30 Fun 60th Birthday Party Ideas, Decorations & Themes

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Are you thinking of some interesting and fun-filled 60th birthday party ideas? 60th is a momentous occasion to celebrate newfound freedom as by that time; their kids are well-settled, they have a financially secured life and tons of time for family. So, the 60th can be a grand celebration with a well-planned party with friends and family. Read on for a list of 30 crazy party ideas for the 60th and make the birthday of your special person even more memorable.

60th Birthday Party Ideas For Dad

The man who has been your biggest support system lifelong deserves the greatest 60th birthday celebration.

  1. Beer party for 60: Hire a bartender, make custom beer mugs with names of each birthday guest as gifts and dedicate the night to the brew that your dad loves to drink with buds.
  1. Career-themed party: Everything at the party reminds your dad of his illustrious career. For example, if he was a pilot, go for an aircraft theme. Call his lifelong friends from work to surprise the birthday celebrant.
  1. Memories party: Make the party a special event by taking a trip down memory lane. Blow up old pictures of your dad to use as displays. Photos of friends or places like home or school are also great ways to decorate the venue.

60th Birthday Party Ideas For Mom

Make your mom’s milestone birthday eventful with these 60th birthday party themes.

  1. Prom party: Let your mom reminisce about her prom night with your prom-themed party. Try to recreate the dress and the prom with the help of her siblings or friends.
  1. Favorite pastime party: What’s your mom’s favorite pastime?- Display her work instead of decorations and set up booths where everyone gets to try their hand at it.
  1. Favorite crush party: Who was your mom’s ardent movie crush from teenage? Have a fancy dress ball with everyone dressed as different characters played by the crush.

60th Birthday Party Entertainment/Games Ideas

Great ideas for entertainment can transform even a little intimate gathering of family folks at home into a laughter riot.

  1. Cookout party: If the birthday girl or birthday boy prefers to stay home, get each birthday guest to cook a special dish for them. The birthday boy or girl has to guess who cooked each one.
  1. Masquerade ball: One of the most exciting ideas for the 60th birthday is to have a masquerade ball with all guests masked up and wearing fancy dress. The birthday celebrant has to guess who is behind the mask when they arrive.
  1. Secret guests: Tell your loved 60-year-old about the party but let them guess the guest list. You can spice this up by announcing each guest with a series of clues for the birthday boy/girl to unravel.
  1. Toasting the best: Call in friends and relatives from everywhere to come raise a toast to the beloved elder in your family. Let them know how much they mean to each of you via your toasts. Keep the toasts unique, heart-warming, and special.

Fun Party Themes For 60th Birthday

Who says the 60th birthday bash can’t be a fun-filled evening for all? Here are some fun ideas you need.

  1. Live band: Jazz up a night of fun by getting your birthday celebrant’s favorite local band to play all their favorite numbers? Find a good band that knows all the old classics that the sexagenarian loves.
  1. Turn back the clock: Show your loved one that they are still young at heart by recreating games, activities, decorations, and food they remember from their childhood. Check with their siblings or peers to find out what will fit in.
  1. Movie night: Unearth that old classic movie that your birthday girl or boy has been longing to watch for ages and project it in the yard or garden on a big screen for a near-authentic movie theatre experience.

60th Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Deck up the party venue and surroundings to create the right ambiance for the 60th birthday bash.

  1. Old movie posters: Lead up to the birthday venue or put up movie posters from the birthday celebrant’s heydays. You can add pictures of their favorite stars from back then for a touch of nostalgia.
  1. DIY decorations: Get the grandkids to make all the decorations by hand. Who needs 60th birthday party supplies from the store when you can show your loved one how much effort you are willing to put in for them?
  1. Banners Up: Put up banners on either side of the entrance with a collage of pictures from the most memorable days and events of the celebrating gentleman or lady’s life. Guests can get a glimpse of their life as they walk in.

Ideas For 60th Birthday Party Favors

What’s a party if the guests can’t take home good memories with them?

  1. Custom-made candles: These are great for everyone, especially the scented candles that can bring back memories of the birthday person later on.
  1. Picture frames: If you have called over the birthday girl or boy’s friends, ask them to gift framed pictures of the celebrant with the friends to bring back fond memories.
  1. Old-time keepsakes: Choose something that reminds everyone of the good old days, something that you do not see very often these days, such as a miniature rotary telephone model and engrave the name of the birthday person upon it.
  1. Handwritten notes: If it is not a surprise party, your party guests can go home with little handwritten notes from the birthday guy or girl telling them how much they mean to them. This one will be cherished for life.

60th Birthday Party Food Ideas

Good food is the soul of every party. So, choose your menu carefully and have people raving for months about the decadent bites you put out.

  1. Cookies: Seems simple? Not if you have your favorite 60-year-old’s silhouette recreated upon it at bake time.
  1. Cupcakes: Pick the most exotic toppings you can find and let your guests have a fun time choosing interesting cupcakes to feast upon.
  1. Favorite cooks: What are the birthday boy or girl’s best dishes? What are they known for cooking? Recreate the same and serve to your guests.

Funny 60th Birthday Invitations Ideas

60 is the age when one can forget many things and start living it up. Start the festivities with these funny 60th birthday party invitations to guests.

  1. Crossword invitations: Simple crosswords tell your guest whose birthday it is!
  1. Pics from the past: The invite has a photograph of the birthday celebrant when they were much younger and difficult to recognize.
  1. Fake surprise invite: Send an invite with the message “You are invited to a secret party that we can’t disclose the location”. Follow it up the next day with the location.

Things To Do For 60th birthday celebration

There are plenty of things you can do to make the birthday party lively and unique.

  1. Time capsule photo booth: Set up a photo booth that recreates a bit of the past so your guests can get a chance to time travel while clicking pictures.
  1. Plan a tour: Has the birthday celebrant expressed a desire to visit a special place, maybe a winery or remote island? Shift your party there.
  1. Treasure hunt: An authentic treasure hunt, clues, and all make for an exciting and thrilling 60th birthday bash.
  1. Picnic party: Get the family together and plan a surprise picnic in place of a party at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which precious jewel is used to symbolize the 60th birthday?

A diamond is used to symbolize the 60th birthday.

2. What is the 60th birthday called?

A 60th birthday celebration is called a golden jubilee.

3. Which plant is apt for a 60th birthday?

Red bouquets are preferred as a present for a 60th birthday celebration.

4. Why is the 60th birthday special to loved ones?

Sixty years is the age of retirement in many countries. Hence, celebrating a person’s 60th birthday could be a special occasion where their loved ones appreciate their hard work for their family.

Is your loved one turning 60 soon? In that case, you may be planning to host a grand celebration to celebrate this fantastic moment and milestone. We have curated these 60th birthday party ideas to help you pick one and leave your sexagenarian delighted and speechless. From party themes, games, menus, decor, and invites, we have all stunning and unique ideas to make your party memorable and super fun. So, take cues from our list and host a party that your special person will cherish forever.

Key Pointers

  • Celebrate your parent’s 60th birthday with pomp and show by trying cool party ideas, such as a masquerade ball.
  • Add more spark by picking funky themes—a live band that plays your parent’s favorite songs.
  • Experiment with decoration, invitation, food, and cake using the ideas below.

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