How To Text A Girl: 30 Practical Tips To Try

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Do you wonder how to text a girl and not overthink while sending that message? Well, you are not alone. When you like a girl and are texting her initially, you may tend to feel quite confused. It happens because you want to impress the girl and not come out as desperate or clingy. At this juncture, overthinking every sentence of the text can make things worse.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your texting is intuitive and tailored to reflect your bond with her. With the help of certain techniques and texting etiquette, you can easily hit the chord right. Read on for some easy and interesting tips that can help you charm the girl you are interested in.

30 Amazing Texting Tips To Charm Her

You cannot message your crush the same way you text your friends. Keep these tips in mind when you text a girl and be prepared to receive some reaffirming positive responses.

1. Take her back to your previous times spent together

A great way to have an interesting conversation with a girl is to remind her of the great moments you shared. Recalling those happy moments would put her in a good mood, and she would think of you fondly. For example, “It was lovely meeting you.” “Your beautiful laugh made the waiter spilling wine on me worth it.”

Complimenting her and reminding her of the fun she had with you will help her associate laughter and joy with you.

2. Keep the exchange playful

Mundane questions, such as, “How are you?” and “How was your day?” can get boring after a point and halt the conversation. The key is to keep the conversation playful and light. It will make the girl smile every time she opens your messages. Here’s a simple example:

You: My dog is dying to meet the smart and pretty woman. Are you free tonight?

She: Hahahaha… Is he jealous?

You: He is green and also confused about why you choose to spend time with me.

Such cute messages and your playful attitude would make her look forward to conversing daily.

3. Write confidently

Girls admire confident guys. Being too unsure or hesitant might make her lose interest in the conversation. Be straightforward when sending her a message. Your confidence will make a good impression. However, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Arrogance is a huge turn-off, so tread this line carefully.

Do not say, “Stop whatever you are doing and meet me in 30 minutes.” It sounds presumptuous and inconsiderate. You can go for, “Hey, It was great meeting you. Are you free for dinner tonight?”

4. Maintain a positive message tone

Negativity and constant complaining are not attractive. Even a small, negative message can spoil the mood. Keep your messages positive and uplifting. Do not ruin her day just because you had a bad day yourself. If she asks you about your day, do not crib and complain to her—it makes the conversation dull. Keep your tone positive. Consider this:

She: Hey, how was your day today?

You: Burned my dinner again! I could use some simple food tips from the master. Will you teach me?

5. Avoid grammatical errors

Grammatical errors in the message make a bad impression. Some avoidable errors, such as using “to” instead of “too” or “your” instead of “you’re,” can be a turn-off. Also, avoid using abbreviations. Using “u” instead of “you” and “r” instead of “are” can make you come across as lazy or childish.

For example, avoid sending a message such as, “Hi, hw r u 2day?” Or “Wat did u do?” Instead, go for a well-composed text such as, “Hi, how was your day? Did you do anything exciting?”

Before sending a message, read, and make sure it has correct spelling and punctuation. A well-written message will show you as an intelligent, educated man who puts effort into what he cares about.

6. Keep the objective in mind

Whenever you text your crush, have an end goal in mind and keep the conversation mindful, focused, and authentic. Idle and irrelevant questions might bore her and make her fizzle out of the conversation. Be clear on what you want to achieve from the conversation. Do you want to ask her out? Know her better? Gauge her feelings for you? Identify your objective and accordingly work towards it. You can text her, “Hey, I am searching for something interesting to watch. What are you watching currently?”

7. Keep her hooked with exciting pictures

Instead of texting her what you did today, show it to her. Make her a part of your day by sharing exciting pictures of the incidences and adventures that occurred. They can be anything—exciting activities you indulged in, something you saw, or a new place you visited. It will make the conversation intriguing, and she will feel more connected to you. Here is an example,

“I went for the most exciting trek today. The view from the top is breathtaking!” (share the picture of the view)

8. Make use of the things she likes

The girl you like will appreciate you taking an interest in the things she likes. It will give you good topics for conversation. Read a book or watch a movie/tv show she is interested in, and then text her about it. Here is an example,

“Hey, I just finished watching Bridgerton. That reveal was crazy!”

It is a great conversation starter. She would be excited to tell you her theories and opinions.

9. Use experiences to create jokes

Sharing something funny that you both have experienced can be extremely relatable and make a lasting impression. The experience can be anything—a common friend with a weird habit or a classmate with a funny fashion sense. She will laugh and think of you every time she remembers or experiences that moment again. It will become an inside joke between the two of you, bringing you closer. For example,

You: Stan’s rendition of Romeo was hilarious; my stomach is still hurting from all that laughter.

