How To Tell Your Crush You Like Them Over Text: 17 Simple Ways

You met a person some time ago and have fallen for them. Are you unable to share your feelings in person and wondering how to tell your crush you like them over text? Firstly, you need to understand if your feelings are pure love and not just infatuation. Once you confirm, gather the courage to talk to her about your feelings or shoot an ‘I like you’ message. And if you are looking for unique ways to reveal your feelings through text, read this post for some tips that will help you up your game and express your emotions. But remember, do not force your crush to respond immediately.

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Why Should You Tell Your Crush About Your Feelings Over Text?

Texting is a good way of communicating your feelings to your crush if you are shy or not sure about the outcome of your confession. It is often recommended to share your deepest feelings with your crush face-to-face. However, if you think you will not be able to face your crush, texting is better.

Through your text, you can let them know that you like them. A text message has several advantages. It gives your crush the time to rearrange their thoughts and decide what to tell you. Even if they are not interested in a relationship, they can politely say no and save both of you the embarrassment. On the other hand, if they do like you back, you can maintain the air of secrecy that is important in the initial stages of a relationship.

Texting can be a tricky game. You should be absolutely sure that your message is crystal clear before pressing ‘send.’ If you are worried about sending mixed messages, get a friend to read the text over.

17 Tips And Ways To Tell Someone You Like Them Over Text

If you’re wondering how to open up to your crush about your feelings, here are some easy and doable tips for overcoming your nerves and speaking your heart out!

1. Think if you really want to say it

Think if you want to text your crush you like them

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Telling your crush about your feelings is not a casual event. You need to think about how you feel about your crush in the first place. Do you want a full-fledged relationship with them or something with no strings attached? This is something you must think about at length before sending a text.

2. Be prepared for any outcome

When you send a text to your crush, there could be three possible outcomes – they say yes, they say no, or they don’t say anything at all. You must be prepared for any outcome. If they say yes, then you should be prepared to take your relationship to the next level. If they say no, you must have the capacity to accept it, and if they don’t respond, you should leave them alone and move on with your life.

Courtney Marmo posted a video of when she sent a text to her crush, confessing her feelings. In the video, she is supported by her friends. Her message says, “Sorry if this is weird, but basically I’ve liked you for so long now and I just really wanted you to know that.” After a few hours, Marmo’s crush responded saying he enjoyed their friendship and did not see them together as a couple.

A week later, she shares her thoughts regarding her experience. She states, “It sucks ‘cause I liked this person for so long. When I say so long, I mean like two years. Two years is a pretty long time and this really sucks. I’m not gonna get my hopes up… This doesn’t change anything, I still like him… It’s just really annoying when you find someone you think would be perfect for you, but they don’t like you back. But really, I’m not upset over it, I didn’t cry over it (i).”

3. Be clear

Ask a friend to read the text before you send it

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A text is not similar to directly speaking with someone. Depending on the receiver’s mood or their equation with you at the moment, they could interpret your text in a million different ways. You must be sure that your text is absolutely clear about your feelings. If you are unsure, ask a friend to read it over before you send it.

protip_icon Point to consider
To ensure favorable feedback, keep things simple. Don’t make your phrases so subtle or vague that they may not be able to understand your intentions.

4. Check the number before texting

This is a basic mistake that happens a shockingly high number of times. As you will be nervous at the time of sending the text, mistakes are bound to happen. Check and double-check the number of your crush before you press send. If you are talking or venting to some other friend at the same time, check their number as well because you don’t want a vent message to be sent to your crush, even by mistake.

5. Do not overthink

Overthinking can spoil the best of plans. If you spend too much time planning and thinking about the words, the time, the language, the tone, and the possible replies, you will never be able to send the message at all. Even if you do, your heart’s voice will not go through to your crush. It is best to keep it simple. Be bold and stop overthinking and write what you feel in your message box.

6. Make sure they have time

Text when your crush is in a relaxed mood

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It is not a good idea to text about something so important in the middle of the day in the week when your crush could be at work or doing practically anything. Pick a relaxed time when you know your crush will be in a more receptive mood for you to ask out. Set the conversational tone going, talk about their favorite topics first, and then send your text.

7. Skip abbreviations

Use abbreviations only when you are texting with friends who understand them. When you text your crush about your feelings of attraction and admiration towards them, it is important not to use these abbreviations. For one, they make your deep and emotional texts seem childish. Using slang might also put your crush off. Secondly, your crush might genuinely not know the meaning of these abbreviations. This will defeat the purpose of your text.

