7 Hygiene Guidelines Mom Should Follow For The First 6 Months

7 Hygiene Guidelines Mom Should Follow For The First 6 Months

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Have you felt overwhelmed by your emotions right after giving birth? Has it felt like an emotional roller coaster ride? The feelings of apprehension and anxiety do settle down with time. But, until then, you have to deal with a mix of emotions that always arrive unexpectedly. After all, the initial few months are important for both you as well as your little one. Since babies are most vulnerable at this time, you would do everything in your capacity to ensure that your newborn feels safe and protected. Of course, there are a number of things that you can do to make sure that your baby stays healthy. But, the most vital one is to maintain good hygiene. Since your infant’s immune system isn’t completely developed, they are vulnerable to various infections. And, this is where good hygiene plays a key role. Here, we bring you some of the ways you can maintain the same, especially during the first six months:

1. Clean Your Baby’s Bottle Properly

Clean Your Baby's Bottle Properly

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Of course, you will be breastfeeding for some time. But, as you gradually move towards bottle feeding, you will want to ensure that there is no leftover of the old breastmilk or formula milk in the bottle. This might be a hub for all the bacteria and germs. They may stick to the bottle’s surface, growing at an exponential rate. So, if not sterilized properly, your newborn might consume these germs while he/she is using the bottle again. You can sterilize it by boiling, which will get rid of the bacteria.

2. Sterilize All The Toys Regularly

Sterilize All The Toys Regularly

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The little ones are still not aware of all things that encompass food. So, they try and put everything in their mouth, especially during their teething phase. So, it is important that you keep all small items in an out-of-reach place. And, clean all their toys regularly, exactly the way you would ensure the cleanliness of their milk bottles.

3. Nail Hygiene

Nail Hygiene

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Since your little one’s hands are so tiny and delicate, you may not like the idea of clipping their nails away. But, it is quite a vital step in maintaining their hygiene. Dirt can pile up under your infant’s nails, which can be an issue if they put their fingers in the mouth. Also, they might end up scratching themselves. So, keep your fears at bay and get those nail clippers.

4. Scrub The Floors

Scrub The Floors

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While most babies don’t begin to crawl until six months of age, there are some who start early. They might begin to roll about on the floors quite soon. If we are describing your little one here, make sure that you keep your floor clean at all times.

5. Damp Cloth To Clean Their Mouth

Damp Cloth To Clean Their Mouth

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Many believe that oral hygiene is not of primary importance since newborns don’t have teeth. But, it is vital to keep their mouth clean. Since they might put all sorts of things in their mouth, their gums might be a haven for all germs and bacteria. Just take a clean damp cloth to wipe your little one’s gums and mouth area.

6. Allow Their Skin To Breathe

Allow Their Skin To Breathe

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These tiny angels have a sensitive, soft and smooth skin. While it may be tempting to cover them up with soft clothes, they are not used to it. Thus, their skin needs a little time to adjust. That is why you might have observed diaper rashes at times. Of course, this does not mean that you get rid of the clothes and diapers altogether. But, yes, do give their skin some breathing time as well.

7. Look After Yourself Too

Look After Yourself Too

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Most people do look after themselves and their hygiene. Keep yourself healthy. Also, ensure that your surrounding is clean too. Both these practices become of vital importance once you decide to have a baby. Try to incorporate this into your routine. This will ensure that your angel grows up in a clean and safe environment.

Are there any other hygiene practices that you can think of? Please let the fellow new moms know in the comments section below. Cheers!

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