23 Simple And Effective Tips To Make Him Miss You Like Crazy

When you are in love, you may miss your partner often and be expressive about it. However, if your partner seldom speaks about his emotions and feelings for you, you may be wondering whether he feels the same and how to make him miss you.

Many women do not shy away from expressing their love to their partners. However, when don’t give them the space they need, your affection may overwhelm them. If you want to make your partner miss you, identify his space and give him the time he needs for himself.

This doesn’t mean you should completely avoid him and be insensitive towards his needs. On the contrary, every man wants the love and warmth of their partner. They need someone who listens to them and supports them emotionally.

So be a partner who will stick with them through thick and thin and cheer them up when they feel low. When you become a supportive partner, they will turn up to you in their happiness and sadness and miss you always.

In this post, we discuss some ways to make your partner miss you and understand your worth.

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Tips To Make Him Miss You 

You start to miss someone when they are not with you at all times. And when the other person always feels your presence, they may not miss you, and may even take you for granted. That can be bad for the relationship. To keep the relationship active and healthy, partners need a little bit of attention from each other.

If you think that your husband or boyfriend isn’t giving you enough attention, here are a few ways to make them miss you when you are not around. Note that this is not about mind games, but about subtly changing your behavior without any negative intentions.

1. Don’t be the only one to initiate conversations

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If you are the one to constantly message or call your partner to initiate a conversation, put a halt to it now. When you are always talking to your partner, you are leaving no time for him to miss you. Let there be some breathing space between two conversations and take some time out for yourself. Wait for him to contact you unless there is something important or urgent to talk about. When this gap is a little longer than usual, it can give him an opportunity to think about you.

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You can message him first in the initial days of dating. Text him regularly and make him accustomed to your messages. So when you pull back a little from texting, he will start missing you.

2. Pause your social media usage

Are you an avid user of social media? If yes, then you should hit the pause button to your social media activity to puzzle him. Don’t comment on any posts, don’t post anything, and stay inactive for a while. Take a break from the virtual world and maybe get off WhatsApp too for a day. If your partner is used to seeing your posts regularly, this will make them miss what you do and think about what’s going on with you.

3. Try leaving your stuff behind

When you see someone else’s things around you, you are reminded of them. Right? That’s one of the easiest things to do, to make your man miss you. When you are at his place or in his car, try to leave something of yours behind. It could be your lipstick, hairclip, or your keyring. Make sure to leave something that reminds them of you in a good way, and not in an off-putting way.

4. Cook something special for him

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Cook a big box of brownies or cookies or any snack that he can keep with him for many days. Whenever he looks at the box or eats anything from it, he will think of you. And would want to have you by his side so that both of you can enjoy the food together.

5. Don’t always be available for him

You tend to reply to him in no time, you never leave his call unattended, and you are always there for him whenever he needs you. There is no reason for him to miss you or long for you, for you are always there.

If you are desirous of making him miss you, or have a strong desire to be with you, break the habit of being available to him every second of the day.. Be there for him, by all means, when he needs you the most. But remember that your man is an adult and can take care of himself, which means you don’t always have to be ‘available’ to meet his needs.

It is okay to say ‘no’ sometimes, without being rude. And when you do, your absence will make him realize how much he’s used to you and how badly he wants to be with you. He might even crave your companionship even more.

6. Make conversations intriguing

Start an interesting conversation with your partner, probably something intriguing about your past. But don’t reveal everything – tell him enough to get hooked on to the topic and then save the rest for another day.  You can always end a conversation midway by saying that you have to get into a meeting or take another call. Take your time before getting back to the subject. If they miss you, they will message or call you soon enough to continue the conversation about you.

protip_icon Do remember
Try to keep the conversation real. Do not fake interest in a topic only to impress him. The façade will be too tiring to keep up with in the long run.

7. Have fun with your friends

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Don’t always cling on to your partner, no matter how deep your relationship is. Take some time off from each other and spend quality time with your friends and family, too. And maybe post a picture or two of you having a good time with other people. He may have been too busy to notice you lately, but when he sees those photos on social media, he may realize how much fun you’ve had together and long for more time with you.

8. Exercise your independence

Interdependence is normal when you are in a relationship. But that doesn’t mean you should give up your independence. When you are independent, you don’t always need to be by your man’s side. And when you are not, he will surely miss you. In every relationship, partners should have their own space, and this attribute makes the relationship stronger and will keep you and your partner connected even when you are away.

9. Create memorable moments together

Memories play a vital role when people are far from each other. Good memories can help you build a long-lasting relationship. Hence, whenever you are together, do your part to avoid fighting or arguing. Create good and happy times that your partner will miss and long for when you are apart.

10. Be who you are

You don’t have to be someone else to be appreciated or loved by other people. Be who you are; do not give up your true self when you are with your partner. Pretending to be someone you are not is not conducive for healthy, long-term relationships. Your distinctive qualities and unique traits are what set you apart. Those are the things he will miss the most when you are away.

11. Have your fragrance

Certain smells and fragrances remind us of some people. Do you also have a specific scent or perfume that you like to use? If yes, you could try using it to make him think of you. Pick a good perfume and wear it whenever you meet him. So the next time he gets a whiff of the same perfume anywhere, he will think of you.

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When selecting a scent, you can keep his preference in mind. For instance, if he likes vanilla ice cream, you can choose a perfume with a vanilla base note. He will find your scent too alluring to ignore.

