may not be possible to determine, and you can talk with her and analyze how she is feeling.

3. Can I make her miss me if she’s not interested in me?

Attempting to make someone miss you when they have no interest in you can be difficult. It is crucial to respect their emotions and boundaries. Instead of trying to manipulate their feelings, concentrate on personal development, fostering meaningful connections, and seeking out individuals who share mutual feelings.

4. Is it possible to make someone miss you if they’ve moved on?

It is unlikely to make someone miss you if they have moved on. When individuals have emotionally moved on, their feelings and priorities have changed. The practical solutions are respecting their decision, allowing them space, and concentrating on their personal growth and happiness.

5. Will no contact make her miss me?

While implementing a period of no contact can provide an opportunity for self-reflection, it does not guarantee that the person will miss you. Emotional responses and outcomes differ based on individuals and the specific circumstances involved.

Whether you meet each other every day or once a month, maintaining the attraction and longing for each other is crucial to keep the romance going. If your relationship has grown to become so comfortable that the risk of taking each other for granted is looming, you may wonder how to make her miss you. Keeping the mystery alive, getting her the perfect gifts, and doing some activities on your own can make her miss you. But be careful not to overdo it and push her away. Instead, be sneaky, flirty, and romantic at the same time to grab her attention and keep the love growing.

Infographic: Sweet Things To Do When She Misses You

You tried the above tips to make her miss you and started noticing the signs, or she conveyed to you that she misses you. Now it is time to display your adoration to make her feel loved and keep the spark alive in your relationship. Here is an infographic that suggests the things to do when she misses you to tell her how much she is loved and valued.

tips to make her miss you (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • Try maintaining physical distance or controlling your emotions if you want her to miss you.
  • You could plan some cute surprises or switch that mystery mode on as well.
  • Keep up the guessing game, compliment her, or try the other ways we suggest to make her long for your company.
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Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Forcing conversations will never allow you to make her miss you. Find out more insightful techniques in this video to make your girl come closer to you.

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