27 Epic And Funfilled Ideas For A 70th Birthday Party

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If someone you know is celebrating their 70th birthday, you must not miss this opportunity to celebrate this milestone with them. Read this post as we give you some 70th birthday party ideas to make the celebrations grand.

This special occasion needs to be celebrated memorably, and you should ensure that the guests enjoy this party comfortably despite their advanced age. You need to be prudent and plan a party considering their health, food preferences, and others. Read on as we give you a few tips to let you pull it off.

27 Easy And Awesome Ideas For 70th Birthday Party

70th Birthday Ideas For Dad

Your dad has always been your pillar of support. On the occasion of his 70th birthday, throw him the best birthday party of his life.

1. Casino night

Does your dad love go ing to casinos? Then this can be an awesome idea! Organize a casino night at home and print the celebrant’s picture on everything – from cards and poker chips to the slots in the machine. Invite his friends and present them with an unforgettable evening.

2. Birthday video

Ask your family and friends to record short video messages of their favorite memories of your dad and play it on a big screen following the cake-cutting ceremony.

3. Cocktail party

What’s your dad’s favorite drink? Organize a cocktail party with some delicious foods to go with the drinks. Make sure the guest of honor doesn’t drink to excess.

4. 70-page scrapbook

Create a scrapbook of 70 pages that summarizes the seven decades of your dad’s life. Apart from pictures, you can add heartfelt letters from his friends and family members telling how much the birthday honoree means to them. This is the best 70th birthday gift he can have!

5. Karaoke

If your dad is a music fan and loves to sing, a karaoke party can be the best idea. Include some popular songs along with the ones from your dad’s early years of life.

70th Birthday Ideas For Mom

No matter how old you get, you’re always a child for your mother. Show your mom how much you love and care for her by organizing a touching 70th birthday party.

6. 70 messages from 70 friends

Choose 70 from the friends, family members, past colleagues, and distant family members of your mother, and combine 70 birthday messages for your mom. Put them in a jar and read out those funny and touching messages on her 70th birthday. This can be the perfect birthday gift ever!

7. Photosession

Hire a photographer and click a handful of pics of your mom with all the family members and friends to cherish later..

8. Picnic

Arrange the birthday party outdoor in a serene location. Fill the picnic baskets with your mom’s favorite foodand drinks and enjoy the day out in the sun.

9. Photo gallery

Create a slideshow of photos from your mom’s life and take her down memory lane.

10. Tea party

Make different varieties of tea and serve it to your mom and the guests. To make it more lively, buy a birthday sash for her and make arrangements for appetizers and finger foods.

Themes For 70th Birthday Party

Celebrate your loved one’s 70th birthday in style with these amazing themes.

11. Classic car

The shiny metal of a classic car is a sight to behold! If your loved one is a car addict, then you can arrange the birthday cake in the shape of their favorite car. And if you find out what their dream car is, you can rent it for their special day and take them for a drive.

12. Golf

Create miniature golf in the backyard. All the birthday party decorations must be golf-themed, including the cake. Take a couple of clear vases and fill them up with tees and golf balls and place them around the party venue.

13. Fishing

The fishing theme is an excellent choice if the guest of honor has a passion for fishing. Decorate the venue with photographs of big catches and fishing props.

14. Favorite things

A theme that the guest of honor will love – all things favorite! This theme revolves around everything that the person loves – from books to movies to snacks to everything. This will make them feel special.

70th Birthday Party Decorations

These 70th birthday decorations are sure to lighten up the party.

15. Photobooth

You can use a photo booth as part of the party decoration. Use memorable photos from the 70-year-old’s life as the backdrop. And don’t forget to use lots of props, including balloons, classic quotes, quirky speech bubbles, paper mustaches, and more. You can have these birthday party supplies from your local store.

16. Memory jars

Offer the guests photos, jars, and other fun things so that they can make their own. Once the party is over, they can take home their creation as a keepsake of the amazing person they just celebrated.

17. Happy birthday balloons

Your choice of balloons can make or break a party. If you’re not sure of the decoration, balloons can help. Pick the guest of honor’s favorite color and decorate the area with their favorite colored balloons. You may choose various shapes and sizes according to your choice.

18. Photo posters

As it’s your loved one’s 70th birthday, choose 7 of their most favorite pictures, print them as huge photo posters and use them to decorate the area. Make sure that the pictures give a sneak peek into the life of your loved one.

Games For 70th Birthday Party

Add fun to the birthday party with these perfect game ideas. Scroll down and pick the best one.

19. Never have I ever

The birthday star has probably done a lot of things in their 70 years of life. Now, it’s time to find out their less-known life adventures and their hidden secrets. Ask them what they have done and what is left to be done.

20. Board games

To keep the guests entertained throughout the party, arrange some fun board games. You can include classic monopoly,chess, etc.

21. Two truths and a lie

Gather your friends and family and play this exciting game. Everyone takes a turn and says one lie and two truths about themselves, and others have to guess which statement is a lie. This is a great way to understand how well you know each other.

22. Card games

Card games are a great way to have a fun time together and have a conversation in between. You can include rummy, hearts, spades, and blackjack.

Food Ideas for 70th Birthday Party

Great food is the key to anyone’s heart. Try these food ideas for the 70th birthday bash.

23. Travel destination-themed food

For the birthday honoree who is a traveler at heart, you can choose a travel-themed food. Arrange photos of places they have visited and include cuisines from there. Rather than going for large meals, stick to small appetizers.

24. Photo cake

For the birthday cake, choose flavors that your loved one likes. Some common flavors are vanilla, red velvet, chocolate, and strawberry. It would be great if you could choose a photo cake. In that case, use a recent picture of the entire family to be printed on the cake.

25. Favorite food in 70 years

Is your loved one a foodie? Then pick some of his favorite foods all through these years and choose different themes based on that. Now, let the guests move about and taste the different-themed food at different tables.

70th Birthday Party Invitations

Surprise your guests with these special invitation ideas to kick off the celebration.

26. Then and now

With the “then n now” party invitation design, you can include an old picture of the honoree. This will bring back many memories. To display the classic birthday celebration, you can print the invite in the form of a poster.

27. Roast and toast

If the 70-year-old has a good sense of humor, you can opt for this theme. Create quirky invitation cards and mention that everyone should come prepared with a speech for the roast and toast ahead of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is age 70 a milestone birthday?

Several treasured experiences and accomplishments come with each decade lived. One can host a spectacular party or a modest get-together with family and friends to honor their 70th birthday. A significant milestone, turning 70, is regarded as entering the “platinum years” of life.

2. What can I do for my 70th birthday?

To mark the beginning of platinum jubilee celebrations, you may throw a fancy party, organize entertaining games and activities, or have a calm day relaxing at home. You may also visit a local shelter, spend time with grandkids, indulge in a spiritual experience, or take a holiday trip to one of your favorite places.

We hope that you liked these 70th birthday party ideas. Now pick the right idea that matches the guest of honor’s interests and thrown a fantastic birthday party.

Key Pointers

  • Reaching 70 is a milestone that should be celebrated with pomp and splendor.
  • You can have different celebration themes for your mom and dad and make it interesting with games.
  • Card games, photoshoot themes, photo cakes, interesting invitations to the party, and many more ideas to fetch.

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