How To Make Him Crazy About You: 25 Simple Ways To Try

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If you have fallen for a man and are thinking of how to make him crazy about you, this post is for you. Attracting a person may not be as easy as it sounds. Since every person has a unique personality, the guy you wish to attract may also have special qualities.

So, a set of ideas that works on one man might not work on the other. But, nevertheless, some general qualities appeal to all men. So, here are some easy and subtle ways to make a man fall for you.

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How To Make Him Crazy For You: 25 Ways

Different things make a man go crazy for a woman. If you are smitted by him or feel infatuated but still scratching your head, here is a guide to help you.

  1. Show your true self. As clichéd as it might sound, being your true self is important. You might consider changing for a guy who you think is attractive. But if you put on a facade of someone you are not, he will lose interest in you sooner or later. When you show who you are, the man will appreciate and adore you and go crazy for you.
protip_icon Point to consider
Being authentic and maintaining your true self doesn’t imply being egotistical or lacking empathy for others.
  1. Be confident. Confidence is beautiful and it allures anyone. When you are self-assured in everything you do, the aura you exude becomes appealing to everyone around. You are sure of what you want and know how to achieve it without a doubt of hint—men love that.
  1. Have a kind disposition. First impressions matter a lot. Showing your kind temperament in front of a guy you like will make him take a lot more interested in you. He will know you are a nice person and may try getting closer to you.
  1. Keep it subtle. Be soft when you interact with him. If you are too clingy, he might lose interest in you. You may give him compliments to show that you are appreciative of the things he does for you. But do not be forceful in making him like you. Let things flow naturally and let him pursue you on his own.
  1. Respect yourself. Respect is important in every relationship, which is why the foremost important thing is to respect yourself before anyone else does. Moreover, any man would find it quite unattractive if you do not respect yourself or show yourself as a victim.
  1. Play hard to get. It is quite fun because some men may like the chase. However, do not go overboard by getting too arrogant while trying to entice him. Let him know your values, and show him the way you should be treated. Any man who wants to be with you will treat you right and appreciate your worth.
protip_icon Research finds
According to Gurit Birnbaum, a social psychologist and associate professor of psychology at the IDC Herzliya, “People who are too easy to attract may be perceived as more desperate” (1).
Let him know your values

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  1. Flaunt your beauty. If you love wearing makeup, it’s all good because it helps in enhancing your facial features and might charm him. But keep it a mix between flaunting your bare face and a face with glam makeup. Men love when a woman is confident without makeup and loves the skin she was born with.
  1. If you are wondering how to make your boyfriend crazy about you, show off your dominant side. Some men may find it quite appealing when a woman takes charge. The attribute is alluring and quite desirable. Also, they like to be submissive at times.
  1. Refrain from always making the first move. Making the first move is not bad, but when you have to do it all the time, then it’s not favorable. If the guy you like is not putting in any effort, it is a cue that you are not a priority. There is no dearth of good guys, so don’t worry, you will find someone who goes crazy for you.
  1. Prioritize self-care. If you take good care of yourself by eating healthy and exercising right, it means you are taking good care of your body—men may find it quite alluring. When you look and smell good, your guy could find you appealing.
  1. Do not be jealous. It’s good to be possessive about the guy you like. But jealousy is an ugly trait to have. If something is bothering you, be upfront about it because jealousy tends to abrade good relationships. Writer Shreya Badonia says she learned the negative impacts of jealousy the hard way. She says, “All this while, my issues with myself were driving my relationships…As an insecure girlfriend, I compared myself with my partner’s successful and attractive female friends. The constant battle of being better than his friends was eating me alive. The frustration caused by those insecurities was then causing constant fights between us. My poor self-esteem blindfolded me of my capabilities and uniqueness. I saw the good in all the people I met but never saw it in myself. Once I became comfortable with who I was, I stopped getting jealous. Comparison is fatal (i).”
  1. Flirt with him. Flirting with the guy you like is a good way to show that you are attracted to him. Some men go crazy over girls who “play” with them. A few good ways to captivate him and woo him are exchanging glances now and then, acting coy and sharing jokes, and playfully touching his hand.
  1. Display your feminine traits. Femininity can be shown through your appearance and behavior. When women show warmth and cuteness, it brings out the protective attitude of the man. A guy loves the feeling of protecting the woman he likes because it makes him take charge.
  1. Show your smartness. Smart and clever women are admired. If you follow current affairs and news, he will be impressed with you. Compete with his intelligence, and he will love to take the challenge .Compete with his intelligence, and he will love to take the challenge and will win over you.
  1. Tell him about your dreams and aspirations. When you open up to a man, he will get to know you slowly. When you tell him about your dreams and aspirations besides sharing your political views, he will understand the kind of person you are. Besides, when you share your desires and goals, he will perceive you as someone more than a friend.
Talk about your dreams.

