Hunger Pangs During Pregnancy – Everything You Need To Know

Hunger Pangs During Pregnancy

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Are you in the second trimester of pregnancy? Do you experience extreme hunger pangs at odd times like midnight or soon after, you have eaten? Do these intense hunger pangs trouble you? If you said yes, consider reading our post. Here we look at hunger pangs during pregnancy.

A pregnant woman typically experiences extreme food cravings during the second trimester of pregnancy. Try to deal with your hunger pangs by eating some healthy and nutritious food..

What Are Hunger Pangs?

Hunger pangs occur in the lower abdomen, due to an intense feeling of hunger. The inner lining of the stomach irritates you, and you end up craving food.

During pregnancy, the stomach empties after digestion. When your stomach is empty, the walls rub against each other, and the stomach lining experiences intense irritation. The rubbing of the walls leads to a painful and gnawing sensation, or a hunger pang.

The best way to get over hunger pangs is by eating food on time. Do not keep your stomach empty; eat small meals at regular time intervals. (1)

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Causes Of Hunger Pangs During Pregnancy

There are many causes of intense hunger pangs in early pregnancy, some of which include:

  • Growth Of The Baby:

As you reach the second or third trimester of pregnancy, your baby grows rapidly. The baby needs sufficient amount of food for development. If you don’t consume enough calories, you may suffer from intense hunger pangs, and it can be detrimental to fetal growth.

  • Drinking Too Much Liquid:

Fluids are necessary during pregnancy. However, you need to keep a check on how much liquid you consume, as excess water can stretch your stomach lining and lead to intense hunger pangs. So, drink fluids, but don’t overdo it.

  • Spicy Food:

Pregnant women should refrain from consuming too much spicy food. Spices irritate the stomach lining and lead to intense physical pain.

  • Not Chewing The Food Properly:

It is important to chew the food properly. Chewing eliminates the problem of indigestion during pregnancy, and makes you feel full.

Dealing With Hunger Pangs During Early Pregnancy

You can deal with hunger pangs through many ways.

  • Eat Frequently:

Try to consume fewer amounts of foods at regular intervals. If you keep your stomach empty for a longer duration of time, the stomach line feels irritated, and you experience intense hunger pangs. Most dieticians suggest pregnant women to consume nutritious food after every 2-3 hours.

  • Carry Snacks In Your Handbag:

If you are expecting, but you need to go to the office, make sure you carry snacks in your handbag. Stock foods like dry fruits or biscuits. Whenever you feel hungry, you can have these snacks to fill up your appetite.

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  • Stay Hydrated:

It is important to hydrate yourself during pregnancy. Dehydration can lead to numerous health discomforts.

  • Make A Wise Diet Plan:

For your daytime meals, consider including whole grain bread or brown rice. The fiber-rich food products help eliminate indigestion and treat constipation. Moreover, these fiber-rich foods fill your stomach and keep you fuller longer. The full feeling reduces the intense hunger pangs. If you are carving for midnight snacks, choose foods that are easy to digest. You can try herbal tea, toast with peanut butter, or a bowl of cereal with milk. (2)

With a proper diet plan and appetite-filling food, you can easily control early pregnancy hunger pangs.

Did you face intense hunger pangs during your pregnancy? How did you control these hunger pangs? Share your experiences with other expecting mommies here. We would love to hear from you. Comment in the box below!

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