How To Tell If Someone Doesn’t Like You: 15 Clear Signs

No matter how good you are or how well you treat others, there will still be people who don’t like you. Thus, in this post, we apprise you of how to tell if someone doesn’t like you.

These signs will help you identify those who pretend to like you but, deep down, have a grudge against you. This way, you can cut them off from your life and avoid rejections and heartbreaks. Keep scrolling to learn more.

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15 Signs On How To Tell If Someone Doesn’t Like You

1. They have a closed body language

You can tell if someone doesnt like you from their body language

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People who don’t like you may express through their body language. You can often see such differences between introverts and extroverts too. People who like you lean towards you and engage in conversation while those who repel you may avoid eye contact, lean away from you, and cross their arms or legs or both.

2. They give a fake smile

If a person’s smile doesn’t seem genuine to you, it might mean they do not like you. In a happy relationship, when people are relaxed with each other, there is no need to force a smile. However, if a person doesn’t like to be in your presence, they may force a smile when you interact.

protip_icon Point to consider
These are only indications, and if you encounter them repeatedly, you may talk to them directly to know the reason for their behavior. However, consider your level of intimacy with the person before the conversation.

3. They scratch their neck

Scratching the neck is a common sign if someone doesn’t like you. However, it can easily be misunderstood as flirting. When you know for certain that the person is not flirting with you, this can be a sign of dislike. Sometimes, the person may raise their shoulders and try to hide their neck. It means that they are hiding something from you or they disagree with you but are not willing to discuss it further.

4. They try to create some distance from you

They maintain distance if they do not like you

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If a person is continuously moving away from you while you are interacting with them, they might not like you. While walking away is perfectly normal if they are busy, you need to observe if they do this regularly even when they aren’t busy. Many times, a person who doesn’t like you might shun or ignore you consciously or subconsciously. It simply means they have no interest in interacting with you and prefer to stay away from you.

5. Their conversations are surface level

If a person talks on a superficial level with you, it can mean they have no feelings for you. When someone cares, they will want to know genuinely how you are doing. They will ask questions that convey they are interested in you. This may make you feel comfortable enough to share intimate details about yourself. This happens because you know they care and are trustworthy. A person who doesn’t like you will not ask deep questions. They will be careful not to get in too emotionally deep.

6. They purse their lips

If a person purses their lips when you are talking to them, it might mean that they are uncomfortable in your presence. Sometimes, it could also mean that they do not agree with the topic of discussion. If you feel so, change the subject and see if they purse their lips again, which may suggest that they deny or disapprove of the new topic as well.

protip_icon Point to consider
If someone does not reply to your texts, avoids answering your calls, or does not call back even after days pass by, consider it an unfortunate sign they don’t like you.

7. They do not maintain eye contact

It is a basic etiquette to maintain eye contact when you are talking with someone. If a person is deliberately looking away from you while you are speaking, it could mean they don’t like you. They do not feel connected to you and so, they do not feel the need to maintain eye contact. They might be more interested in other things around them than what you are saying.

8. They maintain too much eye contact

Overdoing eye contact

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While not maintaining eye contact is a way to tell if someone doesn’t like you, the opposite is also true. A person who looks you continuously in the eyes doesn’t want to be in your company but feels guilty about their feelings. To overcompensate for their dislike, they stare at you while talking. They do this unconsciously but you can take it as a sign.

9. They don’t mirror your actions

When a person likes you, they unconsciously tend to mirror your actions, body language, or even your voice. It is one of the ways of socializing and making others believe that they are similar to you. However, when a person dislikes you, they do not mimic your actions. They do not see the need to be a part of your circle and hence, maintain their own stance.

10. They do not touch you

When a person likes you, even if you are just platonic friends, they tend to reach out and touch you. Touching is an intimate gesture that shows trust and also that they are interested in you. However, if someone isolates themselves from you or doesn’t like you, they will make no effort to touch you. Even if you are in a romantic relationship, and they have generally been open to touch with you in the past, they may touch you as little as they can.

