15 Incredible Ways To Make Your Ex Jealous Of You

When you want your ex to regret breaking up with you, the commonly asked question is, ‘how to make my ex jealous?’ Well, relationships can be complicated at times, and the issues reach a level where you and your partner are forced to call it quits. But after the break-up, you still want them to think about you and regret their decision, especially if they were the ones who initiated it. So, of course, the best way to do that is to make them feel envious as you flaunt and display your newfound freedom. But how? We got you. Read on for some effective ways to get your ex’s attention and make them green with envy.

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15 Ways To Make Your Ex Jealous

Before getting into the details, remember these are tips only to make them regret breaking up with you. It is in no way intended to hurt or taunt your ex’s feelings.

1. Cut contact with them

The first golden rule after a breakup is to cut contact with your ex; no drunk dialing, no fake SOS for help, or no urgent matter. When you maintain contact after breaking up, it shows how much you miss them and are dependent on them for your happiness. Cutting contact implies that you do not need them and are doing fine on your own.

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Block them on all social media platforms. This will make them curious to know what is happening with you post the breakup, whether you are seeing somebody, etc.

2. Work on your body

Work on your body to make your ex jealous

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Heard of the term ‘revenge body’? Made popular by reality TV star Khloe Kardashian, it refers to working out and eating healthy to get into your best shape after being dumped by a lover. When you look better and hotter, your ex is bound to feel jealous. And if this ‘new you’ gets attention from the opposite sex, then there is nothing better than to rub it in your ex’s face and make them envious.

3. Work on your appearance

Getting into good shape is useless without good clothes to show off all that hard work. The aim here is to look better now than you did when dating your ex. So, change your wardrobe and get some clothes that will make you look more attractive and parade around with your buddies for your ex to notice. Change your hairstyle and work on developing your personality. Let your ex see how wonderful you are.

4. Move with your life

Have you ever mentioned something that you wanted to do with your ex but never did? Now’s the time to do it. Also, ensure that the news reaches your ex. For instance, go skydiving or bungee jumping and share the images of your adventure on social media to make them feel left out. When your ex sees you having fun without them, they will feel jealous and may even want to get back to you.

5. Meet your friends

Meet your friends to lift up your spirits

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Breakups can make you sad, and meeting up with your gang can uplift your mood. Also, when you meet your friends, and the news reaches your ex, or they see your pictures online, they feel shocked at how well you are doing after the breakup. They feel the need to reconnect to know what is happening in your life.

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If you and your ex had planned a trip somewhere, make it happen with your friends. Post pictures and videos on your social media and let your ex know you are having a good time without them.

6. Hang out with someone new

An effective way to make your ex jealous is to tease them by letting them know that you are hanging out with a new person. You don’t need to be dating this new person, but when you hang out with them, it can give your ex the impression that you have moved on quickly, making them feel jealous. Remember to tell this new person about it, so it does not look like you are using them.

7. Get together with someone they don’t like

Did your ex ever restrict you from meeting or talking to a particular person because they were jealous of them? If yes, then connect with that person only to make your ex jealous. Remember to talk to this person only if you are comfortable with them and they are a nice person. Don’t do something just to trigger your ex and invite unnecessary trouble for yourself.

8. Be civil and nice to your ex

Be civil around your ex

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If you work with your ex, then be nice to them. Do not show anger or sadness after your breakup. Be normal around them. Look happy and excited as always. Seeing you cheerful makes them feel you’re doing well without her after the breakup. Your positive attitude makes you even more attractive to them, and they miss having you as a part of their life.

9. Praise someone else in front of your ex

Compliment someone in front of your ex and do it subtly and convincingly. Make sure you don’t overdo it. When you praise someone, especially of the opposite sex, in front of your ex, they will feel jealous firstly, because you noticed someone and secondly, because it shows that in a way, you are moving on from them quickly.

10. Be cool with them

In case you happen to bump into your ex and the one they are currently dating, then remember not to react. Instead, act completely normal. When you look unaffected, they feel the pinch of how unimportant they must be for you. It may not come easily to you but try your best to fake normalcy and contain your anger or frustration at least in front of them.

