400+ How Well Do You Know Me Questions To Ask Your Partner

It feels like a blessing when your partner knows and understands all your moods and mood swings. But sometimes, you need that extra reassurance to feel sure about it. In such cases, you may consider asking ‘how well do you know me questions,’ some of which may be quite a conundrum. You may also answer these interesting quiz questions about your partner.

Knowing your partner’s likes, dislikes, and personality traits brings you closer than you were before. You may use these questions on various occasions and circumstances, strengthening your bond further. Here are some fun questions to ask your boyfriend and girlfriend to know them better.

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How Well Do You Know Me Questions For Couples

  1. What is my zodiac sign?
  2. What is my favorite color?
  3. Which foods do I hate to eat?
  4. What is the name of my high school best friend?
  5. What is my favorite vacation place?
  1. What is the color of my eyes? (say without looking into my eyes)
  2. What dress am I most comfortable in?
  3. What was the name of my high school?
  4. How many first cousins do I have?
  5. What is my favorite restaurant?
  6. What is the best thing about me?
  7. What was the name of my first dog?
  8. What is the biggest relationship deal breaker for me?
  9. What is one thing I adore in you?
  10. Am I a dog person or a cat person?
  11. Which habit of yours irritates me?
  12. What is my favorite TV show?
  13. Who is my favorite actor?
  14. Which flowers do I like?
  15. Who is my favorite superhero?
  16. What is my weakness?
  17. What is my strength?
  18. Am I an extrovert or an introvert?
  19. Which season do I like the most?
  20. Beach vacation or skiing in the snow, which one would I pick?
protip_icon Quick tip
Even if you’re surprised or shocked by their answer to any of the questions, don’t pick a fight or argue with them. If you are bothered by it after the game too, talk about it later in a polite way
  1. What is my comfort food?
  2. Which outfit looks best on me?
  3. What is the first thing I do as soon as I wake up?
  4. What is my brand of deodorant?
  5. What is the color of my toothbrush?
  6. What is the registration number of my car/bike?
  7. Which part of my face do you find attractive?
  8. What are the three things I like about you?
  9. What is my worst nightmare?
  10. When I look at a woman, what is the first thing I notice?
  11. What are the three things you like about me?
  12. What are the three things you least like about me?
  13. How do you know when I am angry?
  14. How do I handle my anger?
  15. When do I get jealous?
  1. What is my long-term aim in life?
  2. Which insect terrifies me the most?
  3. Name three important people in my life.
  4. What is my favorite song?
  5. What is my favorite sleeping position?
  6. What is that one thing about me which only you know?
  7. Which habit of mine annoys you the most?
  8. How do you know I am upset?
  9. What are the things I do not share with others?
  10. What did I want to be when I was a child?
  11. What is my favorite weekend pastime activity?
  12. When we are together, what is one thing I love to do?
  13. How much do I love you?
  14. How do I like to relax?
  15. Describe my work in two sentences?
  16. What is my dream destination?
  17. What is my favorite breakfast?
  18. What is my favorite dessert?
  19. How do I like my coffee?
How do I like my coffee?

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  1. What is my favorite alcohol?
  2. Who is a picky eater among the two of us?
  3. If I was stranded on an island, what are the three things I will miss the most?
  4. What do I like the most, pizza or pasta?
  5. What is the best gift I gave you so far?
  6. How much have I changed from the day we got married?
  7. What is that one thing that can make me weak in the knees?
  8. How do I show if I love someone?
  9. When did I begin to fall in love with you?
  1. When did you begin to fall in love with me?
  2. What was the moment when you decided I was the one?
  3. Between the two of us, who is better with money?
  4. What is the one thing you would change about me?
  5. If I would get a tattoo, what/where would it be?
  6. What was my nickname in high school?
  7. What is the one word that describes me?
  8. Do I prefer hot or cold showers?
  9. What is a pet peeve that I have?
  10. Name some of my insecurities?
  11. Of all the people near to me, whom do I respect the most?
  12. How many birthmarks do I have?
  13. Would I rather live in a big city or a farm?
  14. Do I sing in a shower?
  15. Do I snore in bed?
  16. What is the nicest thing that I have done for you?
  17. How can you tell when I am having a bad day?
  18. Do I prefer to go out on a Saturday night or stay at home?
  19. Who is my favorite writer?
  20. What is my favorite book?
  21. What is one of my biggest regrets in life?
  22. Do I like to read newspapers?
  23. What is my idea of a perfect date?
Perfect date