She: Hahahaha. Dennis actually fell out of his chair laughing!

10. Ask about the events in her life

When you take an interest in her life, it shows you care about her. It will earn you brownie points. She will open up to you, and you will get to know her better. To do this well, ask questions about the events in her life, remember them, and then ask about their outcome at the right time. It can be anything—an important interview, a trip, an exam, or a presentation.

You: Hey, did your presentation go well today? Did you impress the clients with your knowledge and confidence?

She: The presentation went amazingly well. We received the contract!

11. Share relatable memes with her

Sharing funny memes will make her laugh and draw her attention towards you. She would appreciate your sense of humor and look forward to your messages. While random memes will make her laugh, sending relatable memes based on shared experiences can be impactful and a bonding opportunity. It can be anything that connects the two of you, something she shared with you, or any incidences that both of you witnessed.

For example,

You: (share meme) Does this remind you of something?

Her: Hahaha, our last college party. This is so apt!

You can also send her memes that reflect her quirky habits. It will add more fun to the whole exchange.

12. Wish her good night

A goodnight message is a great way to tell your crush that you think of her even when the day ends. She would go to sleep with a smile, knowing that she occupies your thoughts.

Since she read it just before sleeping, she will remember it the next day as well. You can use this message to initiate the conversation on the following day. Use these tips to send an appropriate message.

  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Avoid being flirty or corny at the beginning.
  • Send it at a decent hour to avoid disturbing her sleep or sending the wrong impression of your intention.

Consider this message: “Talking to you makes me smile all day long. I can’t wait to speak to you again tomorrow. Have an amazing night!”

13. Make her realize how special you are

It is essential to show the girl your good qualities and endearing traits to make her fall for you. It doesn’t mean you have to fake it. Be yourself and show her your personality. Occasional teasing or flirting is good, but don’t hide your true self behind it. She should know you have more depth than that. When she asks you, “What’s up with you lately?” you can say, “I was just helping mum bake cookies. I have become a pro baker now.”

The message shows her that you are a good son who helps his mother. You can talk about anything—being honest is vital in this case.

14. Drop hints about your feelings

Expressing how you feel might be a little intimidating when done face-to-face. Instead, you can do it indirectly by texting her. Share your feelings and see how she reacts. By keeping the tone of the conversation teasing, you can know what’s in her mind. The light tone will keep her guessing. For example, “I think I am losing my mind. Ever since I met you, I cannot focus on anything except you. Help!”

15. Avoid using endearments in the beginning

If you are getting to know each other and not dating yet, using endearments or pet names can be perceived as cringy, not romantic. Using terms such as “sweetheart,” “baby,” or “darling” from the get-go might make her feel you are too forward and disrespectful. It might create a bad impression. Initially, it is better to use her name only as not everyone is comfortable with pet names.

16. Make her crave your messages

Replying too fast will make you seem desperate and idle and might turn her off. Take your time, think, and then reply. When you don’t reply immediately, you give her an impression of a thoughtful person who has a busy lifestyle. Initially, you can keep a gap of 10-15 minutes before replying to her. Once you get to know each other better, you can adjust this time based on her expectation and convenience.

17. Mirror her texting style

Imitating or mirroring the way she texts is a good approach to follow in the beginning. If she uses a lot of emojis when she texts, you can also use plenty of emojis. If she uses big words and a lot of adjectives, you may follow in her footsteps. Check how much time she takes to reply. Does she take five minutes or one hour? Keep pace accordingly. Managing her expectations will help you keep the conversations flowing.

18. Make her feel special

Some girls love being pampered. If you like her and think she is special, show it to her. Complimenting her, sending her sweet messages, valuing her opinions, and respecting her choices will make her feel special. Be sincere and genuine. Here are a few ways to impress her: “I am glad I met a person as kind and thoughtful as you” or “Your fashion sense is amazing. Would you please help me shop?”

19. Let her know she is on your mind

When you start talking to a girl, you understand a few things about her. Sometimes these little things make you think of her when you go about your day. Instead of keeping them to yourself, let her know. It will uplift her mood. For instance, you can say: “Just had the most amazing chicken curry; made me miss you. I know you love it too!”

20. Don’t bombard her with texts

Bombarding your crush with too many text messages without waiting for her reply can make you seem impatient, or worse, desperate. She might be busy with her hobbies, friends, and job. There will be times when she is caught up in something and cannot respond. If you send her too many text messages, it might make her irritated. So, send her a message and wait for her response before you send another text.

21. Be respectful

Flirting and playful teasing is good, but it is essential to be respectful in your conversations. Using distasteful innuendos or crude remarks can be a turn-off. She should feel comfortable and safe when communicating with you. Even when you flirt, do not cross the boundary of decency. Sexist comments are a huge no-no. Remember, consent and comfort are essential for texting.

