How To Make Vampire Teeth For Kids?

Vampire Teeth For Kids

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As a mom, you are probably your kid’s go to for almost everything. And being a mom sometimes means using your creativity in ways you may not have done so before.

With the holiday season in full swing, the kids get ready for various theme parties, and vampire themed parties are something that is quite popular. So, if your kid has to go to such a party, one important accessory he will need to look exactly like a vampire, is a set of vampire teeth. So, if you want to know how you can make some scary vampire teeth for kids at home, make sure to read on.

How Can You Make Vampire Teeth At Home For Your Kid?

Here are two different ways that will help you make a set of kids vampire teeth, right at home:

1. Using White Friendly Plastic:

You Will Need:

  • White friendly plastic
  • Cup
  • Spoon
  • Hot water

How To:

  1. Take a little of the white friendly plastic and put it in the cup.
  1. Now pour the hot water into the cup so that the friendly plastic starts to melt.
  1. Wait till the plastic melts completely. Once you are sure that it has melted, and there are no lumps left, check to see the color of the plastic. On melting properly, the white friendly plastic will turn completely clear.
  1. Now use the spoon and take the friendly plastic out of the water. Use the spoon again to divide the plastic into two parts.
  1. Using the spoon, turn one of the plastic parts into the shape of a teardrop.
  1. Apply some pressure on the wider part of the teardrop and put it over your kid’s canine teeth. Make sure you apply pressure in such a way that it kind of sticks to your kid’s canine teeth, but not so much pressure that it will crack or break.
  1. Keep putting the pressure till the fang gets attached to your kid’s canine tooth without you having to hold it in place.
  1. Now ask your kid to bite down lightly to check whether or not they will be able to close their mouth while the fangs are still in the mouth.
  1. After a few minutes, the vampire fangs will start to get harder and will stay in place better.
  1. Repeat the process to make the other fang that you will place on your kid’s other canine teeth. If you feel that the part of the clear plastic that you left out of the cup has turned hard, place it back in the cup. Add some more hot water over it and wait till it melts again completely.
  1. Once it has melted, repeat the steps that you did with the other part of the plastic to create the fangs. Your perfect vampire fangs for kids are ready.

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2. Using An Empty Plastic Bottle:

You Will Need:

  • An empty plastic bottle
  • A pen
  • A pair of scissors
  • An emery board

How To:

  1. Make sure that the bottle is completely clean before you start using it to make the plastic vampire teeth for kids.
  1. Use the pen and draw a wide rectangle shape on the part of the bottle that is a little curved. The best type of bottle to do this craft will be a cola bottle.
  1. The set of vampire teeth that you will make for your kid using these steps will kind of a stretch from either side of your kid’s canine teeth. It will also cover the area over and above your kid’s two front teeth.
  1. Now draw out two vampire teeth that will come out from both ends of the rectangle.
  1. Draw them in such a way that the teeth looked curved towards the inner sides.
  1. Now use the scissors to cut the teeth and soften any rough edges using the emery board.
  1. Place the fangs in your kid’s mouth over their teeth and help them hold it in place.
  1. Try making the kid vampire teeth to complement vampire outfit.

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Moms, if you have ever made vampire teeth for your kid, do share the steps here with other moms too.

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