21 Creative and Clear Ways to Tell a Guy You Like Him

Are you smitten by a guy? Isn’t it a magical sensation? The happiness of finding the one you were looking for is boundless. Being enamored with someone is truly a wonderful feeling. You are excited and can’t wait for him to know how you feel. So how to tell a guy that you like him? As it is just the beginning and a crucial stage of any relationship, you don’t want to make any mistakes. So knowing the right way to express your feeling is essential. If you feel confused and overwhelmed trying to find the perfect approach, we have got your back. In this post, we suggest some best ways to share your feelings.

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When To Tell A Guy You Like Him

Though you may be tempted to convey your feelings to a guy, you may wonder whether it is the right time. The below signs tell you it is time to let the guy know how you feel about him:

  • You can’t help thinking about him all the time.
  • It is difficult for you to hide your feelings any longer.
  • You have a strong intuition that your feelings will be reciprocated. However, you are also mentally prepared for a rejection.
  • You feel comfortable with him and can be your natural self around him.
  • You know he would take you seriously and not dismiss your confession as a joke.
  • You know him quite well, you are aware of his future plans and they sync with yours.

21 Best Ways To Tell A Guy That You Like Him

Now that you realize you are ready, here are some tips you can use to tell a guy you like him. If you do not want to tell him directly, there are some subtle ways too. To kindle his interest, consider the following suggestions:

1. Flirt with him

Flirting is an excellent way to express amorous interest. Nothing communicates interest better than flirting. If you like a guy, sharpen your flirting skills and use them. Compliment him on his new shirt, his smile, looks, or intelligence. Let him know you admire his attributes and qualities. Tease him playfully or use his quirky habits or unique preferences to pull his leg. Making him smile is a great way to make a place in his heart.

2. Use subtle body language

Your body can express what you are unable to through words. If you find it difficult to confess your crush, use subtle body language cues to send the message. While talking to him, lean close and whisper in his ear. Give a slight touch on his shoulders or arms while speaking. Go ahead and use your hair as an attraction tool by simply flipping it or running your fingers through it when he’s looking at you. This simple gesture can be highly appealing to a guy and can effectively convey your message.

3. Dress-up

Whenever you plan to run into him, look your best. Wear an attractive dress for your figure, put on those high heels, and maybe some make-up. Dazzle him with your appearance. If you both are enjoying each other’s company, you can mention that you dressed up with fondness for him. Your actions will indicate your romantic feelings and captivate his interest.

protip_icon Quick tip
Do not overdo it with loud make-up, or something which does not reflect your true personality.

4. Use the power of prolonged eye contact

Prolonged eye contact, how to tell a guy that you like him

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The eyes are the messengers of the soul and cannot hide your feelings. To show him what your heart desires, establish prolonged eye contact with him. You don’t have to stare at him continuously. Make eye contact on and off. If he looks back at you, smile at him. You might even give him a cute wink. These subtle gestures may inspire him to pursue you.

5. Take the help of your friends

If you are shy or scared to let him know how you feel, ask your friends to do it for you. They can tell him directly. But if you think it is too forward, your mates can throw hints about your feelings and gauge his reaction. Either way, he should realize you are interested in him.

6. Enquire about his relationship status

Asking a guy if he is single or not is a sign that you like him. Most guys can pick up on this hint. Bring up the topic casually during a conversation and smile when asking. In case he is committed, take a step back. But if he says he is single, get him to open up about things he is looking for in a potential mate and subtly show him that you fit the bill. Tell him that you are single too if you wish to give him more hints.

7. Maintain your sunny disposition around him

If you feel happy around the guy you like, don’t be afraid to show it. Smile often, be cheerful and laugh without reservations. Happy women are pretty women; positive vibes will make you stand out from the rest. Your joy accentuates your features and makes you look more beautiful. He would notice your happiness and realize you are interested in him. So go ahead and woo him with your radiance!

8. Express interest in his life

Show how much you care by taking an interest in his life. Ask him about his passions, dreams, favorite food, and family. Make eye contact and listen when he talks. You can share the details about your life so that it does not seem like an interview. If you have any common interests, highlight them, it will show you are compatible. Such conversations also allow you to propose outings. For example, if he says he enjoys Thai food, you can suggest an excellent Thai restaurant.

9. Take the help of social media

Comment on his posts

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While you might be already keeping tabs on his social media, you could also use it to drop hints. Add pictures with captions that express your feelings. Comment on his posts and try to indulge him in an online conversation. Tag the guy in funny and relatable memes regularly to communicate that you are thinking about him. You could also add random posts that indicate you like him. If you start featuring on his social media, he would soon realize that you are interested in him.

10. Show him your caring side

If you are not ready to tell a guy you like him, let your actions communicate your feelings. Give him comfort if he is feeling low, and he would appreciate your support. If he works with you or is a school/college mate, offer to work with him on projects or assignments. You might cook his favorite food or buy him a small gift to show him he is special. Your ways of caring will express your emotions.

11. Reveal when you are jealous

It’s natural to yearn for the attention and affection of the person you fancy. A little jealousy is healthy, and it will show your feelings for him. If you feel jealous when your guy gets physically or emotionally close to other women, express that you are uncomfortable, hoping you are the one he is interested in.

12. Share texts or memes that indicate your feelings

If you feel shy or nervous facing him, text him to convey your interest. You can feel more relaxed and confident. Send flirty messages and text regularly to let him know how you feel. Sharing cute and quirky memes could effortlessly communicate that you like him.

