21 Clever Ways To Make Him Chase You

Women enjoy being desired, and you may be wondering how to get him to beguile and chase you. One of the most obvious markers of desirability is getting a man to pursue you and see him try everything to somehow engage with you. Men also get thrilled to hunt when they crave it. When they try to win you over, you appear to be a prized possession for them. However, once they’ve won you over, they may become complacent and cease putting in any effort.

Whether you’re in a relationship or want to start a new one, if you want the guy to fall head over heels in love with you, there are a few things you may try to entice and captivate him. Read this post to learn some helpful tips to get him to pursue you.

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21 Ways To Make Him Chase You

The following are some ways to bewitch a man and make him find you irresistible enough to chase you. Remember to implement them with confidence.

1. Stop chasing him

The first rule in the ‘chasing game’ is to stop chasing your man. Men like to chase women they find hard to get. So, if you have been texting him non-stop, do not do it. Let him text you first, and let him be the conversation starter. You can chat as much as you want with him, but first, let him take the initiative.

2. Work on yourself

Work on yourself to make him chase you

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You need not look like Angelina Jolie to attract a man. Dress well, smell good, and exude confidence — these are enough to get a man to notice you. A good personality helps draw the attention of men who will find you captivating, classy, and worth chasing after.

According to Justine Mfulama, a relationship blogger, having good self-esteem is crucial for a successful relationship. ”Once I admitted to myself that I was afraid men would leave me because I wasn’t an Instagram model look-alike, I realized how my low self-esteem was the main reason why most of my past relationships didn’t work (i),” she says.

3. Have a life of your own

You will lose appeal in the eyes of your man if he learns that your life is an obsession with him and revolves around him, and you have no life of your own. The simple solution to this is to remember how you lived before you met him. Have a social life, make friends, be there for your family, and pursue your career goals. Never sideline your priorities for a man. This will tantalize him and make him want to pursue you even more.

4. Show limited interest

You may be dying to receive a text from him, but never let him get a whiff of your desperation. Reply to his messages, but not immediately. Interest him by telling him stuff about yourself but not all of it. Let him work hard to gain your attention and arouse your interest. Let him know you are interested in him, but don’t let him see how crazy you are about him.

5. Don’t lose it when he pulls back

He might pull back after showering you with lots of attention. He might also take longer to reply to your texts or not reply at all. He could be doing these to test you. Fearing he has lost interest, you might bug him for a reply. Don’t do it. Be patient, wait it out and fondle his mind and see how he comes back to you on his own.

6. Follow your passion

Men like women who are passionate about something in life. Your determination to follow a passion makes you look attractive and will allure him to you. So, try to pursue something you are passionate about and get busy with it. If you already have a passion, let him know about it.

7. Set a goal in life

Set goals in life to make him respect and like you

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When you do not have a goal in life, you tend to focus your energy on unnecessary things and stress over trivial matters. Instead, set a goal for yourself — it can be a career goal or health goal — and work relentlessly toward achieving it. This way, you can enthrall and entrap him as men like women who are focused, ambitious, and goal-oriented. It motivates them to work hard in life.

protip_icon Research finds
Studies conducted on the relation between self-esteem and romantic relationships indicate that high self esteem is interlinked with secure attachment and perceived positive regard between partners (1).

8. Love your unique self

If you want him to love you, you have to love yourself first. When in a relationship, some women tend to adjust and change themselves to please their men. Be yourself and love yourself. When you feel happy from within, it is easier to attract his attention and make him want to be with you. Your cheerful attitude can rub off on him too.

”I changed my mindset to believing in love again and, more importantly, believing that the right person for me was out there,” adds Mfulama, emphasizing the importance of being positive.

9. Make him miss you

If you are always at his beck and call, he will take you for granted. Remember, he has to chase you, and so you have to seem exclusive to him. Go off the radar sometimes and surprise him a few days after. If you live together, go out with your friends for a couple of days. Let him spend time without you to miss you and sense your value in his life. This will rouse the importance of you in his life and provoke him to continue chasing and courting you.

10. Don’t show over-interest

When he suggests an outing or a date, you are bound to feel excited. But do not show it. Of course, let him know that you are interested in it, but do not keep texting him or telling him how you cannot wait for the date. Your overeager attitude can ruin his excitement as he may feel you are too easy to please.

11. Don’t depend on him

You may be madly in love with this guy, but the moment you let on that he is the reason behind your happiness, be sure that he will run in the other direction. A man would prefer being desired to being needed. Fascinate him with your love, but do not smother him with it. Let him know you can be happy both with and without him.

12. Interact with other men

Make him jealous by talking to other men

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Men can be very competitive in the game of love. When he sees you enjoying the company of other men, he senses competition and ups his game. Knowing that you have people vying for your attention, he will give his best to win your heart. Ensure he sees you talking casually with other men, but never try to make him jealous, as it can be a dealbreaker.

