How To Tell Someone That You Like Them: 25 Impressive Ways

How To Tell Someone That You Like Them 25 Impressive Ways

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If you are attracted to a friend or a crush, it might be time for you to tell them how you feel. However, telling someone you like them is easier said than done. It is complicated, and you could be nervous about losing a great friendship or making things awkward between you two.

But imagine the outcome if you confess your feelings. Though it might seem impossible to you, it is easy once you learn a few techniques. We made a list of how to tell someone you like them to bare your heart to the person you like.

When To Tell Someone You Like Them?

Timing plays a crucial role when you are about to confess your feelings. So, here are a few tips.

1. Figure out why you like the person

If you think you like a person, take some time to think about why you like them. Before you tell them about your feelings, you must be clear. This way, you might enter a relationship with them.

2. Try to find if they are attracted to you

When a person likes you, they give out some signs of attraction. These signs may be subtle and easy to miss. Look out for such cues so that you know the person is interested in knowing about your feelings.

3. Find the right time

Find a time when your crush isn’t stressed or in a rush. A day before exams or a big presentation isn’t the best time to discuss your feelings with them. Take them to a place where you can be alone with them and have a private conversation.

25 Creative Ways To Tell Someone You Like Them

Many people find it difficult to talk about their feelings. If you like someone, you might be scared of ruining your relationship with them if you tell them what you feel. Here is how you can express your feelings.

1. Give them hints

When you are attracted to a person, your body language goes through various changes without knowing it. For example, you lean towards the person while talking to them, you also tend to touch your face or hair, or constantly smile.

2. Confess sooner than later

If you have already been crushing on the person for a while, the sooner you let them know, the better. If they do not reciprocate your feelings, you have more time to heal. If they do, you can be in a relationship.

3. Show your excitement

If you like someone and are excited to see them, do not hide it from them. For example, if they enter a room where you are already talking with someone else, break the conversation for a minute, welcome your crush, and invite them to join you. Your excitement will soon be transmitted to them.

4. Smile and look at them

What could give you more happiness than looking at your crush’s face and smiling at them? While you can be discreet about it, you could give a hint that you are looking at them a few times a day. But don’t be creepy about it.

5. Share confidently

Confidence is a much-admired quality in a person. When you state your feelings confidently to your crush, there are chances they will consider your proposal even if they do not have the same feelings for you at the moment.

6. Don’t make a huge announcement

All those public announcements of love you see on TV are made when both parties have already communicated about marriage or relationship at some point. Proposing in public puts a huge amount of pressure on the person you are proposing.

7. Use simple language

Unless you are a literature expert, do not opt for flowery language. You don’t need to recite Shakespeare sonnets or quote movie dialogues to state your feelings. Keep your proposal as simple as possible.

8. Be their friend

If your crush is not your friend yet, you can reach out for friendship. Support them in their endeavors and try to get close to them. If your friendship transitions to a relationship, it would be a bonus.

9. Flirt with them

When you are alone with your crush, take your chance to flirt with them. However, keep it light and casual. Also, don’t flirt with them when you are surrounded by others. It could make your crush feel awkward, and they might try to move away from you.

10. Do it in person

The best way to propose to your crush is to talk to them in person. However, if you are too nervous, call them and talk with them privately.

11. If nervous, text

Texting is not the best way to propose to someone. But if you are extremely nervous about the outcome, text them about your feelings. This also gives your crush a chance to make up their mind without any pressure.

12. Give a slight touch

The power of touch is often underestimated. When you like someone, let them know your feelings by touching them casually on their arm or shoulder. You could give a high-five as well. The way you carry yourself when you touch them is important—keep it light and soft.

13. Dress well

Knowing that you look good increases your confidence. Select a well-fitting outfit that looks good on you and wear it on the day of the proposal.

14. Take them out on a date

Remember that there is no need for you to pour your feelings out as a romantic declaration at the beginning. Take them out on a coffee date instead. It is less scary, and your crush might get an idea of your feelings.

15. Talk to each other over the phone

Talking on the phone with your crush can give you immense happiness. Call them now and then, first about something casual, and then move on to more personal stuff.

16. Text each other more often

Nowadays, most people prefer texting to talking on the phone. You could send your crush a good morning and good night message occasionally. If they reply, take the texting game to the next level.

17. State facts

If you are friends with your crush, you might want to consider what a rejection may do to your friendship. Tell them that you value your friendship and wouldn’t want it to suffer because of this proposal.

18. Give them something they like

If the gifts are thoughtful, they will be appreciated more. Try to find what your crush likes and gift it to them. It needn’t be expensive, even a mixtape with their favorite tracks would be a thoughtful gift.

19. Make up a nickname

When you address someone by a nickname, it suggests your closeness with that person. Make a special nickname for your crush and address them by it. It will bring you closer, and they might get your hint.

20. Don’t say “I love you”

Saying “I love you” in the beginning might suggest that you do not weigh your words. These words carry a lot of weight and should not be thrown around casually. Use these words only when you feel you truly love a person for who they are.

21. Be honest

When sharing your feelings with your crush, honesty is the best policy. Tell your crush how they make you feel and explain why you want to be with them.

22. Say “I miss you”

If you do not meet your crush on a particular day or if they opted out of a plan with you and your friends, let them know you are thinking about them and missing them. A simple “I miss you” text can go a long way in conveying your emotions.

23. Kiss them on the cheek

Kissing your crush on the cheek before saying goodbye might be the best way to let them know what you think about them. You could accompany the kiss with a hug.

24. Give them all your attention

Even when you are with a group of friends, pay attention to what your crush is saying. It is a little gesture that makes them feel special and cared for.

25. Say something nice about them

When you are interacting with your crush, say something nice about them in an offhand manner. For example, mention that you like their shoes or their dress or that they smell good. These little things go a long way in letting a person know of your true feelings.

Telling your crush you like them might be one of the most difficult things to do, even if your crush is your best friend. All you need is to have realistic expectations and keep a positive outlook. Be as creative as you can be, and you could receive a positive answer.

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