13. Show him your good qualities

Talk to him about your traits

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You should show your best side to the guy you like. While having a conversation with him, share your likable and remarkable traits. You can have stimulating discussions with him about current affairs or books. If you are a person who volunteers and helps the needy, incorporate it into your conversation. You can talk about the importance of trust and commitment in relationships to let him know how much you value such traits. After knowing how you think and what you feel, he would understand what a good person you are and would like to date you.

14. Request his help

Men like helping others. You can make him your knight in shining armor by fulfilling that need. You might think taking a man’s help is old school as you are independent, but when you ask for assistance, this guy will know you trust his abilities and consider him reliable. Small things such as asking for his advice or requesting help for a project will make him feel needed. You could bewitch him by showing him that he is needed. It would boost his ego and make him notice you.

15. Confide in him

Being vulnerable in front of the guy you like creates intimacy. Have a candid conversation with him. Share personal things such as your fears, happiest moments, dreams, and problems. After knowing these, a guy would know you better and feel closer to you. He would feel honored that you trusted him. This act of trust may entice him to reciprocate and share his vulnerabilities and create a strong connection between you two.

16. Keep note of the things that matter to him

When you remember important things about a guy, you give him a sign that he matters to you. You need to pay attention when he speaks to you to recall such things. Keep track of his birthday and surprise him with a thoughtful gift. If he told you he has an important meeting at work, wish him good luck the same morning or the previous night. Remember his coffee tastes, favorite food, preferred music, significant events in his life, and family members and close friends’ names.

17. Talk to his friends

Convey your feelings through his friends

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If you have any mutual friends, they can help you convey your feelings to this guy. You don’t want them making declarations of love and affection, you just want them talking about you. Praise him to your friends, and ask questions about him. You could say, “He is such a great guy; is he dating anyone?” or “I have met such an interesting guy after a long time; will he go on a date?” His friends would know that you are interested and tell him about you.

18. Try to spend time with him

If he is part of your circle of friends, you might end up meeting in groups. Such a scenario is not ideal for sharing your feelings, but you might try to spend some alone time with him. You can watch him and learn more when you all hang out and catch up with him whenever he is alone.

If you all go out for a movie outing, snag a seat next to him. In case he goes alone to pick up something, you can offer to accompany him. Spending time together would also give you a chance to talk and make an impression on him.

19. Laugh when he makes funny remarks or jokes

Guys enjoy entertaining women and making them laugh; they feel good about themselves. Laugh when he tells a joke or a funny anecdote. Show him that you enjoy his sense of humor. Laughing together relieves awkwardness and creates a bond. Also, he would sense that you are interested in him.

protip_icon Point to consider
Avoid being too enthusiastic when talking to him. This can make him repulsive if he doesn’t think of you as a potential love interest.

20. Give him a letter or a greeting card expressing your feelings

If your hints do not work, try a more direct approach. But if you are afraid to express yourself in person, write to him. While you can text him, expressing how you feel, a letter or a greeting card is more romantic and shows your effort. You can use romantic quotes or famous poems and add some of your own words. You might find a greeting card that reflects perfectly what you wish to say.

21. Ask him out

Go on your knees

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A guy doesn’t always have to make the first move. Take it in your hands and ask him out. You can use the information he told you to plan a date. You can get two tickets for the film he wanted to watch. A date is a direct approach with no pretenses or hints. He would know you are interested and communicate his feelings. By doing so, he will be aware of your adoration and be able to reciprocate his feelings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I like him or the attention?

In case of such doubts, self-analysis may be the best option. If another person who gives you similar attention and has the same interaction seems good enough to replace him, then your feelings may not be deep enough. However, If you are really interested in him, you feel a special connection and enjoy every aspect of him being with you. His thoughts will be lingering in your mind even in his absence and the person will seem irreplaceable.

2. How do I tell a guy I like him over text?

Texting can be a great way to let a guy know you like him. However, you must be careful and ensure your man is focused. Keep it simple and try to avoid abbreviations. Do not directly confess, as it is better if done in person. You may begin by sending flirty or asking him out. Nevertheless, be prepared as your feelings may not be reciprocated, and avoid seeming desperate by sending back-to-back texts.

3. What is the first stage of liking someone?

The butterflies in the stomach and constant thoughts of the person you like are likely the first stages of liking someone.

The question about how to tell a guy you like him is quite common and may often leave you confused. However, we hope this post has helped you find the best approach to tell your person of liking that you are interested. Remember to be confident about yourself and not worry too much about the consequences. He would like you to be your true self rather than pretend to be someone else. Do not lose faith and get disheartened even if you do not get the result you were hoping for. The right one will come along at the right time.

Infographic: How To Show A Guy You Like Him?

Finally, you met the man of your dreams, and now you’re head over heels for him. But if you’re shy and reluctant about telling him your feelings directly. Check out the infographic below to learn some simple ways to show love. These subtle cues, meaningful gestures, and effective communication techniques will be helpful.

how to express your liking for a guy without telling him? (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • If you cannot tell the person you like him, use your body language to convey your feelings.
  • If you smile more, are happier, and laugh freely, he will notice you and understand you are interested in him.
  • Write him a letter or a greeting card expressing your love if you’re shy expressing yourself.

Watch the video for 5 easy steps to confidently express your feelings to the guy you like.

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