How To Keep The Conversation Going With A Girl?

You may sometimes experience awkward silences when you are with your crush or girlfriend, and that is when you should try to figure out how to keep a conversation going with a girl.

However, before you delve into knowing how to keep talking with her, understand that it is okay to have silent moments. Sometimes, talking too much can cause stress, so it is important to find a middle ground where both of you enjoy the natural flow of conversation and stay interested.

On this note, Tam Pham, a writer and blogger, writes about how he improved his social skills, especially when it comes to talking to someone. He says, “I used to imagine I would meet a cute girl standing behind me in line for coffee. I would turn around and smile at her. She smiles back. I say hi and we engage in conversation… Then my nightmare will hit me… I become extremely anxious, thinking too much in my head about what I’m going to say next.”

After a lot of reading and soul searching, he found a solution to his problems. He writes, “But the most surprising method that has worked for me came from studying and performing improv (i).”

You should also remember that not talking does not mean not being interested. When the relationship becomes old, and partners know each other well, silent phases are appreciable. However, awkward silences may make you anxious if you are in a new romantic relationship or trying to win a girl’s heart.

So, when you are with a girl, make sure to come up with some interesting topics to keep the conversation fun. If you are unsure how to go about it, read on for valuable tips.

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How To Keep The Conversation Going With A Girl

If you’re talking to a girl you’re interested in, your first (or first few) conversations will form her first opinion of you, and first opinions are often long-lasting. Keep these tips in mind for a smooth flow of words.

1. Don’t force the conversation

Even the most stimulating conversation goes through ups and downs. The key is to recognize these moments and patterns and speak accordingly. Do not talk for the sake of it. This can come off as forced, awkward, and in certain situations, uncomfortable. Sometimes, a slight pause in the conversation means that you are considering what you just discussed and processing it.

protip_icon Point to consider
To prevent the conversation from feeling forced, validate the girl’s feelings, thoughts, or experiences. It encourages her to keep up the conversation with you.

2. Avoid personal questions

Regardless of how well you may know someone, you may want to avoid asking personal questions about family, income, or their health unless they bring it up. These subjects can alter the mood and flow of the conversation, and as a rule, you should avoid them with someone you’re not close to. If they decide to bring it up on their own, by all means, feel free to listen and then participate without being judgmental.

3. Avoid generic topics as a conversation starter

One of the most common pitfalls in any conversation occurs when openers include something generic like the weather or how your day at work was. While these are perfectly normal things to talk about or discuss, they should come up organically and not as a conversation starter. It might generate a few lines of back and forth communication, but you’ll find the conversation slowly fizzling out.

Try to be playful

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4. Try to be playful

Whether you’re texting someone or talking to them in person, both parties often have a sort of mental shield to preserve their self-image. Try to break the ice a bit by being playful and asking questions they may not expect. It could be a good-natured remark or playful teasing—you will find the mood of the conversation changing into a more relaxed and comfortable one. It can also make you appear more fun.

5. Ask open-ended questions

No conversation should feel like an interrogation. If you ask closed questions like “How are you?” the possibilities for them to respond in more than a word or sentence diminish. You’ll likely get an “I’m good, thanks” or “Fine,” leaving you right back where you started.

protip_icon Quick tip
Maintain eye contact while asking open-ended questions. It shows that you are interested and invested in the conversation.

6. Use icebreakers

A good icebreaker can revive a conversation from the edge of boredom and even start a whole new conversation if done right. You may ask interesting questions such as “Why did you decide to study film in college?” or “What made you want to volunteer at an animal shelter?” to open a new discussion. They would stimulate the conversation and also help you know more about her.

7. Use humor at the appropriate time

A big part of what makes something funny is the right timing. When you see an opening for a joke or a witty banter, go for it. If you manage to make her laugh, you will diffuse any tension or staleness creeping into the conversation. You may also come off as funny and charming.

protip_icon Point to consider
Think about some amusing things that happened to you or share a hilarious pet story.

8. Flirt organically

While it’s great to discuss jobs or the weather, you eventually want to make progress and flirt with them. Flirting is a great way to add some vibrancy to the conversation as it stimulates a whole different side of them. Say things like “You look like a prankster who plays pranks from time to time” or “You don’t seem like the type who follows the rules” based on the equation and comfort level you share with the person you’re talking to.