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  1. Listen to him. Men want women to listen to them as much as women want them to. A lot of people tend to have the wrong notion that men are not open about their feelings. So, when a man starts opening up to you, listen to him. When you show that you care about his opinions, he may fall for you.
  1. Be spontaneous. When your predictable things get boring, what’s the alternate option? Be unpredictable. You may surprise your guy with a pizza date night along with some chicken wings and a chilled beer or play a video game with him. He would love such a gesture once in a while.
  1. Try being low maintenance at times. Many men do not like it when women take hours to get ready, especially when you have to go somewhere. So, the best thing you can do is manage your time properly, choose your outfits before your date day, and start getting ready early, so you aren’t late.
  1. Keep yourself busy. Instead of texting and calling the guy constantly, keep a busy schedule for yourself. Your guy would appreciate when you take some time for him from your hectic day. And if he does more things for you, it signifies he is falling for you.
  1. Go on an adventure together. It’s all cute and romantic to go on dinner dates in fancy restaurants, but how about bonding over an adventure? Outdoor adventures are amazing, and the guy will get to see another exciting part of you that you have never shown.
  1. Express gratitude. If he does anything small or kind for you, take that opportunity and express your gratitude.
protip_icon Quick tip
Sometimes, the least you can do for someone is be available. Be present and let them know that you appreciate them.
Express grattitude on his efforts

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  1. Have an accepting nature. If a man is vulnerable in front of you and showing his true self, it means he trusts you. Accepting him will make him feel happy, and there are chances that he will start liking you.
  1. Support him in his endeavors. No matter what life throws at him, a man would want a woman by his side to support and care for him. When you support his endeavors and cheer him up, he will know that you are a loving person. Your gesture will make him go crazy for you.
  1. Share your ambitions. If you ever wanted to do something life-changing, for instance, explore a new city, experience new places by traveling the world, try different cuisines, or watch Broadway shows, then share it with your guy. You never know you might have similar aspirations unless you share them.
  1. Take things slowly. A good guy would not want you to rush into things. The moment you start planning the future with him, he might freak out. So, give him time—if he sticks around, it means he likes spending time with you, which is your cue to take things further

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I stay in his mind?

Supporting him during his tough times and being funny and goofy to make him laugh and smile will surely keep you on his mind. Sending some cute and romantic pictures to make him fall for you over and over again also works.

2. How do I know if he thinks I’m the one?

If he introduces you to his closest family and friends and confides in you with his deepest worries and secrets, he likely thinks you are the one. He will also remember every little detail from your conversations if you have a special place in his heart.

3. What are some tips for creating chemistry and attraction with a guy?

Be a constant presence in their life. At the same time, give them some room to grow. Never ignore what he has to say. Instead, listen to them attentively and show interest in the conversation through verbal and non-verbal cues. Find activities you both like and use them to learn about him more deeply. Sprinkle some humor and positivity when you are with him so he feels good with you.

4. How can I use humor and playfulness to make him crazy about me?

Send him cute and witty text messages to use humor and playfulness to create a positive and enjoyable dynamic. Add puns that will help you and him recount amusing stories or incidents from your lives. You may tease him slightly but ensure not to go overboard. If he cracks a joke about you, play along and use the opportunity to lengthen your conversation.

5. How do I make him regret losing me?

Do not give him any attention after he breaks up with you. Be with positive people and learn to understand what makes you happy. Groom yourself, focus on your health, get dressed, go out, and have fun. Do not stalk him, nor should you beg or plead with him to get you back. Maintain distance, and stay confident if you run into your ex somewhere. If he asks how you are doing, tell him you are fine and having a great time. It will make him curious about what you are doing, and he will want to know more.

If you are attracted to a man and want to know how to make him crazy about you, your first step should be to learn what men like about women. Although each man will indeed have a unique personality, some common things are usually appreciated by everyone. The first thing men look for in a woman is honesty and confidence. Being confident and sincere can improve your personality, making you more appealing. In addition, men are constantly enthralled by women who take care of themselves and are ambitious as well as supportive. So, work on these traits and watch as the man of your dreams falls for you.

Infographic: How Do You Know Your Ways Are Working On Him?

If you want the guy of your dreams, you must have patience and follow the above tricks to appear cool and attractive. But how do you know if he even notices your efforts and whether you should keep trying? Here are the subtle signs to look out for to know that he is attracted to you.

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Key Pointers

  • Be confident and your true self to win a man’s attention
  • Practice self-care and avoid being too clingy or always available
  • Display your feminine traits and smartness to get him to want you more.
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Learn how to make him weak and crazy about you! Powerful tips that will make him yours forever.

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  1. Why ‘playing hard to get’ may actually work;
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