28 Best 50th Anniversary Party Ideas To Make The Day Special

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Spending half a century with your loving partner by your side calls for a huge celebration, and you need some interesting 50th anniversary party ideas to make this occasion memorable.

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but sticking together despite life’s challenges is commendable. So, read this post as we bring you a list of exciting ideas for your 50th wedding anniversary celebration to commemorate your eternal love.

28 Unique And Memorable Ideas For 50th Wedding Anniversary

The golden jubilee anniversary is a remarkable one. You want every aspect of the planning impeccable. Here are some ideas that can be of your help.

1. Pre-anniversary photoshoot

Hire a photographer and shoot some lovely photographs of the couple that you can use in your invitations and the party decor.

2. The trip down the memory lane

Sometimes a short walk down the memory lane is all it takes to appreciate where you are today.” —Susan Gale

Use pictures from the previous years in the venue as a beautiful way to remind the couple of all the memories they have shared.

3. Scrumptious cuisine

Food is the way to reach someone’s heart, so if you want to impress the couple and the guests, arrange their favorite food with drinks that complement the cuisine.

4. Video of the golden years

A picture might be equal to a thousand words, but the memories made are priceless. Choose the pictures from their younger years of being together and turn them into a video. You can even collect their videos and edit them to make a lovely romantic movie.

5. Include the grandchildren

If the couple is grandparents, having their grandchildren at the party can be special. They could enact a play or sing a song to entertain their grandparents.

6. Romantic mixtape

Choose the songs that the couple loves and incorporate them into the mixtape. Whether it’s from their era or present, you can never go wrong with a romantic mixtape.

7. Surprise vacation

Plan a surprise vacation for the couple to the place where they always wanted to visit. They can kick back and enjoy their time along with weaving memories with their loved ones.

8. Bucket list

Ask the couple about the things they still have not done from their bucket list, and help them fulfil it.

9. Destination event

A 50th marriage milestone calls for a destination event. Whether it is at a beautiful tropical beach, a glamorous hotel, or even a place that has a historical significance—pick any and plan a party.

10. Toast the couple

Ask some of your close friends and family members to prepare a short yet sweet speech for the 50th-anniversary party wherein everyone raises a toast to the couple.

Decorations For 50th Wedding Anniversary

Depending on the theme you are going for, choose the complementing decors.

11. Color palette

Choose from the nude and pastel color palette—beige, blush pink, rose gold, cream, off-white, or peach. You could also go for darker or subdued colors such as red, royal blue, emerald green, ruby red, royal purple, or satin black.

12. Light up

Use fairy lights and lanterns for that cozy vibe to the entire venue. No matter what color combination you use, fairy lights always add a whimsical touch.

13. DIY centerpieces

Making DIY centerpieces for the tables is a lovely way to add a personal touch to the celebration. Be creative with your ideas and surprise everyone.

14. Golden accents

Golden napkins with golden embroideries, golden accents to the chairs, cutleries with golden rims, golden curtains, golden tassels—these are some of the examples you can incorporate into the little celebrations.

15. Fresh flowers

You may go for flowers that match the theme, such as white calla lilies or white daisies. You could also get a bouquet of the couple’s favorite flowers as a gift.

Party Favors For 50th Anniversary

A party favor is a token of appreciation you can give the guests for attending the party. 

16. Budget favors 

Depending on the budget you have, choose your party favor. Some ideas include gold picture frames, wine glasses, small vases with intricate designs in gold, a small pouch with gourmet food (such as chocolates, coffee beans, Hershey’s kisses, fortune cookies, mini cupcakes), and coasters.

17. Personalized favors

You could also personalize some of the favors for your guests. These include a key chain with gold-plated monograms, a monogrammed notebook (depending on the theme of your party, choose the color and keep the monogram in gold), jewelry, candleholders with an etched quote, and a personalized bottle of champagne. You may even engrave the name of the couple or the anniversary date on the favors.

50th Wedding Anniversary Themes 

Some golden elements to the golden celebration could enhance the overall aspect of the event.

18. Gold accents

Include gold in places that would stand out the most, such as in flower vases, balloons, curtains, tassels, tablecloths, cutlery, and ribbons. You could also go with a certain decade trend and follow its theme—it can be from the 30s, 40s, or 50s, take your pick.

19. Honeymoon night 

Recreate the night of their honeymoon with the same champagne, beautiful bouquet, and dress them up in their wedding attire.

20. Casino night

The color scheme for a casino night can be gorgeous red along with black and white. You could also incorporate green since the dollar is also green. Balance the colors and mix it up between curtains and table covers. Creativity has no boundary, so go wild.

21. Gatsby theme

Transport your guests to the roaring 1920s when dancing and singing were the niches. Gold accents with the main color theme as black and white would go well. You could also arrange for a photo booth.

22. Art deco

A classic black and white minimalistic theme could never go wrong. The best thing is any color can go with this classic combo. But make sure to balance it all out lest it looks garish.

50th Anniversary Party Food Ideas

Food and drinks at the 50th anniversary can make or break the event. If you are hosting the wedding event at a restaurant, choose the menu that you would like to surprise the couple.

23. Professional chef

If you are hosting the party at home, hire a professional chef (if your gathering is small) or a catering service (if you have a long list of guests). You could also choose the food the couple had at their wedding to make them feel nostalgic.

24. Three or seven-course meal

Choose a good three, five, or seven-course meal with a variety of appetizers and desserts. A cake that follows the theme of the party can be a perfect choice. Depending on your guest list, choose the anniversary cake.

Games For 50th Anniversary Party

Add more fun to the party by playing these games.

25. Never have I ever?

Each player gets to ask a question. They will take a sip of wine or a shot of whisky if they have done it and if they have not, they remain sober.

26. True and false

Here you can make flashcards with different questions about their significant other. Once a couple chooses a flashcard, they have to answer the question right, and their partner will say if the answer is right or wrong.

27. Three-legged race

It is a fun option to go for. One person’s right leg will be tied to another person’s left leg. Each of the couples would have to run, and the objective is to beat the other contestants to win the game.

28. Musical chairs

It can be played by older people as well. Arrange the chairs in a circle, and the participants would have to walk around the chairs. Once someone says stop, they would have to find a chair to sit on. Any participants who do not get the chair will be eliminated. For each round, one chair gets removed until there is a winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who should host a 50th wedding anniversary party?

Children usually host their parents’ golden jubilee wedding anniversary party as a tribute to their beautiful relationship and a form of expression of gratitude. However, friends, cousins, and loved ones can also host the 50th-anniversary party.

2. What percentage of couples celebrate their 50th anniversary?

According to the US Census Bureau data, around 6% of the couples in the country reach their golden jubilee wedding anniversary (1).

Planning 50th-anniversary celebration will help you go over every little detail without missing out on anything. This way you can plan an unforgettable event for the golden couple and everyone can go home with lovely memories.

Infographic: Tips On Writing A Beautiful 50th Wedding Anniversary Toast

The 50th wedding anniversary is a significant milestone, and no celebration is complete without a heartfelt toast or speech. Save this infographic for tips on writing a beautiful and unique wedding anniversary toast.

wedding anniversary toast [infographic]
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