9. Use your conversations to plan and co-ordinate activities

Planning and coordinating activities

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Not every conversation needs to have an end goal. Sometimes, conversing can lead to a conversational rut, especially with someone you’ve recently met. Your conversations should naturally lead to planning activities and hangouts. Good examples include talking about your favorite cuisine and then saying, “You haven’t tried Indonesian cuisine? We should go to this restaurant that makes great Nasi Goreng. I think you’ll like it.” Similarly, look for opportunities to turn her responses into meetups and activities.

protip_icon Quick tip
If you don’t feel ready to ask out the girl to hang out one-on-one, propose to hang out in a group.

10. Set aside time for conversation in your day

We all lead busy lives, and having our schedules align is rare for most working people. That said, you can always find time (or rather, make time) to have a conversation. Very few things are worse than having a great conversation with someone, only for it to be ruined by a call from your boss or your landlord, breaking the organic flow of conversation. When you want to talk to that special someone, ensure you will not be interrupted.

11. Be an active participant in the conversation

A common mistake people make when they’re nervous, especially on dates, is jumping from one topic to another in a conversation. For example, you might start with workplace issues and suddenly change it to the weather. Instead of running through topics, show interest in whatever comes up and see each conversation to its organic end before switching to a new topic.

12. Plan a backup list of topics to talk about

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the conversation may go stale. It could be due to mood or other circumstances outside of your control. Keep some light-hearted and casual topics handy, so your interactions never go dull. Ensure these topics fit every occasion and can be used regardless of the time or mood.

Do not pick controversial topics that include religion or politics.

13. Find out her interests

Find out her interest

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Like with anything in life, the more you know about something, the better you can be at it. Make an effort to know her interests and actively engage with her. It may lead to an interesting conversation, and she will appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to find out things about her.

14. Bring up your interests only when relevant

People in general love to talk about things they are passionate about. However, while talking to a woman, especially one you’ve recently met, don’t assume she will be interested too. For example, your passion for golf might not interest her. And if you ramble about it, she might get bored. You can, however, bring up your interests if asked.

15. Know when to transition out of a topic

There are few feelings as gratifying as finding someone with shared interests and being able to talk about these things passionately. If you’re both passionate about cooking, talk about what meals you made each day. However, it could become monotonous after a while. That’s when you should taper off and change the subject.

16. Know when to debate and when to let things go

It’s perfectly normal to disagree on some subjects. The key to handle the disagreement is changing the topic or letting it go without debating for or against it. If you end up disagreeing on something, ensure you voice your points in an honest, polite, and respectful manner. Some of the most stimulating conversations are friendly disagreements, and if handled right, these can make great memories.

17. Open up to her

It might not be easy to share your personal stories with someone and list your fears, flaws, or insecurities. But if you like her and open up, it shows that you are comfortable confiding in her. For better or worse, you are laying your soul bare and bonding. If you are lucky, she will feel encouraged to do the same with you.

18. Put a spin on mundane topics

Often, we will end up discussing things as mundane as our workdays or weather. The key here is to give the topics a humorous or engaging spin. For example, if you must talk about a storm last night, instead of asking her how it was for her, make it funny.

“I practically swam home last night as it was so bad. My basement was flooding like the Titanic. How were things on your side of town?” or “My boss seems to hate me. I wonder if I offended her in a previous life. Do you believe in resurrection?”

19. Talk about “normal” things

Accept that as we get to know someone, our list of “interesting” topics would end. What matters is that you’re authentic about these things and go on smoothly. Ensure you’re listening more than you’re talking and connecting with her.

20. Know how to rekindle “the spark”

Know how to how to rekindle the spark in a conversation

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Every conversation has high and low points. You may have an amazing conversation one day when you discuss a movie or book that you both love and then have a series of mundane discussions about work and traffic. You should know how to rekindle the spark you felt at the peak of your conversations and how to get things back on track.

Try to bring up something she is passionate about, or revisit the topic you bonded over. Put a fresh spin by asking her about the restaurants she likes and if they serve the same cuisine or if she considers changing her job. Mention a new movie being made based on her favorite book, or talk about a favorite comedian coming up with a new show in town. You can keep old things fresh this way.

21. Gossip, but keep it nontoxic

One of the most engaging activities we partake in as social creatures is gossiping. It doesn’t need to have a negative connotation. Studies have shown that gossip can be good for us as long as we don’t steer it into something obsessive or toxic (1). Gossip can be a good way to vent, and studies show we usually gossip with people we trust. So if she’s willing to gossip with you, she trusts you.