11. They have forced conversations

There are times in everyone’s lives when they are too busy to answer your questions. However, if they persistently show an aversion for conversation and give monosyllabic answers to your page-long questions, it means they are not comfortable in your company or they do not like the topic of discussion. They do not see any reason to be affected by your talk and might withdraw into a shell, giving cold answers, thus trying to alienate themselves from you.

12. They keep checking the time

They do not like you if they keep checking time frequently

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If a person loathes you, they do not wish to spend more time than they can in your presence. They look for escape routes and check the time often. It is said that time flies in the company of friends. The opposite is also true. When you are with a person you dislike, time doesn’t seem to move at all. This might cause impatience and hence the constant time checks.

13. They talk only about themselves

While some people give out signs when they detest you, some people are too self-absorbed to do so and may overlook your presence altogether. They are not interested in you or your life. All they want is a person who will listen to them. If a person genuinely likes you, they will ask questions and try to elicit answers from you. People who dislike you will marginalize your input and may disdain your thoughts and opinions.

14. They are too busy to meet you

They may seem busy every time

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It is understandable when someone cancels a meeting at the last minute. However, if a person continuously turns down plans to meet you, you might want to reconsider the relationship. Everyone is busy with their studies, work, children, and errands. But if a person cares about you, they will surely keep some time aside to spend with you.

15. Their feet are pointed away from you

The next time you are meeting someone you aren’t sure is interested in you, take a glance at their feet. A person who likes you will have their feet turned towards you, and a person who doesn’t has their feet turned away from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I do when someone doesn’t like me for no reason?

If someone doesn’t like you for no apparent reason, don’t make assumptions and don’t let them affect you; instead, practice self-awareness, focus on personal growth, don’t wait for approval from others, and surround yourself with people who care about you.

2. Why are people friendly with the person they don’t like?

People can be friends with someone they dislike for various reasons, like they have been in a relationship with them and got bored of them, the person benefits from the other, or they empathize with the other.

3. How do I act with someone who I dislike?

It can be challenging to deal with someone who dislikes you, but it’s crucial to respond maturely and respectfully. To prevent the situation from worsening, you should try to remain calm and composed. Empathy is beneficial; if possible, you can diffuse the misunderstanding. However, it is wise to maintain self-respect and focus on positive relationships with others who value you.

4. How should I react if my dislike for someone is affecting my work?

If someone’s dislike of you impacts you, it shows that you invested in them and had reasonable expectations of them. However, you must avoid waiting or following them when there is no prospect of you getting together. Instead, focus on yourself by engaging in hobbies or activities that help reduce stress and consider new opportunities to improve your personality and well-being.

5. What is one word for ‘I don’t like you?’

Some one-word terms, which mean ‘I don’t like you,’ include dislike, detest, hate, enmity, and resentment.

It can be taxing and disappointing when you realize that someone doesn’t like you, especially if they are someone you care about. Many people refuse to accept reality when the dislike is from a crush, romantic partner, or a close friend. Knowing how to tell if someone doesn’t like you can help you distance yourself from that person and avoid unpleasant feelings and conflicts. This could also help you make your next step accordingly and avoid an awkward situation in the future.

Infographic: Signs Someone Doesn’t Like You

All your efforts to win their heart or form a good friendship may go in vain if they don’t like you in the first place. So instead of shooting a blank, learn to read the signs to see if they like you or not and take a different approach to make things work. Here are a few most obvious ones that indicate a person dislikes you.

behaviors that indicate a person dislikes you (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • You may be friendly and accommodating, yet there can be people who may not like you.
  • Avoiding looking into your eyes, having a forced smile, and continuously moving away while talking to you suggests that they dislike you.
  • Look for more signs and signals to ascertain the person’s true feelings before moving away from them.
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It is always challenging to find out what opinions people have of you. Here are ten significant signs to know if people don’t like you.

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