6 Important Measures To Tackle Postpartum Fatigue


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Childbirth is a strenuous process. No matter how strong and prepared you are, fatigue eventually sets in once the baby is out. You will find yourself filled with mixed feelings, sudden exhaustion and unexplained anxiety. Relax!

Going through postpartum fatigue is very common for the new mommies all over the world. There are a plethora of activities in hand, apart from that physical stress that tends to bog you down.

While on one hand you are recovering from the delivery process, on the other you will jump into action nursing and taking care of your newborn. There is absolutely no time to think about anything else besides your baby.

Postpartum Fatigue:

Postpartum fatigue is a sudden slowdown of your mind and body after going through childbirth.

  • Irrespective of whether you had a normal birth or a C Section procedure, you will feel tired, exhausted, wiped out and drained in the first few days after delivery.
  • The time taken to recover from a postpartum fatigue varies on an individual basis.

Causes Of Postpartum Fatigue:

In order to deal with the fatigue post childbirth, it is essential to understand the various triggers that cause postpartum blues. Here are some of them:

  • Anemia or blood loss during delivery causes extreme levels of tiresomeness.
  • Hypothyroidism triggers stress like no other. Under active thyroid gland wherein you have been advised medication for the same is a reason.
  • Stressful childbirth procedure where you had to apply more force during the pushing process.
  • Complicated delivery where you had to be operated via cesarean after trying the normal method of labor.
  • Prior case of clinical depression also triggers extreme amounts of stress and fatigue.
  • High or blood pressure scenario.
  • Premature birth.

6 Measures To Tackle Postpartum Fatigue:

You can practice some simple measure in your daily routine that will help you cope with the stress. Below are some ways you can avoid being wiped out for good while nursing your baby:

1. Plenty Of Sleep:

Yes, you will have a tough time getting sleep after delivery but you have to force yourself nevertheless.

  • Getting plenty of rest is of paramount importance after delivering a baby.
  • Sleeping while your baby sleeps is the best way to catch up.
  • If your baby has a regular sleep cycle, you are certainly blessed. If not, be smart and lie down to nap as soon as your baby sleeps.

2. Conserve Energy:

There are a million things to be taken care of, but try and not be a lone warrior.

  • Try and expend little energy while sorting your daily activities after the baby arrives.
  • Conserving energy also makes you feel less anxious and more prepared to deal with unforeseen crisis.
  • Give yourself the amount of rest that you truly deserve.

3. Drink Plenty Of Fluids:

You are more likely to get dehydrated, drained and weak while carrying out the daily activities.

  • Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and keep your body hydrated.
  • Once your body is active, your mind automatically will catch up.

4. Regular Diet:

Despite the busy schedule, following a daily diet plan with wholesome nutrition helps ward off the postpartum syndrome.

  • Stop worrying about the calories and eat healthy.
  • Do not worry about weight gain after childbirth.
  • This is not the right time to skip meals or do a crash diet.
  • If you are breastfeeding your baby, it is all the more essential to get enough nutrients inside.

5. Stop Pleasing All:

Becoming a mother also means – letting go of some so-called manners.

  • It is perfectly okay to try and not please one and all after you deliver.
  • There will be friends and relatives dropping by every often to visit you and bless your newborn.
  • Make sure you get plenty of rest when tired. Express the same when you have visitors.
  • Interpersonal skills can wait as people around will completely understand your situation.

6. Delegate Work:

Take the comfort of asking help from friends and family.

  • Delegating small chunks of work with your family members will ease the burden. What more, you will also feel relaxed and more confident to continue your mothering routine.
  • Hire help if you lack support system. Make sure you do not go on the verge of an overkill trying to deal with everything alone.

Postpartum Fatigue and Postpartum Depression:

There is a thin line between experiencing short term stress and suffering a long term depression.

  • Postpartum depression needs special attention.
  • If you experience terrible postpartum blues that do not go away for months after delivery, it is important to talk to your doctor and seek professional help.
  • If you had a previous history of clinical depression, make sure to discuss the same with your therapist.

Be mindful of the fact that your physical self also needs to be taken care of as you go on about settling down in motherhood.

Handling fatigue post-delivery is stressful, but not impossible.

How did you dealt with postpartum fatigue? Do share them with us in the comment section below:

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