How Your Name Can Affect Your Success

Image: iStock

Shakespeare erred in saying, “What’s in a name?” ­ at least when it comes to how your name could affect your success in life! Yes, we are saying it while brushing aside superstitions. Do away with the numerology business around names for a while.

Now, what do you think is the most common factor among names of famous and successful people such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page? Of course, shorter first names! Does it make any sense?

OK, let’s consider the correlation between the first letter of your given name and the average annual salary. Or take the length of your given name against the average annual salary. Just think if you have had the chance to hit a jackpot yet – if that is what is already running through your mind, then we aren’t far, given that your name could be responsible for placing you where you are today. If you are one of the Freds, Bens, Tonys, Mathews or Jimmys, then hold your hearts because there is not enough good news. These names made to the Top 10 LEAST successful business people names. On the other hand, there are Top 10 MOST successful businesspeople names which if you bear as your given name by any chance, you might consider yourself lucky!

An interesting correlation has also been drawn towards name letters and high self­ esteem. Apparently those with high self­ esteem will give preference to their name letters than rest of the alphabet. However, with the increasing gender ­ neutral trend growing these days, there have also cropped up gender ­ neutral pronouns as in Sweden.

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