I’m Glad My Motherhood Challenges Taught Me A Lesson

I’m Glad My Motherhood Challenges Taught Me A Lesson

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Who is a perfect mother? Or rather, what makes a woman a perfect mother? A healthy baby, a baby who has the right weight and height, or a baby who eats and sleeps well? Since the time we have a baby, we painstakingly strive to be a perfect mother. But does such a mother really exist?

I was also once an eager mother running towards perfection. I wanted to be there and do everything for my baby, right from feeding and bathing to playing with her and more. And then, I wanted to do everything perfectly. I didn’t want my daughter to lag in anything.

It only left me exhausted, irritated and feeling hopeless. But time taught me a lesson: there is no perfect way of parenting but only your way.

Here are some challenging moments in my motherhood that taught me that I should go by my instincts. Things may not be perfect but will, definitely, be fine.

  1. My baby was underweight: My daughter was born underweight. In the first six months, she was exclusively on breastmilk and grew well. But when she began having solids, her weight fluctuated. I was worried, and made frantic attempts to correct the shortfall.
  1. She was a fussy eater: My frantic attempts would have been fruitful had my daughter been an enthusiastic eater. On the contrary, she would not eat anything. She would spit out the formula, and refuse to drink any fruit and vegetable purees. The only option she gave me was breastmilk.
  1. I had to resume work: Breastmilk was not an option for me as I had to resume work after my maternity leave. Quitting a flourishing career was not an option too. I gradually introduced bottle feed and prayed to God that my little one accepts that as an alternative. Thankfully, my prayers were heard (by my baby) and she got used to the bottle.
  1. Now, quitting the bottle was a problem: I soon realized that my baby got so used to the bottle that she would wake up several times in the night and refuse to sleep unless she had milk from the bottle. She was teething, and I didn’t want the bottle milk to play truant with her teeth. I then tried replacing the milk with water. She was adamant in the beginning but I, too, was adamant. She finally relented, and the problem got resolved.

Also resolved was my obsession with my daughter’s weight. She improved on her food habits, and grew reasonably well.

5. When the baby products weren’t suiting her: My baby’s bath regime was as challenging as her diet, as she has sensitive skin. No product was suiting her because of their strong ingredients, and homemade bathing solutions were rough on her skin. When Baby Dove launched its products, I tried them just like any other product, but their Baby Dove Rich MoistureBaby Bar, Lotion, and Baby Wipes have now become our favorite products.

Baby Dove’s range of products are created specially to leave your baby’s skin smooth and soft from the first use itself. They are hypoallergenic and their pH neutral formula respects skin’s natural pH balance. All their products are pediatrician and dermatologist-tested and are meant for daily use. Baby Dove’s wide range of products are the solution to all the skin related problems of your newborn.

What’s more, Baby Dove’s philosophy is in sync with mine, because they too believe that there are no perfect moms but only real moms! Do you agree, mommies?

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