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  1. What do I find hilarious but most people don’t find funny?
  2. What’s my favorite thing to do on the internet?
  3. What is that one event that has changed the course of my life?
  4. What’s my favorite thing to shop for?
  5. What is the most ridiculous rule that I follow?
  6. What do I have a hard time with but most people find quite easy?
  7. Do I look like my mother or father?
  8. What is my natural hair color?
  9. What is my shoe size?
protip_icon Point to consider
Use the game to know each other well, and don’t let it slip into an interrogation session.
  1. Which is my favorite ice cream flavor — vanilla or chocolate?
  2. Do I have a sweet tooth?
  3. Am I a morning person or a night owl?
  4. Do I love watching the sunrise or sunset?
  5. How long have we been in a relationship?
  6. How many aunts do I have?
  7. Which animal do I remind you of?
  8. Am I a rebel or a rules person?
  9. If I ask you to give me a nickname, what would it be?
  10. Do you think I have ever lied to you?
  11. What was one occasion you knew I lied to you?
  12. How many kids do I wish to have?
  13. What is my favorite sport?
  14. What was the worst fight we had till now?
  15. Am I happy with our relationship?
  16. Do you consider me romantic?
  17. What is the last book I read?
  18. Do I like seashores or mountains?
  19. Where do I feel the safest?
  20. How many credit cards do I have?
  21. In which banks do I have my accounts?
  22. Do I ask strangers for directions when I am lost?
  23. How tech-savvy am I?
  24. Do I keep a journal or a diary?
  25. Am I organized or messy?
  26. Do I like my life to be simple or luxurious?
  27. What is my favorite dog breed?
  28. What are my allergies?
  29. What are the three things you will find in my handbag?
  30. Do I have your picture in my wallet?
  31. From which college did I graduate?
  32. Do I watch cartoons?
  33. Name two things on my bucket list?
  34. Have I ever shoplifted?
  35. Would I rather have a lot of money and not talk to my family or be poor but be close to my family?
  36. What do I want to do after retirement?
  37. How many languages can I speak?
  38. What is my dream car?
  39. Where were my grandparents living when I was a child?
  1. Who is my favorite author?
  2. What is one household chore that I hate to do?
  3. What is the first movie you watched with me?
  4. What is the one thing that I want to accomplish before I die?
  5. Do I curse a lot?
  6. Which genre of movies do I prefer — horror or comedy?
  7. What is my height?
  8. What is my weight?
  9. What was my first job?
  10. What do I like to do on a rainy day?
  11. Do I like public displays of affection?
Public display of affection

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  1. How many people have I dated before you?
  2. What makes me different from you?
  3. Do I think men and women can just be friends?
  4. What is the worst trouble that I got into as a child?
  5. In which city/ place did I live as a child?
  6. What was my favorite subject at school?
  7. Who was my favorite teacher?
  8. What is something I don’t like about my childhood?
  9. What is my salary?
  10. How close am I with my siblings?
  11. How do I feel about your parents?
  12. Who do I like more? Mother or father?
  13. Would I go for my high school reunion?
  14. If I could get on a plane to anywhere in the world, where would I go?
  15. Do I like to go on road trips?
  16. Can I change the tire of my car?
  17. How do I like my coffee — hot or cold?
  18. Do I prefer to eat out or at home?
  19. What are my favorite pizza toppings?
  20. What is my favorite meal of the day?
  21. Do I like you with a beard or clean-shaven?
  22. What is my favorite outfit of yours?
  23. What do I think is the greatest weakness in our marriage?
  24. How did my last relationship end?
  25. If we had to pick a couple to go on double dates with, who would I choose?
  26. What is the worst date I have been on?
  27. Do I like store-bought gifts or handmade ones?
  28. Something that I always wanted when I was a child but never had?
  29. If I could travel back in time, what would I change?
  30. What is my sexual fantasy?
  31. What do I love to do, but never admit in public?
  32. Which unconscious gesture reveals that I feel uncomfortable with the situation or conversation?
  33. Do I finish my work ahead of time or procrastinate?
  34. What was the first meal I cooked for you?
  35. When do I get into the fight mode and when into the flight mode?
  36. Do I argue too much?
  37. Do I take a long time to get ready?
  38. Who is a better cook, you or me?
  39. Can I dance?
  40. If I could eat one food for the rest of my life, what would it be?
How well do you know me questions