12. Give him liberty 

You might want to spend every minute and every hour with your beloved. Do stay in touch with him but maintain a distance at the same time. Let him be on his own and do what he loves doing. Every man loves his space. But when you give him enough space and time to be on his own, he will get tired of the solitude and want to get back to you sooner than later.

13. Go ahead slowly

Don’t take control of the relationship single-handedly. A true romantic relationship should be smooth, with neither partner pushing or pulling the other. Do not rush things and do not have any expectations from your partner. Move slowly in the relationship and take your time before advancing. When you are not in a rush, and everything falls in place naturally, there’s a longing for more.

14. Don’t be overly expressive

When you share everything with your partner, you are leaving no room for him to make any effort for the relationship. When you want your man to think about you, the key is to leave him curious. That’s why, instead of being expressive, you should leave a mystery when you end your conversations. This way, he will be thinking about you and will miss you.

15. Keep surprising him

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Surprise him often. You can either cook something for him, pick up a small gift, decorate his room, or take him to a beautiful location. These small, yet romantic gestures will make him more connected to you. And when you are not around, he will cherish the memories and, he will miss you.

16. Deal with your insecurities

Yearning for a healthy and strong relationship is natural, but insecurities can harm it. They make the partners moody, anxious, and sometimes guilty. You might get into fights often, doubt your partner, or become a nagging girlfriend or wife. This kind of behavior can be off-putting for any partner. Manage your insecurities before they damage the relationship.

Work on becoming a better version of yourself for yourself. Be a confident woman who is not concerned about petty things. Your man would undoubtedly be in awe of the person you are and want to be with you all the more.

17. Be positive in life

There’s good and bad in each of our lives. And none of us are happy and optimistic 100% of the time. At the same time, carrying a negative outlook all the time is not a good idea if you want to be in any type of relationship, least of all a romantic one. If you find yourself constantly sulking or complaining, let that serve as an alarm for you that you may be pushing others away. A grateful attitude and positive disposition are pleasant to be around. Those are qualities your partner (and others) will want to be around.

Be his sunshine when you can, and he would certainly miss you when you are away.

18. Stay sexually connected

Partners need to be connected emotionally, physically, and sexually. Most men like to share a strong sexual bond with their partners and prefer to express their love in bed. If you share good chemistry in bed and are willing to try new things and have fun together, he will only want to be with you and miss you when you are not together.

19. Don’t text bomb 

Do you keep texting your partner even when he is not responding? That is called text bombing. And it could be really annoying. If your partner does not respond to your calls or messages, leave a text asking them to respond when he gets the time to. Constant messages that are mostly probing questions like ‘where are you?’, or ‘why aren’t you picking my calls?’ can be irritating and make him want to move further away.

20. Compliment him

Everyone loves a good compliment. When you compliment your man, it says how much you love him and appreciate him. But make sure whatever you say is sincere and not just for the sake of it. When you appreciate what he does for you, or a particular trait of his, he’ll want to be around you more and miss you when he is not.

21. Always be supportive

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Motivate and support your partner. You are both a work in progress so grow and build together.” – Anonymous

You should be a support system for your man. Encourage him when he feels low, cheer him up when he is depressed, and listen to him when no one else does. This will cause you to become an integral part of his life that he will not want to be without, and will miss when you’re not around.

22. Practice transparency

Being open and honest with him is a good way to make him miss you. When you share your thoughts and feelings, it creates a strong connection. He will appreciate your honesty and authenticity and miss you when you are not around.

23. Celebrate his achievements

Celebrate his achievements as your own. When he knows that you have his back, he will value your connection. So be his number one cheerleader and you will be the first person he will turn to when he succeeds in something. Being supportive highlights your selflessness and positive qualities. It will make him miss you when you are not around.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take for him to miss you?

There’s no set time frame for your partner to miss you. Every individual is different, and so is the intensity of their feelings. How much and how soon your guy will miss you depends on several factors, such as how long you have been together and whether he truly loved you.

2. What do guys do when they miss a girl?

When a guy misses a girl, he texts or calls her. He tries to stay connected and express his feelings indirectly. He will respond to her call/text immediately and try to keep the conversation going. From hitting likes on her social media posts to getting jealous of her male friends, he will do several things to ensure he’s around her. Some guys don’t want to waste time giving signs and may directly tell their lady love that they miss her badly.

3. How long should you wait for someone to come back to you?

Your ex may come back in a day, week, month, or maybe a year. So, whether you want to wait for them or not and how long you want to wait solely depends on you. However, while you wait for them, reason your choice with clarity and purpose. Revisit the past and analyze how your relationship was. Understand why your partner left, and will it be good if you two reunite.

Sometimes, even though couples are in love, they seldom express it. However, a relationship becomes stronger only when both partners express their love. So, if you want to know how to make him miss you, think about the things that make you different from others. Use your uniqueness to remind him of you. In addition, you can make yourself unavailable sometimes. It will make him realize your absence and miss you. More importantly, be genuine and content with yourself; this will definitely make your man find you more attractive.

Key Pointers

  • Some women may often complain about their partners not being expressive enough and may leave you wondering if they miss you when you are not together.
  • Cooking something special for him, not posting any information about your life and whereabouts on social media for a while, etc., are some of the ways you can make him miss you and reach out to you.
  • Scroll down to know some more ideas to help you draw him closer to you.
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Learn how to make him miss you with 7 new steps that always work! Get the tips and tricks to make him think of you and crave your presence.

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