How To Start A Conversation With A Girl: 21+ Simple Ways To Do

You like a girl and want to impress her with your wit and charm. But are wondering, “How to start a conversation with a girl?” Talking to her gives you the jitters, and you are confused about starting a conversation. If you can relate to these questions, this post is the answer for you. Feeling the pressure before going and talking to the girl you like is normal.

There might be many questions running through your mind about the conversation and whether or not you will be able to impress her. It’s not rocket science. All you need is some courage, along with some tried and tested tips and tricks. Read on as we share some easy ways of starting a conversation with a girl.

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Tips To Start A Face-To-Face Conversation With A Girl

Starting a face-to-face conversation with a girl can sometimes be intimidating. Knowing what to say will help you relax. Here are some ways to make a great impression.

1. Compliment her

Women love being complimented. Be sincere and courteous in your compliments and draw the line. Salacious or strong remarks might backfire.

Compliment her smile or her eyes and tell her she is beautiful. You can speak about her attire and address her in a respectful manner. Say something, such as “The dress looks amazing on you” or “That’s a lovely dress!” Keep it short, impactful, and genuine, and do not go overboard. The idea is to make a good impression. Too many compliments might make you come across as creepy, needy, or insincere.

2. Greet her

You don’t always have to use a corny pick-up line to approach a girl you like. Sometimes, a simple ‘Hi” goes a long way. Put on your best smile and greet her warmly with a simple “Hello.” Work on your body language and be open, relaxed, and confident.

Do not forget to make eye contact and be attentive while greeting. Maintain a respectable distance and do not intrude on her personal space. Observe her reaction while deciding your next approach. If she seems uninterested, step back.

3. Introduce yourself to her

Man and woman introducing each other

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When you meet someone new, it is good to tell them about yourself and get them interested. Start the conversation by telling her your name, and if she looks at you with interest you can continue to say something about your profession or interests. Sharing why you approached her might intrigue her too.

You can use a funny anecdote to make your introduction livelier. Keep it short and sweet. If you talk too much about yourself, she will probably feel you are too self-absorbed. While talking about yourself, notice her body language. If she smiles or appears to listen intently, then the conversation is probably going well but be sure to ask her questions as a follow-up.

4. Refer to a common thing that connects

Starting a conversation by talking about something common between the two of you helps establish an instant connection. If you are at a party, you could say, “It’s a nice party, right?” or “Do you know the host?” and take it from there based on the response. If you have met through mutual friends, you can ask her how she knows that mutual friend. While initiating conversation, be casual but show interest.

5. Use a pick-up line

A pick-up line can be a great way to break the ice and interact with her. Pick-up lines can be corny, but you will score a brownie point if they make her smile or laugh. Body language, delivery, and the content of the line or dialogue matter. If your posture is relaxed, your eyes twinkle with amusement, and the delivery is confident, you can make a great impression. As for the content, consider the setting, the mood, and your intention.

You could try something subtle, such as, “My friends think angels are a myth. Can you please meet them and prove them wrong?” or a romantic pick-up line, such as, “I thought my day couldn’t get any better, but then I saw you and realized I may have  just met the woman of my dreams.”

6. Ask her about her interests

Asking someone about their likes and interests can help you build a rapport and keep the conversation flowing. You can be indirect if you don’t want to seem too forward. If you see her enjoying a song in the club, you could say, “I love this song!” “Do you like it too?” If she replies affirmatively, you can follow this up with the question, “Did you listen to the new single by this singer? It’s groovy too!”

You can use the direct approach as well. It’s good to stick to neutral topics in the beginning. Refrain from asking personal questions. Ask her about the movie she recently enjoyed, the TV show she binges on, and the type of food she likes. When she starts talking, pay attention and repeat some of what you hear. Girls like guys who are good listeners.

7. Enquire about her day

Couple having a conversation

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Asking her about her day can be a good conversation starter. Be gentle and kind when you pose the question. You could ask, “Hey, how was your day?” If she gives a one-word answer, prompt her further by asking, “What did you do today?”

Let her know you genuinely want to know her. Your politeness may prompt her to open up. If she seems unhappy with her day, cheer her up by telling her a funny or embarrassing thing about your day.

8. Request for her guidance

Asking her for a suggestion or help can be a good way to break the ice if you are nervous about approaching her directly. If you work at the same office, you may ask for her guidance in a particular project. In college, you could approach her for notes or ask for study tips. If you meet at a party, start by asking her for directions or feedback on the food or drink.

Tips To Start A Conversation With A Girl On Text

Right techniques can help you have long text conversations with the girl you like, even if you are shy or reticent. If you are wondering how to start conversation with unknown girl online, here are some easy ways to initiate a talk.