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  1. What is my middle name?
  2. Who eats more? Me or you?
  3. What position do I sleep in?
  4. What do I wish we could do more?
  5. What are my favorite baby names?
  1. What wouldn’t I be willing to do for a million dollars?
  2. Do I believe in saving or spending?
  3. What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me?
  4. If I won the lottery, what would I buy first?
  5. What is my favorite cosmetics brand?
  6. When was the last time I was admitted to a hospital?
  7. Where was I born?
  8. Tell me about my hometown.
  9. What are my parents’ first names?
  10. What job have I always dreamt of?
  11. Do I have any fears?
  12. What cuisine do I enjoy the most?
  13. What music genre resonates with me?
  14. Am I skilled with any musical instruments?
  15. How do I feel most loved?
  16. How do I generally show gratitude to others?
  17. How do I cope with stress?
  18. Indoors or outdoors – what do I prefer?
  19. Am I fond of surprises?
  20. How do I like showing affection?
  21. What type of touch do I appreciate?
  22. How do I celebrate achievements?
  23. What’s my stance on commitment?
  24. What are my three favorite movies?
  25. Am I a leader or follower by nature?
  26. How do I unwind after a long day?
  27. Do I possess any unique habits?
  28. Do I possess any hidden talents?
  29. What’s a cause close to my heart?
  30. How do I approach decision-making?
  31. Planner or spontaneous – which one am I?
  32. What’s my typical Starbucks order?
  33. Which exercise do I prefer the most?
  34. Board games or card games – what’s my choice?
  35. What outdoor activity do I enjoy?
  36. Texting or calling – what do I prefer?
  37. What social event appeals to me?
  38. Which art form captivates me?
  39. What is the biggest challenge I overcame?
  40. What’s a cherished memory from my childhood?
  41. Which is my favorite weather?
  42. What unique tradition do I often suggest we follow as a couple?
  43. Which designer bag do I own?
  44. What is my favorite scent or fragrance?
  45. What skill do I want to learn?
  46. What have I recently checked off my bucket list?
  47. Which cause am I passionate about?
  48. What is a hobby I’d like to try?
  49. What is the significant family tradition I follow?
  50. What do I admire about my parents?
  51. What is my most cherished moment with friends?
  52. Which movie made me cry at the theater?
  53. What movie style do I dislike?
  54. How do I spend my leisure time?
  55. What is a fashion trend I don’t get?
  56. Which is a breathtaking place I’ve been to?
  57. What is the one adventure activity I’m curious about?
  58. Solo travel or group travel – which appeals to me?
  59. What’s my preferred travel mode?
  60. Which is my favorite app and why?
  61. What’s my favorite video game type?
  62. Which technology trend excites me?
  63. Which online content captivates me?
  64. How do I relax using technology?
  65. What challenge am I currently facing?
  66. What is my philosophy about life?
  67. If I could have a superpower, what would it be?
  68. If I could be an animal, which one?
  69. What is my go-to dance move?
  70. What fictional character do I relate to?
  71. If I had a job for a day, what would it be?
  72. How do I like receiving feedback?
  73. How do we communicate during conflicts?
  74. What makes me feel loved and valued?
  75. How do I react when excited?
  76. Which artwork resonates with me the most?
  77. What is the name of the song whose lyrics I find most meaningful?
  78. Do I believe in soulmates?
  79. What is my specialty when it comes to cooking?
  80. Which skill do I want to enhance?
  81. What makes me smile?
  82. What health goal do I have?
  83. Describe a self-care practice I find beneficial.
  84. How do I pamper myself?
  85. What kind of gift would touch my heart?
  86. What podcast or social media content do I enjoy?
  87. What’s a TV show or movie I can watch repeatedly?
  88. What do I like about my job?
  89. What is a career achievement I’m proud of?
  90. What is the job I’ve considered switching to?
  91. How do I like to celebrate birthdays?
  92. What’s my cherished holiday tradition?
  93. Share a motto or guiding principle of mine.
  94. What’s my solid personal value?
  95. What’s a landmark or monument I’d like to see in person?
  96. Who was my childhood inspiration?
  97. What’s a memorable family vacation from my childhood?
  98. What’s a lesson my parents taught me that I value?
  99. Urban or rural – what lifestyle do I prefer?
  100. What’s a guilty pleasure of mine?
  101. Modern or vintage – which aesthetics attract me?
  102. What is my concept of love?
  103. Describe my ideal Valentine’s Day.
  104. How do I deal with jet lag?
  105. What travel mementos do I prefer?
  106. How has travel changed me?
  107. What would my dream house be like?
  108. What is my favorite activity on the beach?
  109. What kind of book have I always wanted to write?
  110. What is my go-to cocktail?
  111. What topic do I love discussing?
  112. How do I like to receive apologies?
  113. What’s my preferred way to communicate when we’re apart?
  114. What is my favorite time of the day?
  115. What’s a movie that never fails to make me laugh?
  116. What was my first impression of you?
  117. What is my favorite kitchen gadget?
  118. What is my most recent purchase I keep bragging about?
  119. If I could time travel, where and when would I go?