22. Talk about music

Music is the one art form that transcends all borders. You don’t need formal education, income, or be a professional to love music as it’s inside every one of us. Share your favorite artists or songs with her and ask her about the ones she likes. You can even make it relevant by saying, “This place reminds me of this song by XYZ” or “The soundtrack to this movie is a lot like this artist’s I like.”

23. Don’t be afraid to cheer each other

If you’re not in the best of moods, your natural inclination will be to avoid conversation. You’re hardly at your most charming, sociable, and likable self when you’re feeling low. Be open about having a bad day or an argument with a close friend or family member. As you talk through these issues, you might find that you’re having a deeply invested, honest conversation about something you usually wouldn’t talk about.

24. Make observations

Sometimes, during a conversation, you need to look around and observe what is going on. You could talk about the song playing in the bar and how it makes you feel, discuss the smell or decor of a restaurant, or view a picnic venue. Sometimes, making conversation is as simple as looking around you, noticing things, and making funny or intellectual quips about them.

25. Let the conversation flow naturally

 Let the conversation flow naturally

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Not every conversation has to be (or can be) scripted and go according to a planned schedule. As humans, we’re bound to react to things organically, and conversations can go independently. It becomes a natural conversation because no one is really “trying.” Learn to recognize this feeling and embrace it when it happens to you.

These tips on how to keep a conversation going with a girl will have you making fun and engaging conversations with the girl that you are interested in. Although it can be tricky to come up with topics, with the help of these simple tips and tricks, you can keep the conversation going on smoothly. But make sure that you are not just the one doing the talking, and you also give her the space to express her thoughts. Use your humor and wittiness to make enjoyable conversations that will eventually result in the two of you coming together.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the topics to talk about with a girl?

From everyday life topics like education and career plans to hobbies, passions, and favorite music, you can talk to a girl about several different topics. Just remember to start the conversation with a simple topic that can keep her interested in the conversation. Pay attention to her responses and share your thoughts with confidence, respect, and politeness.

2. How to hold a conversation that sparks her attraction and interest?

To hold a girl’s attention in conversation, start the conversation with confidence and respect. Get an idea about her interests, likes, and dislikes, and honestly share your ideas, thoughts, and interests. Ask questions that are open-ended and listen to her patiently, keeping the conversation focused on her. Above all, be yourself and don’t go overboard in trying to charm her.

3. How can I balance asking questions about the girl without being too intrusive?

To balance asking a girl questions without being nosy, avoid personal topics, and respect her boundaries. Start the conversation on a casual note and show that you are listening; learn to read her responses or body language and take it further from there. Remember to not try too hard by using cheesy pickup lines, and most importantly, be your authentic self.

4. What are some non-verbal cues I can use to show that I am engaged in the conversation?

First, maintain appropriate eye contact. This shows that you are listening and being present with the other person. You can also convey your interest in the conversation by nodding your head, agreeing or disagreeing with what the other person is saying. Facial expressions can also reflect your attention. Lastly, try to avoid zoning out or being busy on your phone.

5. How do I get a girl’s attention?

Being confident in your own skin, giving genuine compliments, looking presentable, and being funny, can help you get a girl’s attention. Also, there is a thin line between showing interest and desperation, which you shouldn’t cross. Moreover, even if you get her attention, you can sustain and turn it into something fruitful only through good conduct and character.

Keeping a conversation going with a girl you like can be challenging and tricky. However, you can have fun and engaging conversations with any girl with the above tips. Make sure you don’t force a conversation or talk too much, which may push her away from you. Instead, give her enough space and talk only when you have something interesting to say. Be respectful and playful, use your humor, speak slowly and clearly, listen more, and always keep an open mind to enjoy fruitful conversations that eventually bring you closer to her.

Infographic: Conversation Stoppers That You Should Avoid With A Girl

There are a few topics you should steer clear of to avoid bringing the conversation to an awkward halt. What are they? Well, we have your answer in the following infographic. Find a list of topics and actions that might serve as conversation stoppers for girls and keep a note of it for a seamless bonding experience.

what are the conversation stoppers for girls (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Don’t make awkward silences ruin your date with a girl.
  • Knowing the dos and don’ts will help you have a smooth conversation.
  • Good conversations will create a lasting impression on your date.

Unlock the secrets of an effortless conversation with these 8 powerful tricks. Discover how to keep her engaged and interested in talking to you. Get the confidence to talk to women and make a great impression.

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1. When_gossip_is_good; The Greater Good Science Center, University of California, Berkeley

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