21 Funny Pranks To Do On Brother

If you are fed up with being constantly outsmarted by your brother, you might want to retaliate and give him a taste of his own medicine. Your search for some pranks to do with your brother ends here. Pranking is a great way to bond with your brother.

Brothers can be quite annoying, and they don’t spare a chance to humiliate you. However, your prank should be enjoyable and shouldn’t hurt his feelings. Here are some fun pranks to pull on your brother and create some beautiful memories to cherish in the future.

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21 Pranks To Play On Your Brother

1. Pesky pizza

Creepy pranks to do on your brother

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Pizzas come with various toppings, but cockroaches are not one of them. Order a pizza for your brother with his favorite toppings. Unpack the box and place a fake cockroach on the pizza. If your brother is scared of creepy crawlers and he finds the cockroach sticking out of his pizza, you will enjoy his reaction. Keep the camera ready to capture the moment.

2. Sneeze scare

Dip your fingers into the water and place them on your hand when you’re ready to strike. Then sneeze and flick the water onto your brother. This prank can elicit a shriek out of him, especially if he is hygiene conscious.

3. Toothpaste trick

Add food coloring, preferably red, to the toothpaste tube. Your brother will be surprised to discover his teeth scarlet when he brushes. You can even take a handful of Oreos, remove the filling, and put white toothpaste inside. But after this, be ready for the consequences.

4. Mouse trap

Make your way over to your brother’s computer when he’s not using it. Select “mouse controls” from the settings or system options menu. Set the mouse tracking speed to the slowest setting feasible. You could even use a piece of tape to block the sensor on his computer mouse.

5. Tear jerker

No-tear toilet paper, prank to do on your brother

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Use no-tear toilet paper instead of conventional toilet paper. While it may appear to be a regular roll of toilet paper, it cannot be ripped or torn. So, when it’s finally time for your brother to peel off a couple of sheets, the fun begins.

Quick tip
If your brother is dating someone, this prank is a must-try! When you next see her, say, ‘Hi ____(some name other than hers), my brother keeps talking about you.’ Now watch your brother go bonkers when she starts questioning him.

6. Gas chamber

When your brother walks by or works on his computer, use a fart device to simulate loud farts. Enact as if you are making the noise. Keep doing the same a few times and record his reactions.

7. Egg-centric

Dip a raw egg into the chocolate fondue. Allow the chocolate to dry on the egg by placing it on a paper towel. Serve the eggs wrapped in colorful aluminum plastic wrap. The crunch will be egg-centric.

8. Weird sound

Who wouldn’t be frightened to hear strange noises coming from beneath their bed? You can keep an MP3 recording of a hissing rattlesnake, croaking frog, howling wolf, shrieking bat, or banging door under your brother’s bed. Your brother will jump out of bed as a result of these prank noises.

9. Salted cookie

Salted cookie, prank to do on your brother

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Instead of sugar, add salt to a batch of baked cookies. Decoratively pack the cookies in tins or arrange them on a dish. Place the plate on the table. Remember to keep a camera ready to catch your brother’s expressions as he bites into a cookie.

10. Dye to laugh

Purchase a bottle of colored dye. Add it to the showerhead or shampoo bottle. Wait for your brother’s shower to finish. You can enjoy his scream and his look when he comes out of the bathroom, blue from head to toe. Take a picture of him and share it on social media for more fun.

11. Blowhorn

Use duct tape, secure the bottom end of a blow horn to the wall behind a door. The horn will activate when the door hits the wall. The sound will startle your brother, and his reaction will let you have fun.

12. Caramel shallot

Insert a wooden stick into the onions. Dip the onions in the caramel fondue and set them aside to dry. Serve caramel onions to your brother and find them cracking with this delectable treat.

13. Bugging way

Picture your brother’s horror when he pulls back the covers to find a swarm of bugs. Hide the plastic bugs in drawers and behind pillows, and ask him to find your lost phone. Once he finds fake bugs flying out of drawers and from the pillows, you can enjoy his frightening sight. However, if your brother is too scared of crawlers and insects, avoid this prank.

Quick tip
Here’s another witty prank idea. Continue to stare at a wall, then nod your head and, to make things even creepier, start talking as if someone is speaking to you! Again, be careful not to break the suspense.

14. Shoe surprise

The shoes don’t fit, a prank to play on your brother

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Another way to prank your brother is by making him believe that his feet are growing faster. To block your brother’s feet from fitting inside his shoes, fill them with socks, a handful of cotton balls, or tissue paper. As your brother tries to put on his shoes, he will wonder why the shoes don’t fit.

15. Maze of folders

When your brother is away, access his computer. Log in and conceal his documents in a tangle of folders. Replace the content of duplicate copies of the original file, making it impossible to find the correct one. When your brother tries to find documents, you can enjoy watching him.

16. Gleeful glue

Take a small amount of dry glue and attach it to the cap of your brother’s shampoo, deodorant, or shower gel. The next time your brother tries to open, it will be a nightmare. He’ll have no idea why the bottle won’t open.

17. Soap opera

On a new bar of soap, apply a coat of nail polish. Before keeping it in the bathroom, let it dry. He’ll be perplexed because the polish prevents the soap from lathering. Ensure there’s no other soap in the shower.

18. Sneaky snake

A fake rubber snake is amusing in any part of the house, but not in the toilet. You can tuck the head of a plastic snake towards the toilet drain or hide it in the toilet bowl. Watch your brother’s response when he screams for help.

19. No battery

Switch the television to your preferred channel and then turn it off. Remove the batteries from the remote control to make it difficult for your brother to operate the television. It’ll be hilarious to watch your brother stressing out.

20. Fan of joy

The ceiling fan, an often-overlooked appliance, can be a perfect muse for pranks. When your brother is away, place confetti on the top of the ceiling fan blades. As he flips the switch to turn on the fan, confetti will shower on him. You can sneakily slip some non-sharp objects into the fan’s paddles and enjoy the fun when they scatter.

21. Bubble surprise

Bubble wrap prank to do on your brother

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Put bubble wrap under the runner in your brother’s room or bathmat to give him a nasty surprise when he steps on it. Nothing beats a loud, unexpected noise to startle your brother. These tiny sheets of plastic air pockets may appear innocuous, but when placed under a mat, they generate a loud noise.

A little harmless prank doesn’t hurt anyone. If you want to get back at your brother for ordering you around and teasing you, here are some funny pranks to do on your brother. Mess with his food or belongings and use your creativity and cunningness. However, keep in mind that pranks are meant to amuse both persons. Ensure that you consider safety and smartly carry out your plan without damaging any property or hurting anyone that could put you in trouble.

Infographic: What To Do And What Not To Do While Pulling A Prank

Pulling a prank on someone is always a fun experience. But, the preparations for pulling a prank on a family member differ from those of pulling a prank on friends. Thus, there are certain dos and don’ts that you need to be aware of while pulling a prank on your brother. We have prepared the following infographic to help you remember those essential points.

dos and don'ts of pranking siblings (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Toothpaste trick is one of the best pranks for siblings where you add the food coloring to the toothpaste tube.
  • It’s never too old to startle your siblings with a blowhorn.
  • Playing a prank on your brother with a rubber snake is always fun.
  • As you scroll, you’ll find plenty of prank ideas, including soap operas, gas chambers, bubble surprises, and many more.
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