  120. Which smell triggers memories for me?
  121. How do I adapt to new situations?
  122. What or who do I consider my spirit animal?
  123. Which exotic animal would I want to make my pet?
  124. What is my comforting mantra?
  125. What’s my preferred social media platform?
  126. How do I use tech to connect with others?
  127. How do I balance work and life?
  128. What’s a recent change in my perspective?
  129. What milestone do I never miss to celebrate?
  130. How would I describe myself?
  131. How do I stay organized?
  132. Which daily routine matters to me the most?
  133. How do I make new friends?
  134. What do I do to stay connected despite my hectic schedule?
  135. What childhood game did I enjoy?
  136. What’s a childhood ambition of mine?
  137. What’s a belief I hold about destiny and fate?
  138. How do I handle regrets?
  139. Which is my favorite room at home?
  140. What is a social or political cause I’m passionate about?
  141. Which is a place I’d love to volunteer at?
  142. How do I approach meeting new people?
  143. What’s a memorable night out with friends that I cherish?
  144. How do I give back to the community?
  145. What’s a belief I hold about integrity?
  146. What’s a topic or field of knowledge that I’m passionate about?
  147. What’s my idea to stay curious and keep learning?
  148. Who would it be if I could have dinner with any historical figure?
  149. If I could showcase a talent, what would it be?
  150. What’s a random fact about me that surprises most people?
  151. If I could become an expert, what topic?
  152. What is my future retirement destination?
  153. If I could revive a childhood show, which one would it be?
  154. What would be my version of our meet-cute if we were characters in a romantic comedy?
  155. What’s a wild dream I’ve had that I’d love to come true?
  156. What’s my favorite movie night snack?
  157. What is a weird food combination I enjoy?
  158. What’s a childhood habit that I still have as an adult?
  159. If I could have any historical figure’s wardrobe, what would it be and why?
  160. If I could invent a gadget, what would be its purpose?
  161. Which technology I can’t live without?
  162. If I could have futuristic tech, what would it be?
  163. What’s a tech skill I’m proud of?
  164. What’s a funny childhood story that my family often brings up?
  165. What quote do I often use?
  166. What is the joke I keep repeating?
  167. If I could swap roles with any movie villain, who would I choose, and how would I change their story?
  168. How would my personalized emoji look?
  169. If I could create a brand-new holiday, what would it celebrate?
  170. If I could witness a historic event, which one would it be?
  171. What’s my dream house like?
  172. What catchphrase would define me if I were in a sitcom?
  173. If I were to create a band, what name would it go by?
  174. What’s a daring dream I have that’s far from my comfort zone?
  175. What unique skill would I possess if I were a video game character?
  176. If I could advise my younger self, what would it be?
  177. What’s my hilarious go-to trick at parties that never fails to amuse?
  178. What is the exotic food I wish to try?
  179. If I hosted a themed party, what theme would I choose?
  180. Spending a day with a mythological creature, which one would I opt for?
  181. If I could possess any animal’s ability, which one and for what reason?
  182. Is there an unusual superstition or ritual I secretly hold belief in?
  183. If I could enroll in a fictional school or academy, which one would I pick, and what field would I specialize in?
  184. What’s the most amusing miscommunication I have had with someone? Who was that someone?
  185. If I were a participant in a game show, which one would it be and why?
  186. Is there a joke or pun that consistently brings me laughter, regardless of how often I’ve heard it?
  187. If I could immediately master a skill, what would I choose?
  188. In a talent show scenario, what act would I present?
  189. If my life were a book, what title would I choose, and which genre would it fall under?
  190. If I had to pick a single word to represent my entire life, what word would that be?
  191. What unique item would I collect if I had a secret collection?
  192. If I were a flavor of ice cream, what unconventional name would I have, and what ingredients would make me?
  193. What would its title and topic be if I were to host a podcast?
  194. In a fairy tale, what role would I play as a character?
  195. What’s a song lyric that I always hilariously sing incorrectly?
  196. What’s a cringy, funny childhood photo of mine that always makes me laugh?
  197. What creative invention have I dreamed up that would make life more entertaining?
  198. What’s a phrase I overuse without realizing it?
  199. If I could win an unusual world record, what record would I aim for?
  200. What’s a funny prediction I’ve made that turned out to be true?
  201. If I had to choose a vehicle from a movie or TV show, which would I pick?
  202. What’s a past fashion trend I secretly hope would make a comeback?
  203. If I opened my restaurant, what cuisine would I want to serve?
  204. If I were to have a personal robot assistant, what tasks would I want it to handle?
  205. What’s a fictional sport or game I’d love to see become a reality?
  206. What creative DIY project have I wanted to try but haven’t started yet?

