8 Important & Practical Things To Do Before Baby #2

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When I got the news about my second pregnancy, I knew I needed to prepare things beforehand. And I had enough time on my side to make a checklist of things that I need to do before my daughter arrives. It also gave me the peace of mind knowing that I was prepared for baby #2. Being pregnant before definitely gave me an edge over a few things, but there were several other things to consider as my son was not going to be the one-and-only anymore. Here is my list of 10 important and practical things to do before baby #2:

1) Focus On Baby #1

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Ever since my pregnancy was confirmed, I had started teaching my son to be more independent. Small things like teaching him how to put on his clothes, get undressed on his own helped me a great deal when the baby arrived. Sometimes, your child may not be quite there yet to handle things of his own and that’s okay. Also, I gave more attention and love to my son during those 9 months. Try to schedule special time with them, just the two of you and create lasting memories. Also, assure them that you will love them just as much after baby #2 arrives. Let them know that the baby may need some extra attention and care as they are completely dependent on you.

2) Make Room For The New Baby

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Before your due date, you need to figure out things like where the baby will sleep- sleep in your room, have a room of their own, or share a room with your kid. Once you have decided on that, decide what things you would want to reuse and what needs to be bought brand new. You will have to keep in mind the financial expenses that are coming your way and make a decision with your partner.

3) Declutter The House

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Of course, being pregnant you may not be able to do a deep clean of the house. But keeping your house organized before the new baby arrives will save you time finding things and also give you some peace of mind. You can also donate or recycle the products which are just lying around taking up all the space in your house. Once you are done cleaning, you will find space to keep all the baby clothes and products that the baby will need.

4) Plan A Date Night With Your Partner

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You know how much work it was to take care of one baby. Now imagine how much time your second baby is going to steal from you- A LOT! The first few months are going to be a challenge, and you are hardly going to find time for each other. But you can always squeeze in a date night with your partner in a busy schedule with some planning. But for now, spend as much time as you can with your partner.

5) Have A Storage Check

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It’s time to take a look at the storage to know what you may need for your baby. Take out the hospital bag and the diaper bag to see what things you might need. And if you were not completely satisfied with the arrangements the last time you were taken to the hospital, now is the time to make changes.

6) Plan Your Postpartum Recovery Period

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Your body will need some time to heal whether you’ll have a natural birth or a C-section. For me, I made a quick recovery as I gave my body enough time to rest. My sister came by every day to help me with the house cleaning and cooking. My friends also helped me babysit my son whenever we both were busy. Limit the number of visitors after delivery if you are not in the mood to play hostess to too many people.

7) Take A Look At Your Insurance

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Your insurance may not cover everything like it did the first time around. So it’s better to check your insurance to know what you may end up paying for. This will save you from getting any shocks down the road and help you prepare better.

8) Stock Up On The Essentials

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Buying all the items in bulk can dig a hole in your wallet. Instead, you can start buying each product gradually as you near your due date. I started buying diapers, wipes and other things one item a month to cope with the financial expense. You can inspect the old products to see which ones you can reuse.

If you are in your first trimester or your third, it’s never too late to get started. Remember that we plan and prepare to make the ride to motherhood easier. So never let all the planning and making lists get to your head. And with my list, you are already one step ahead!


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