How To Tell If Someone Likes You: 33 Clear Signs

How To Tell If Someone Likes You

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We humans are complex creatures. We might feel one thing, mean another thing, and end up saying something entirely different. And in matters of love, the tongue seems to get into knots you never tied.

The suspense of not knowing how a person feels about you can drive anyone nuts. Hence, we rely on signs to understand what could probably be going on in a person’s mind. They may not spell it out to you, but there are ways to know if they like you or not. Here are some signs to tell someone likes you.

33 Signs To Tell Someone Likes You

1. Seeks reasons to make physical contact

When a person likes you, they will want to make physical contact with you. A playful punch or a light hand on your shoulder means the person likes you and enjoys your company. And if someone seems fine with your touch,  it means they are comfortable with you and do not mind the physical contact because they like you.

However, keep in mind that your ‘friendly’ touch should not make them uncomfortable. Always gauge the person’s reaction to your proximity. If you see someone recoil when you touch them even lightly, back off immediately. Similarly, if someone’s touch makes you uncomfortable, express your discomfort either through words or actions. Avoid doing anything that can be perceived as sexual.

2. Mirrors you

A person who likes you will tend to consciously or unconsciously match your mannerism or style of speech or other nonverbal behaviors. This is called the act of mirroring. When it is deliberate, it means that the person is trying to be in sync with you because they like you. And when it happens subconsciously, take it as a sign that they really like you.

3. Makes frequent eye contact

“The tongue can conceal the truth, but the eyes never!” — Mikhail Bulgakov

When someone gazes into your eyes longer than other people, it means they are trying to bond with you. Of course, staring can make anyone feel uncomfy. But if a person likes you, their eyebrows will tend to move a lot. They will want to look at you more than anyone else and make eye contact with you even from across a room full of people.

4. Changes behavior

People often tend to change around their ‘special someone.’ For instance, you know an extroverted person who is very talkative with everyone. But the moment you are around, they feel nervous and avoid speaking or speak less. The complete opposite happens to an introverted person. They tend to speak more and louder when around someone they like. Such an unexplained change in behavior is an excellent sign that the person likes you.

5. Changes posture

If you like someone, you will ensure that you always look good in front of them, won’t you? So, the next time you see someone push their shoulders back, straighten their back, or suck in their stomach whenever they spot you, know that the person likes you and wants to look good before you.

6. Leans in a little too much

Someone who likes you will be all ears. They may not even realize it, but will tend to lean in a little extra when talking to you. This leaning in happens because they put on extra attention, and their body responds to the feeling even when they are not fully aware of it.

7. Offers complete attention

Some people are so addicted to their phones that checking the screen is no longer a habit but second nature. So, when such a person is hardly distracted by their phone when engaged in a conversation with you, it is a major sign that they like you and that you have their full attention.

8. Points their feet in your direction

When someone likes you, their feet will often be pointed in your direction. It is not very common but is a subtle sign that a person who likes you shows unintentionally. When someone has feelings for you, but for some reason, is hiding it, their body will respond to how they truly feel. They may be in conversation with someone else, but their frontal body position will automatically point toward you because that is where their mind is.

9. Asks you questions

If a person keeps asking you several questions about you, your family, your friends, etc., be sure that the person likes you. They will pay close attention to whatever you say and will always want to learn more about you. 

10. Takes an interest in your interests

You mention your love for Korean dramas to someone, and suddenly, they too start watching K-dramas. You tell them how much you loved Taylor Swift’s latest song, and they make it a point to listen to that song. If they remember all your likes and dislikes and take an interest in your interests, it is a strong sign that they like you.

11. Remembers important dates

Whether it is your birthday or your pet’s birthday, if they remember all the dates that are important to you, it shows they really care about you. However, in case they are unable to remember dates, do not assume that they do not care; it could be dates are not their main preference but other signs have shown for you.

12. Laughs at your jokes

Your lame joke must have been a mood spoiler for others but not for the one who likes you. This person will laugh the loudest at the silliest of jokes you crack. This is because they see you through their rose-tinted glasses, and anything you do will seem extra pleasant to them.

13. Responds to your texts quickly

Millennials know what the seconds or minutes of the wait between a text message and its reply signify. The faster the reply, the more the person likes you. And after texting, if the person makes efforts to keep the conversation going, it is a clear sign that the person likes talking to you and is totally into you.

