27 Husband And Boyfriend Fails That Deserve Some Seriously Loud Laughter

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A relationship takes a lot of work. It involves compromise and mutual respect and understanding. But with commitment comes a lot of acceptance and patience. The more you spend time with your partner, the more you learn about their quirks and imperfections. After a point, you embrace them and have a good laugh because you love them. Besides, the best relationships are the ones where you can be silly with your partner. They say that women learn faster than men, and it takes a while for men to grow into the role of a boyfriend or a husband. Your man might be the smartest when it comes to other aspects of his life, but as a boyfriend/husband, he might fail you multiple times, and you cannot help but laugh at his stupidity. Scroll down to see 27 husband and boyfriend fails that make you question every man’s brain:

1. Every Person That Says Women Are Dramatic Has Obviously Never Had A Boyfriend Like This

2. When Your Mom Catches Your Boyfriend Being Himself And It’s No Secret Anymore

3. You Know It’s True Love When Your Husband Cares This Much For His Puppo!

4. The Next Time Someone Says Women Are Too Insecure, Possessive Or Extra, You Know What Story To Share *grins*

5. We Are Convinced That It’s Not The First Time A Woman Has Reminded Her Husband About The Number Of Kids They Have

6. Well… What Did You Really Expect Honey!

7. It Really IS So Easy To Freak Out Boyfriends. Case In Point.

8. When You Cannot Help But Wonder How Your Boyfriend’s Brain Works

9. When Your Boyfriend Finds New Ways To Embarrass You And Doesn’t Care If He Crosses The Line

10. This Man’s Got His Priorities Right!

11. Speaking Of Priorities, Here’s A Husband Who Cares About Keeping His Home Clean, Even If It’s Parts Of His House That No One Uses

12. Just A Reminder To Up Your Game And Do Things The Right Way

13. When Your Boyfriend Uses His Creativity And Has Fun While Doing It

14. You Cannot Help But Wonder What Your Husband’s Health Would Be Without You Around

15. We’re Convinced That Kids Might Grow Up But Husbands Will Remain Children

16. It’s Good That He Knows Where He Went Wrong… Now He Only Has Himself To Blame

17. This Is Why You Shouldn’t Have Missed Biology Class When They Taught Us About Reproduction

18. It Might Have Been A Fail But Kudos To Him For Trying To Make It Romantic

19. It’s Times Like This That Makes You Wonder If He’s Even Listening To You

20. When Your Boyfriend’s Idea Of Romantic Involves A Cowboy, You’ve Got To Rethink Your Relationship

21. But… Where’s The Logic?

22. They Certainly Know How To Get On Our Nerves

23. They Have Faith… Even In Situations You Cannot Only Bank On Faith

24. Somehow They Make Everything About Them

25. When You Cannot Help But Wonder If They Really Need Help

26. Do You Agree When We Say That Only Husbands Can Think Of Doing Such Things?

27. They Often Forget To Read The Room… Ugh, Why Can’t You Learn Husbands?

Husbands and boyfriends are just big babies who do not fully grow up. While there are many ways they render a helping hand in our day-to-day lives, there are some parts of them that do not ever grow up. We are not complaining because it keeps us feeling young and adds a bit of silliness to our day. We hope these tweets brought a smile to your face. Share this article with your husbands and boyfriends to laugh at them, with them.

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