How To Make Him Miss You After A Breakup: 9 Simple Ways To Try

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Not all relationships stand the test of time. A breakup becomes necessary when you can’t work out a fruitful alliance with your partner. If you feel you were treated badly in a relationship and were taken for granted by your boyfriend, you might want to know how to make him miss you after the breakup.

You would also want your ex to realize he made a mistake and make him regret breaking up with you. But how do you go about it? Read this post as we tell you a few subtle ways to make him remorseful and pine for you.

How Long Does It Take For A Guy To Miss You After A Breakup?

There is an easy answer to the question, and it is exactly when you stop missing him. The key to this mind game lies in reverse psychology. It’s human nature to want things one cannot have. It might have been weeks since you last had any contact with each other after your breakup, or you might not have even had any contact, but as soon as he senses you are over him, he will start to miss you.

You might act nonchalantly and profess that you are over him, but if you still miss him and think about him, he will understand it no matter how uncanny it might sound. Guys tend to feel and act differently after a breakup than girls, not because they are “players” or “heart-breakers” but because they comprehend these things differently.

How To Make Him Miss You After A Breakup: 9 Best Ways

Give them a couple of months, and after all that partying and drinking along with the “trying to get over an ex” phase is over, the feeling of sadness will open the flood gates, and they will start to miss you. Separation anxiety and feelings of withdrawal will make them long for your presence. Here are some ways that could help you further ensure you always stay in their head.

1. Apologize

If you were the one who initiated the breakup, then apologize for it. If you own up to your mistakes, then you won’t belittle yourself. Wish them good luck for their future ahead. It will make your ex-boyfriend respect you even more. Even after parting ways, he will still think about you and start to miss every little thing about you.

2. Avoid being friends

Even after the breakup, if he asks you to be friends with him, he wants you to be a part of his life. While it might be tempting to have them in your life in a platonic way, it won’t do you any good. Not only will it make you feel guilty, but things can get even more complicated. So it’s better to just avoid being friends with your ex until you have your thoughts sorted out.

3. Apply the no-contact rule

If you are still in touch with your ex, it is high time you get a grip on yourself. Start with the no-contact rule, which means that you cut off all means of communication from every social media platform. Don’t confuse it with blocking him. Aim to be elusive instead of being “too available.” When he sees that you have stopped communicating with him, the curious cat in him will surely want to know what is going on. Remember, it’s all about reverse psychology. Let him realize how empty his life is without you.

4. Cherish the nostalgia

After some time has passed, it is natural for your ex to reminisce about those happy times when he was in a relationship with you. Instead of focusing on the arguments and fights you both might have had, he will think about the happy times. It’s true that human beings are egoistic creatures, but when in love, they will forget all about that and look back on the happier memories that sparked joy.

5. Be confident

Start anew, whether it’s traveling, giving yourself a new haircut, changing your hair color, or treating yourself to a new wardrobe; taking care of yourself will make you feel like a brand new person. It will add a fresh new motivation factor to your life. You could even start working out if you did not already. The goal is to look and feel confident, and when your ex sees that, he is sure to miss you.

6. Make him realize

The “single” guy jokes are all over the internet. It’s true when a guy is not bound by any relationship, there are no restrictions. However, it is also incredibly lonely to be single. For a guy, their significant other is always there for them to support them and care for them. When they realize how precious you were, they will miss you, and it will just take a few weeks before you hear from them.

7. Focus on yourself

After an especially messy breakup, it is important to take your mind off your ex and focus on yourself. Do all the things you loved doing when you were single and try out activities you have never done before. But sometimes, it is important to take help from your friends; after all, they are the ones who love you and are there for you no matter what. It could be anything, from going on a trek or learning a new musical instrument. Take your friends and try out something new to focus on yourself. When your ex notices you pampering yourself, it will surely make them miss you more.

8. Make him jealous

Jealousy might be a sin, but not when you are trying to make your ex miss you. Going back into the dating scenario is important. This may not only sow the seeds of a new love for you but also make you realize that you are not as desperate for your ex as you thought. Meeting someone new and posting a couple of pictures with them on social media will surely make your ex wonder about the new man in your life. The key is to be subtle and not overflow your social media account with pictures of your new love interest.

9. Use social media

Millennials and Gen Z are always updating their social media with everything that is happening in their lives. The internet is a way of life these days. If your ex is constantly looking forward to your updates, then he will definitely keep an eye out for everything you post. You have to make sure to use social media strategically, whether it’s going out for a drink or two with your friends, making new friends, or having a glow-up in general. Whatever you do, don’t cyber-stalk him. It is a definite way of putting him off you for good.

It’s important that you do not change yourself drastically because they might think something is off. Taking subtle steps will ensure that your ex misses you, and it will be in no time before he tries to contact you. These are simple steps you can follow if you are looking for how to make your ex miss you.

Key Pointers

  • After a breakup, avoid being friends with your ex. This would give you time to clear your thoughts and also make him miss you.
  • Make him crave your presence by building confidence and giving yourself a new look.
  • Attract his attention by going out with new people, having fun, and posting your pictures on social media.

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