9. Send her a sweet good morning text

Man sending a text

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Sending her a sweet good morning text is a great way to occupy her thoughts and make her feel compelled to converse with you. You could text a short and impactful message like, “Hey, was thinking about you so thought to check in with you. Have a great day!” or compliment her by saying, “Talking to you makes my morning coffee more refreshing and sweeter. Good morning!” Send the message and wait for her reply. Don’t bombard her with texts if she doesn’t reply.

10. Share a flirty message

If you are pondering over how to start a conversation with a girl on text, sending a flirty text could work well if you have known her for quite some time. Some light-hearted flirting can be a mood uplifter and adds spice to any conversation. If she flirts back, you can even ask her out for a cup of coffee! You could say, “Every time I think about you, a smile lights up my face.

You can also playfully tease her a little by saying, “You were in my dream last night. Did you miss me that much?” or “I adore everything about your beautiful laughter, even the cute little snort you make.” End the text with a smiley face to reinforce the fact that you are just teasing.

11. Talk about a future event

It is a simple way to start the conversation with a girl who has recently shared her number with you. It would be an ice breaker, and you wouldn’t come across as creepy or desperate. You can start with a question or a statement. If a mutual friend’s party is coming up, you could ask, “Hey are you coming for the party tonight?” or you could say, “Hope to see you at the party tonight.”

If you are in college and a test is coming up, you can start the conversation by saying, “All set for the test tomorrow? I am super anxious about it.” You can also start the conversation by talking about an upcoming holiday, for example, “Hey, it is Christmas next week. I am very excited. What are your plans?”

12. Share something that she enjoys

A relatable meme or a cute photo is a great way to lift someone’s spirits and get the conversation flowing. If it’s a funny meme, you can share it with a message, “Hilarious, isn’t it?” If it is a video that you think she would find adorable, text her, “This made me think of you” with a smiley face.

She may appreciate you for lifting her spirits and making her laugh. But be careful not to load her phone with too many messages, or she might start ignoring them.

protip_icon Did you know?
Sharing a romantic or funny meme can lighten the mood and let your significant other know that you are thinking about them, even during a busy schedule.

13. Request recommendations

Asking her opinion is not only a fantastic conversation starter but also sends a message that you value her opinions. It is also a great way to know her views and choices. You can ask for her recommendations about various things. For example, you can text, “Hey, thinking about watching a new show/movie, any suggestions?”

If you are a foodie, it would be a great idea to know her food preferences. You can bring up the topic by texting, “Was planning to eat out today; any restaurant recommendations?” If she loves food too, she would happily recommend several places. In case the conversation continues positively, you can even ask her to join you.

14. Ask stimulating questions

Posing interesting open-ended questions can help you know each other well and keep the conversation alive. Questions such as, “What is the weirdest thing you have done?” would result in tons of stories exchanged back and forth. Hypothetical questions, such as, “If you were given one superpower for a day, which one would you choose and what would you do?” can also keep things interesting.

You can also go for this-or-that questions. For example, “Pizza or pasta?” “Friends or The Office?” “Mountains or beach?” You can cover a wide range of topics with this and uncover plenty of things about one another. Avoid yes or no questions as they can end a conversation quickly.

15. Share random but interesting stuff

Couple sharing random but interesting stuff

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Sometimes, random but exciting things can change the mood, leading to a great conversation. Choose facts that suit the time, occasion, or her personality. You can add a question related to the fact. For instance, if it is time for her coffee, you could send her this: “Did you know coffee helps you live longer? How many cups do you have in a day?”

You can state a fun fact about music. For example, “Did you know that the kind of music you listen to impacts the way you perceive the world? What are you currently listening to?” And, the conversation can go on.

16. Create suspense

Texts that create mystery can be a great way to intrigue her, and she may reply faster. The key to such texts is the amount of information shared. You can go for texts such as, “Hey, today, the most amazing thing happened.”

Using the topic of her interest and creating suspense would make her excited. For instance, text her saying, “Hey, I was watching “Stranger Things” as per your recommendation, and I have a crazy theory. I can’t wait to share it with you.” If you go to the same college, you can use that reference to create a mystery. For example, “You wouldn’t believe what Professor Jones did in class today.” The right amount of mystery can entice her into a conversation.

Tips To Start A Conversation With A Girl Online

Girls could be cautious while having an online conversation because of the unpleasant experiences they usually face. With the right approach, you can please her to exchange words and break the ice. Here are some ways to get in touch with the girl you like and start an online conversation with her.

17. Be quirky

Showing your sense of humor and quirkiness can get you noticed faster and make a great impression. Send a quirky message with a question or try to keep the message unique and light. Avoid anything offensive, and do not go overboard with the humor.

