How To Prevent Your Baby From Waking Up At Night

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Babies have a sleep pattern that very often wakes them up at irregular hours throughout the night. As a mother, this inconsistent sleep pattern might be causing you to lose out on a lot of sleep as well. Getting your babies to sleep through the night is one of the biggest challenges moms face, and that’s why we’ve listed below a few tips that you can follow to help your baby sleep comfortably through the night.

Before we get to how to make your baby sleep well through the night, let’s have a look at what is keeping your baby awake.

What’s Keeping Your Baby Awake At Night?

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Your baby’s sleepless nights might be due to numerous reasons. Some of the common reasons why your baby is waking up at night are:

  • They need to be fed.
  • They are facing some discomfort— for instance, a wet or soiled diaper.
  • Your baby is teething and requires physical comfort.

Here are some effective methods to prevent your baby from waking up at night!

Establish A Bed-Time Routine

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It’s never too early to introduce your baby to a fixed bedtime routine. Plan out a simple and sustainable bedtime routine— something that is easy to follow every night. Fix a sleep pattern and put your baby to sleep at the same time every day. You can also try to associate your baby’s crib or bedroom with sleep by putting them to sleep in the same place. Be consistent, as this will help your baby gradually get accustomed to the routine. Try to create positive sleep associations for your baby and include calming and soothing activities like shushing and swaddling.

Opt For An Highly Absorbent Diaper


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It’s pretty obvious that a wet and leaky diaper equals a fussy and crying baby in the middle of the night. Moreover, leaking diapers can increase the risk of diaper rashes in your infant’s delicate skin. To prevent rashes and other infections, you need to invest in a diaper that is highly absorbent and provides long hours of leakage protection.

MamyPoko Extra Absorb Diaper Pants is designed with premium Japanese technology to meet every Indian mother’s needs. Its crisscross absorbent sheet provides upto 12 hours* of absorption and prevents leakage and heaviness, keeping your baby dry and comfortable throughout the night. MamyPoko pants not only let your baby sleep better but also allow you to get an extra hour of sleep as well.

Help Them Bond With A Security Object

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You can also try associating a small object— for example, a soft sleep toy or a comfy blanket with sleep time. It will help your baby to remain calm and also feel secure. Essentially, this object will help meet your baby’s need for love and attention, even when you or your partner aren’t around. Moreover, it creates a positive sleep association that helps your baby in their partial awakenings.

Always Keep A Calming Ambiance

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A calming and soothing ambiance can be everything! Keep your baby’s bedroom at a comfortable temperature, and make sure that the room is relatively dark. You can also try including a warm bath, a diaper change, putting on some cute PJs, and singing your favorite lullaby. You may even give your baby a soothing massage to help them sleep better.

Once you start repeating this routine, your baby will begin to associate these activities with sleep— creating the right atmosphere for bedtime. After you put your baby to sleep, you can try playing some white noise on your phone. It provides a consistent, soothing sound for your baby to fall asleep to and drowns out any other noise from around the house.

If you are struggling to keep your baby asleep through the night, then make sure you follow these simple steps. Also, try to identify the cause behind your little one’s sleepless nights. In most cases, it would be a wet or a soiled diaper, making your baby uncomfortable. To ensure that your baby sleeps peacefully at night, invest in a diaper that provides long-lasting protection from leakages, such as MamyPoko Extra Absorb Diaper Pants. It makes every Indian mom’s life a bit easier because when her baby gets that extra hour of sleep, she can also get some ‘me’ time to relax and finish her work.

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*The hours vary according to the individual baby’s urine output.

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