8. Don’t keep texting

If your crush doesn’t reply soon, it might be tempting to resend the text or ask them to reply. This is one of the basic mistakes anyone can make. Double texting can come off as desperate, and it may also annoy the receiver and put out the spark even before starting. Even if you say that there was a network issue, everyone knows what the truth is. Once you send your text, give your crush some space to process the message and reply to it.

9. Keep the tone light

Before you send the text to your crush, keep the conversation light and relaxed. This way, your crush will engage with you more readily. Make them laugh, laugh at their pleasantry, and in general, make them feel at home through your affection. Once you send your important text and they respond positively, you can move on to deeper things. Be patient and move slowly.

protip_icon Quick tip
Give them a compliment to flatter them now that you’re both comfortable enough around each other. Being truthful and keeping it brief are the keys to offering a nice compliment.

10. Get your friends together

Friends encourage you and take care of you during rejection

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This is a crucial point in your life, and the more support you get, the better. Get some of your closest friends together for moral support. As a bonus, you could ask them to check your messages before you send them to your crush. Friends are great for boosting your ego as well as taking care of you in the event of rejection.

11. Ease into the conversation

It is important to let your crush know what to expect before you send a text containing your heart’s desire. Instead of abruptly stating your feelings in the middle of a totally unrelated conversation, try to ease it in. You could flirt lightly over text and then tell them that you want to say something important to them. This way, your crush gets a hint of what is to come.

protip_icon Quick tip
Open-ended questions can keep your conversation flowing and help you learn more about your crush. You may ask questions about their favorite books, TV shows, movies, hobbies, YouTube channels, etc.

12. Don’t declare your love

This is the first time you approach your crush about your feelings. Even if you are in love with them, it would be better if you took things slowly. Do not declare your love in your very first text. This is sure to push your crush away. Instead, try to get closer to them by saying, ‘I like you’, and then proceed.

13. Don’t message continuously

Whether your crush says yes or no, do not keep texting them continuously. It is basic texting etiquette and will be appreciated by your crush as well. It is common for you to get excited if they say yes and start texting incessantly, but it could get annoying pretty soon. Decide a meeting time and place and leave the conversation.

14. Don’t reveal too much too soon

Reveal a bit of yourself every time

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This is another mistake many people make. In the initial excitement of their crush reciprocating their feelings, they expose too much about themselves to their crush. This leads to a possibility of vulnerability in the relationship. Spend time with them in the following days and reveal a bit of yourself every time you meet. This way, the excitement in your relationship remains for a longer time, too.

15. Give them an out

You must first accept that there could be an outcome that you may not be to your liking. However, it is your crush’s decision, and you must respect it. When you send a message stating your feelings, you must also allow them the option of refusing your overtures gracefully. Whether you want to remain friends with your crush or not depends on what both of you want.

16. Discuss with your friends

Your close friends are those who have seen you at your best and worst up close. They know what you want and how you are. Know what your friends suggest about this whole texting thing. Friends are great at giving pep talks and boosting your confidence even when you are not too sure about your crush’s feelings.

17. Don’t play games

This is a time for you to act mature. Stalking your crush or hounding them with endless questions about their unavailability will certainly push them away from you. Even while flirting, make sure you remain within limits. Insulting or belittling them in the garb of a ‘joke’ is a complete no-no.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some things to avoid when telling my crush I like them over text?

Be brave but also be respectful and considerate of their feelings. Avoid being aggressive or casual, pressuring them, making assumptions, using cliches, or sending too many messages.

2. How do I maintain my friendship with my crush if they don’t feel the same way about me?

Maintaining a friendship with a crush who doesn’t feel the same way about you can be done by taking time to process your feelings, being clear about your intentions, respecting their boundaries, focusing on the friendship, and being open to new possibilities.

3. How do I know if my crush is interested in me before I tell them I like them over text?

To know if your crush is interested in you, learn how they may express interest. The common signs may include making time for you, flirting with you, asking personal questions, and complimenting you.

Knowing how to tell your crush you like them over text is crucial if you live far away from your love interest. Texting them phrases such as “I like you” may not be impressive or convey feelings you intend to convey. Though you could use lovely words to express your feelings to your crush, ensure the receiving person enjoys your text and it is within limits. They can get bored or irritated if you send too many emotional texts before establishing a relationship.

Infographic: Tips To Tell Someone You Like Them, Over Text

You have been crushing on them for a while now. But, now it is time to face your feelings and confess them to them. In addition to the ways we have already told you, we have also prepared the following infographic with a few more points that we are sure you will like to keep handy.

tips to tell someone you like them over text (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Expressing your feelings for her through texting is not a bad idea if you do it the right way.
  • Make sure you are clear and keep the tone casual.
  • Wait for an answer and do not keep on texting for her response.
how to tell your crush you like them over text_illustration

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