22. Let her know you care

If you care for her, convey it, directly or indirectly. She would appreciate the gesture. There are many ways to show her you care. Get to know her better by asking her about her life. Offer your support when she is going through a tough time or when she is not well. Allow her to vent if she had a hard day. All these things will communicate to her that she is important and you genuinely care for her. If she is going through a tough time, you can text her, “I will always be here for you. Just tell me if you need anything.”

23. Play the guessing game

If you know the TV shows and movies she enjoys, you can use the information for text trivia. Send her a text with a famous dialogue from the TV show and ask her which character said it or question her about different characters or storylines. It will build anticipation and excitement. You can then tell her to text you the question. The game will help you build a great rapport with her. You can start with, “Guess the name of Phoebe’s twin sister in Friends” (if she likes to watch Friends).

24. Initiate a mock challenge

She may enjoy it when you challenge her. Throw a challenge to surprise her and make her want to reply to you quickly. Your spontaneity will increase her interest. Use something common between the two of you or something she is passionate about. If you want to make her smile, text her a mock bet and see her reaction. Here are a few examples,

“I guarantee you, Rafa is going to win the Australian open tonight.”

“Bet you a dollar, Mr. Jones is going to wear his frilly red shirt tomorrow.”

25. Make way for a smooth conversation

When she asks you any question, your response should give way for further conversation, not halt it. If you give dull answers, the discussion will taper off. She might even stop texting if she gets bored. Keep the conversation alive by sending exciting texts that will motivate her to respond. Even if her question is common, keep your responses open and unique. Here is an example to help you understand:

She: What is going on with you?

You: Just thinking of joining a salsa class. Would you like to give me company?

The unique response will encourage her to respond, and the conversation will flow.

26. Keep your texts short and sweet

If your messages are too long, she might get tired of waiting and lose interest. Long-winded texts might also create an impression that you are idle or overexcited. Use concise text chats to keep her engaged in the conversation. It doesn’t mean sending one-word replies; rather it means keeping the message to the point.

Avoid sending a long text like this:

“Hey, I like you. You are on my mind the whole day. I have never met anyone as beautiful as you. Your smile takes my breath away. I always get lost in your eyes. It is difficult to stay apart from you. I want to meet you. Let’s meet up for dinner tonight.”

Instead, you can say, “I miss talking to you for hours and watching you smile. Are you free for dinner tonight?”

27. Be your authentic self

Girls can tell when you are not your authentic self. If you text something out of character to impress her, she would know you are faking it. She would know when you are trying too hard to be funny, boasting, or even apologizing too much to impress her. If you make a mistake, apologizing once would suffice—you do not want to give her the impression that you have no self-respect.

28. Tell her about your life and interests

When you like a girl, you would want to know more about her. However, a conversation only flows if it is two-sided. If you expect her to share her interests and personal details with you, share details about your life. Tell her about your routine life, your interests, and the things you encounter. Here is an example,

She: Hey, what’s up?

You: Fantasizing about going to Thailand. It is my dream destination. Beautiful beaches and amazing food. What’s your dream destination?

29. Crack jokes about yourself

Making a girl laugh is a great way to win her heart. Regaling her with funny things and incidences about yourself is a great way to achieve this. She will find it endearing and cute that you can laugh at yourself. It will make her more open and comfortable with you. You can send her texts such as, “I want to tell you something hilarious. I got up at night to drink water and drank vinegar instead.”

30. Finish positively

A good finish is as important as a good start. If the girl later replays the conversation in her head, she should feel optimistic about it. Ending abruptly or leaving the conversation hanging is not a good idea. There are many ways to finish a conversation positively. You can check her availability for a date, inform her when you can catch up again, tell her your plan for the day, or wish her a good day. You can end the conversation by saying,

“Hope you enjoy your first day at your new job. I would love to know how it went. Can we connect later today?”

This post offers a crisp and helpful guideline on how to text a girl. However, your personal touch is what makes it more exciting and compelling. Avoid writing lengthy passages and anything that may make the girl uncomfortable. Instead, share fun personal experiences to keep her hooked on the conversation. Use pictures to give her a glimpse of some interesting activity or an exciting place you visited. Indulge in a mindful conversation and use genuine compliments to make her feel special. Include both texting and calling as your relationship deepens.

Key Pointers

  • To charm a girl over text, try sending her a playful and flirty message and get the conversation started.
  • Send her subtle texts about your feelings and make her feel special by saying things like you’re lucky to have met her.
  • Remember to be confident and end your conversation on a positive note.

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