You can say, “Hey, fellow Game of Thrones fan, I think Lord Baelish is smarter than Lord Tyrion. What is your opinion?” If she is wearing a t-shirt in her profile picture, you can go with, “Hey, I have the same t-shirt you are wearing in your profile picture. Are you sure you didn’t steal mine?” Go with something silly which could make her smile, “Hey, your cat is so adorable! My cat is mesmerized and would like you to share her number?”

protip_icon Did you know?
Women are more attracted to men with a good sense of humor. Positive humor benefits dating and increases the chances of building a fulfilling connection.

18. Take her profile’s help

Check the bio or description of her social media handles to get cues on reaching out to her and starting the conversation. If she has mentioned she is a book lover, you can start by saying, “Hey, I see that you are a bibliophile. Which is the last book that you found interesting? I loved “A Man Called Ove.”

Suppose she mentioned that she likes a particular show, you can text, “Hey, your profile says you love Friends; I love it too. Who is your favorite character?” If she is an avid traveler, you can write, “I am pleased to come across a fellow globetrotter. Where was your last trip?”

19. Drop the name of your mutual friend

If you find mutual friends on social media, you can use their names to kickstart a conversation. It will help establish a better connection as she would give you a better chance than a random guy with no common friends. You can say things such as, “Hey, I came across your profile and saw that we both know Matt. He is my college buddy. How do you know him?”

20. Use the posts she shared

Couple showing posts

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Her posts can tell you many things about her personality. You can use them to break the ice and make contact with her online. If she has shared cute dog videos, you can start the conversation by referring to the dog you own or expressing your love for dogs. For example, “Hey, the dog video you shared is adorable. It reminds me of my lovely lab, Leo. Which dog do you have?” If she shares a cake recipe, you can ping her online, “Hello, that cake recipe you shared looks delicious. I wish to give it a shot. Any tips before I start?”

21. Aks her permission

Asking for permission before starting a full-fledged conversation online shows that you are considerate and polite. She wouldn’t consider you a threat and might give you a chance. You can start by telling her why you thought about messaging her and then proceed to ask for her consent. For example, “Hi, I came across your profile and found it very interesting. We have similar interests. Do you mind if we chat for a while?” You can also go with, “You seem like a really cool person. Are you free to chat for some time?”

22. Be patient

It is important to take it slow and be patient when starting a conversation with a girl. Being patient means respecting and giving her space to feel comfortable. This helps build an authentic connection because it shows your interest in talking. Patience also makes the chat more relaxed and enjoyable without rush or pressure. Plus, when you are patient, you are a good listener, and that helps you understand what the girl is saying. So, keeping calm and taking your time at the beginning of a conversation can improve it and may lead to a good connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if a girl is interested in talking to me?

Several signs can say that the girl is interested in talking to you. These may include frequent eye contact, smiling and laughing, initiating conversation, and reciprocating body language.

2. How do I transition from small talk to a deeper conversation with a girl?

Ask her open-ended questions that require longer answers. Also, ask her questions that tend to have enriched answers, such as questions related to her hobbies, favorite foods, and preferences in music. These can help you transition to deeper conversations with her.

3. How do I handle awkward silences during a conversation with a girl?

If you sense an awkward silence moment is about to emerge or has already occurred, ask open-ended questions or questions related to similar interests and personal stories. You may also pass some humorous remarks to tackle and avoid these awkward silences.

4. How do I avoid being too nervous when starting a conversation with a girl?

Practicing your opening lines, making a list of things to talk about, and some breathing exercises can do the trick to prevent you from being nervous when starting a conversation with a girl.

Knowing how to start a conversation with a girl can do wonders in your life, especially when you like someone and want to communicate with her. You can start a discussion with her by introducing yourself, greeting her, paying compliments, and bringing up popular topics of conversation. To break the ice, you can also use some pickup lines. You may send good morning messages or quotes to begin a conversation over texts. Remember that conversation should happen in two ways; hence, you may tailor your conversation according to her responses and interests. Hope that these tips on how to start a conversation with a girl will help you win her heart.

Infographic: Conversation Starters You Should Avoid

While some topics can be excellent conversation starters, there are certain topics that you should avoid when trying to start a conversation. In this infographic, we list a few of such topics that you need to steer away from. Give it a read and save it for future assistance.

topics to not start conversations with (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Starting a conversation with a girl can sometimes be nerve-wracking, but some old tricks with a modern touch can help you impress her.
  • A flirty compliment, a sweet text in the morning, or talking about mutual interests can be great conversation starters on text.
  • Be confident, mindful, and respectful of her responses for a smooth exchange.

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