11. Ignore them on social media

Ignore your ex on social media

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Post about your regular but fun activities online and let everyone see how cool your life is. You don’t need to go out of your way to post something interesting. Upload pictures of you cooking a new cuisine or how the morning sun makes your skin glow, or even a workout video. Let your ex feel jealous of your happy and fun life so they realize what they are missing.

12. Be active on social media

Brag and boast about your regular but fun activities online and let everyone see how cool your life is. You need not go out of your way to post something interesting. Upload pictures of you cooking a new cuisine or how the morning sun makes your skin glow, or even a workout video. Let your ex feel jealous of your happy and fun life, so they realize what they are missing out.

13. Go offline at night

Ensure that you do not post on social media at night. Also, do not answer their calls or reply to their messages at night. Why? Because when you are unavailable, it makes your ex wonder what keeps you busy at night. They feel curious and even jealous, thinking that you could be seeing someone else.

14. Go on dates

Go on dates to make your ex jealous

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This one is a win-win situation for you. Firstly, meeting new people and getting back on the dating scene helps you get your mind off your ex. And if you click with someone new, then that’s awesome. However, when the news of you meeting new people reaches your ex, and if they still harbor feelings for you, then they will surely feel jealous and may want to reconnect with you.

15. Become successful

You will have to keep your ex aside and focus on your work and yourself for this one. Whatever you had set your eyes on, now is the time to go after it, guns blazing. Achieving success in life makes you happy and your ex envious. They will even hate themselves for leaving someone as successful as you.

How To Make Your Ex Jealous Over Text

Subtle texting can be a way to make your ex go green with jealousy. Here’s how to do it:

  • Ask casually over text if it was him that you saw in a nightclub or bar. The point is to let him know you are having fun and have moved on for good.
  • Send an apparently “accidental” text meant for someone else and apologize. The content may be a bit flirty or indicate a date plan. Though he may see through this one, it will fuel his jealousy.
  • If they are the one texting you and asking your whereabouts, do not answer immediately and answer with something suggestive. For example, “Had a crazy late night party, was sleeping like a log. Sorry for replying so late,” or “Was probably in the shower when you texted and left for some urgent work right after that.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Ignoring one’s ex powerful?

Ignoring your ex after a breakup is powerful because:

  • You get time to clear your head of all the confusing thoughts.
  • You get a chance to process your emotions and feelings.
  • You feel a sense of confidence and freedom to make decisions for yourself

2. Is it better to block or ignore an ex?

If you want to get over your ex but are having difficulty ignoring them on social media, it is better to block them. But if you wish to get back, you may take some time for yourself and ignore them for a while to clear your mind.

3. How can I make my ex miss me and regret?

To make your ex miss and regret you, work on becoming the best version of yourself by developing your talents, pursuing hobbies, improving your physical and mental well-being, and setting and achieving personal goals. Demonstrate that you are content and confident in your own life. Engage in activities that make you happy, surround yourself with supportive friends and family, and project a positive attitude.

Many people who have been through recent breakups find themselves asking the question, “how to make my ex jealous.” And there is nothing wrong with that. It is acceptable to try to make your ex jealous of your life after them as long as it does not harm you or them and you don’t provoke them to an extreme length. However, your life after them should not revolve around them all over again. Instead, focus on improving yourself and leading a happy and healthy life. Their failure to appreciate a loving, kind, and wonderful person like yourself should not be a burden for you.

Infographic: Unspoken Rules Of Making Your Ex Go Green With Envy

So you two broke up and have taken different paths in life. But sometimes, you miss them or may feel like making them envious of your life and achievements. Making your ex jealous may be temporarily thrilling, but it could backfire sometimes. Scroll through this infographic for some important dos and don’ts of making your ex feel jealous.

things to remember while making them jealous (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Cutting down contacts and working on your betterment can make your ex jealous of how you have moved on with life after the breakup.
  • You may be civil and nice in front of your ex and enjoy time with your friend circle and someone new to make your ex jealous.
  • Avoiding them on social media, going offline, and becoming successful in life can make your ex jealous.
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