13. Hold back relationship benefits

You may feel that caring for him or sleeping with him will make him realize how awesome you are. No, it does not happen that way. Instead, he will take you for granted and not value your company. If you are not officially dating this guy, never let him have the benefits of a real relationship. Give him a teaser if you want, but not the real deal.

protip_icon Quick tip
Be it quality time, physical touch, gifts, appreciation, or acts of service, each person has their love language. Make sure to understand and follow through with it to keep the romance alive.

14. Keep an air of mystery about yourself

When you tell a guy everything there is to know about you, and if he feels he has understood you, what would he chase you for? It is imperative that you keep an air of mystery about yourself. Don’t hide any vital information from him, but also don’t divulge everything about yourself to him. Keep him guessing, and you’ll keep him interested.

15. Flirt with him

To spice things up, you can try flirting with him. But do not go overboard as he will see your desperation. Just an occasional flirty reply to his question or a flirty suggestion followed by a sexy laugh should do the trick. Flirting can help make things interesting.

16. Make him feel desirable

Appreciate his efforts and make him feel loved

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Compliment him or appreciate his efforts occasionally. If he is the one doing all the chasing and not getting anything in return, he might feel tired and give up the chase. Let him know when he looks nice or when he has done something well. Let him know that you notice him and are interested in him.

17. Give him space

Some men love to recoil into their shells and spend some time alone at times. If he refuses to see you because he wishes to watch a football match, do not pick a fight with him on it. Let him be, and let him spend some time away from you. When he sees you can be by yourself without troubling him, he will value your companionship and want you in his life.

18. Seduce him

Try some subtle seduction tricks to make him go crazy for you. For instance, if he mentioned that he likes you with your hair open, ensure you wear your hair loose the next time you meet him. Play with your hair lightly or flick it sexily. Try to look unaware of the effects it has on him. Do it naturally and casually.

19. Be his cheerleader

Take an interest in the work he does even if you do not understand much about his field of work. Cheer him when he does well and support him when he needs it. When you fill his world with warmth and love, he will chase you because he knows he will never find another you.

20. Make some exciting memories with him

Go on an adventurous trip with him and have fun. When he enjoys your company and knows he can have fun with you, he will always want you to be in his life. He will chase you to the end of the world only to be able to feel happy and excited when spending time with you.

protip_icon Point to consider
An occasional gift, handwritten note of appreciation, or a short planned trip from you after an especially tough time at home or work can inform him of your commitment to his well-being.

21. Complete him

Complete each other by filling in the shortcomings

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When looking for a partner, some men prefer women who have qualities that they may seem lacking. So, if your man lacks confidence, and if you manage to show him how confident you are as a person, he will instantly want to be with you. He will chase you because he thinks you will complement him and complete him.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you make him chase you over text?

Striking a balance between showing no interest and too much interest can be a game-changer when you want a guy to chase you over text. So talk to him about your life but don’t share too many details. Instead, leave fragments of mystery that could intrigue him. Whenever he asks you out, act like you are too busy. Take time to respond to his texts but don’t overdo it. During general talks, ask him thoughtful questions pertaining to his life and flatter him with genuine compliments. Share funny messages and memes and radiate a positive vibe.

2. What makes a man chase a woman?

Every man is different, and so are the factors that make a man chase a woman. Yet, some attributes of a woman make her more desirable than others. Generally, men love chasing a woman who they feel is worth chasing. This may mean different to different men, but most find a good-looking and intelligent woman attractive. They also chase a woman who believes in herself and has a hint of mystique in her.

3. Is it wrong to make him chase me?

Making someone chase you in a romantic or personal relationship can be subjective and depends on the context and intentions involved. For example, if the intention behind making someone chase you is to play manipulative games through dominance or intentionally cause emotional distress, then it would be considered wrong. However, if you’re referring to creating a healthy level of pursuit or maintaining a sense of excitement in a relationship, it can be acceptable as long as it is based on mutual interest and respect.

4. What are some of the benefits of making him chase me?

When someone is pursuing you, it can create a sense of intrigue and mystery. This can heighten the other person’s interest and attraction towards you. Creating a chase can build anticipation and excitement in a potential relationship. When someone actively pursues you, it becomes easier to determine their level of interest. Their efforts and commitment can be an indication of their genuine desire to be with you.

Giving him a teaser of a possible relationship and maintaining the mystery around you can make him chase you. Men often take a back seat once they have wooed their love interest. However, there are ways to keep the game up. Practice self-love to exude confidence and make yourself irresistible to him. Men prefer to be desirable and seldom want you to depend on them fully. Pursue your passion and spend time with friends and family to ensure a healthy distance. Support him when need be and flirt with him as well. Cherish each moment until he has done enough to win your heart.

Infographic: What Not To Do While Trying To Make Him Chase You

Making a guy fall head over heels for you can be tricky. How do you know when you are overdoing it while getting his attention? What you may think to be a power move might blow up your chances and push him further away. So keep this infographic handy and take notes on what not to do while making him chase you.

21 clever ways to make him chase you (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • To keep a guy interested in you or make him long for you, play hard to get or try spending more time away from him with your friends and family.
  • Be confident, focus on your goals and embrace yourself as guys get attracted to such traits.
  • Flirt a bit and show your support to him to maintain a loving relationship.

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