“How well does my partner know about me?” These questions will help your partner to open up. Choose the right time to get the desired outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you play “Who knows me better”?

“Who knows me better” is a two-player game that allows you to test how well you know your companion. First, one player can ask questions while the other must guess and write down the answers. They get the point if the response is correct; otherwise, no. Repeat the same with the other players and vice versa. A whiteboard or a blank notebook is required for each player.

2. What are some juicy questions to ask your friends?

Be it at a sleepover or casual friends’ outing, ask some juicy questions to dig out secrets, solve an old mystery, or to simply make an interesting conversation. Some interesting questions you may ask are – What was the last thing you Googled? Would you ever steal from a luxury store? Would you date someone older if they offered you $100 million?

3. What are ice-breaker questions?

Ice-breaker questions are used as conversation starters or prompts, especially in group settings or when meeting new people. They are intended to ease the initial discomfort or tension and foster a more laid-back and welcoming environment. Ice-breakers frequently involve humorous, uncontroversial, and simple inquiries that encourage sharing personal information and establishing common ground.

4. What are couple-related questions?

Conversation starters geared toward couples or individuals in a love connection are called couple-related questions. These inquiries are meant to strengthen their bond and understanding and prod them to discuss various facets of their union. Couples can explore their relationship dynamics, goals, and shared experiences using these questions as springboards for deep conversations.

5. How do I prepare a tricky question?

Preparing a tricky question requires careful planning and creativity, frequently involving unconventional twists. Employ wordplay, riddles, or puzzles to create a query with hidden clues. Do not ask questions to mislead, humiliate, or degrade the respondent. The objective should be to positively and constructively engage and challenge their thinking.

The list of How well you know me questions is a great icebreaker and an incredible way to learn more about anyone, be it a stranger or a date. These fun trivia and essential questions are exciting and will keep the listener engaged in the conversation till the very end. So use any of these questions, get to know the people around you better, and share your thoughts and feelings so that it doesn’t become an investigation session or a boring quiz show.

Infographic: Questions To Avoid Asking Your Partner

You want to grow closer to your partner, and hence you may ask several questions to get to know them better. However, while asking questions is a healthy part of a relationship, you may consider avoiding specific questions that could leave your partner in an uncomfortable situation. Are you aware of the questions to avoid asking your partner in a relationship?

In this infographic, you may explore the questions that are best not asked in a relationship.

what you must not ask your partner (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Elevate your relationship with this enjoyable couples quiz! Explore the depths of your knowledge about each other and uncover if you’re the perfect match!

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