14. Comments on your social media posts

It does not matter if your post is about your pet or a movie review, this one person will always like it and comment on it. It is because they clearly have a thing for you and want your attention. They will also make it a point to tag you in every post of theirs.

15. Invites you into their inner circle

If the person whose feelings you are unsure about invites you for an outing with their friend circle, it most likely means that the person wants you to be a part of their life because they like you. They also want to ensure that their friends like you, so you guys can hang out together.

16. Their friends act funny around you

When someone likes you, their friends will be the first to know of it. And when they act funny around you or tease you with that person, it is a clear indicator that the person likes you and has mentioned you to their friend circle.

17. Their friends try to bring you together

If you have noticed that despite making plans with a group of friends, you always end up alone with this one particular person, open your eyes to the fact that they like you. If their friends always try to bring you two together and leave you alone with this person, then they want you two together for real.

18. Notices everything about you

Many people may notice your new shirt or new hair color, but the one who notices the band-aid around your little finger is clearly someone who likes you. This person will notice the smallest of details related to you because they care about you.

19. Never gets angry

It is almost impossible to get angry with someone you like. You might accidentally lose their social security card, but they will take the news with a tight smile on their face. This is because they like you and don’t want to lose their temper before you.

20. Smiles a lot

Yes, love makes you smile. When in the company of someone you like, you have a very content and excited smile on your face. Notice how the person always has a silly smile pasted on their face whenever they are with you. This is because their happy hormones feel excited around you.

21. Widens their eyes on seeing you

If you have noticed someone’s widened eyes or dilated pupils on seeing you, know that it is because they like what they see. It is a very natural reaction that people cannot always control, making it a telltale sign that they have feelings for you.

22. Tries to know your relationship status

You may not like to share details of your personal life with anyone, but this one person will directly or indirectly try to find out your relationship status. They will try to make you open up about it because they want to know if the coast is clear for them to enter your life.

23. Shares personal details

You may not ask for it, but this person will willingly share vivid private information about their lives to you. This is because they like you and trust you with their personal stories. Also, they probably want to have a future with you.

24. Showers compliments

If this specific someone is always complimenting you, and you are not even their boss, know that the person likes you. It is their way of indicating that you have everything they are looking for in a prospective partner and that you are ideal for them.

25. Becomes a little jealous

When talking to someone of the opposite sex, this person will look restless and glance in your direction. They feel and act like that because they do not like to feel threatened by competition for your attention.

26. Repeats your name

This is not the most obvious of signs but is certainly one of them. The person will often like to talk about you to others and repeat your name a lot when talking to you. Since they like you, they like to bring up your name frequently.

27. Becomes clumsy around you

They may try to act their best around you but might often end up making a complete fool of themselves. This is because they are nervous around you, but do not want to miss any opportunity to spend time with you.

28. Misses you when you are away

If they show signs that they are missing you when you are away, it is a clear indication that they like you. These signs could be in the form of texts or calls. You could also tell it from their social media posts or learn from their friends.

29. Has your back

You made a silly mistake you are not proud of. The whole world turns against you except the one who likes you. This person will always support you and try to help you when you are feeling down. You can always count on them for some moral support.

30. Spends time with you

A person who likes you will find ways to spend time with you. When they can’t muster up the courage to invite you directly, they will tell you how pathetic they feel going to a movie alone or eating alone in a restaurant, hoping you will offer to join them.

31. Tries to make you happy

You may ask for a favor that is inconvenient for them, but they will still do it just to see you happy. For instance, you need some help at work, which requires them to put in extra hours, and they have booked a ticket for the latest movie. They will cancel the show and stay back for you because they would rather be with you.

32. Matches your pace

When walking with someone, it often happens that they either walk in front of you or behind you. The person who likes you will always walk with you. They will slow down or hasten their pace just to match your steps.

33. Knows your qualities

If you are bad at reading signs, ask them what they would want in an ideal partner. If they speak of qualities that you already show, know that they are giving you a clear hint that they are into you.

Trying to determine if someone has feelings for you can be a tricky thing. But the indicators above should more or less give you a clear idea of how people behave with the one they are interested in. If someone exhibits all or most of the points mentioned above, you can be pretty sure that they are totally into you.